Fallout 3 The Pitt previews

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    Ain't never gonna stop. Gamespot (thanks Ausir).<blockquote>Here's the biggest problem: Your best bet to get in is to look like a slave, so this means giving up all your worldly possessions. We tried this a few ways and got the option to try and sneak a gun or a knife in (always handy when going undercover) before deciding to try our luck with just our wits. After a bit of walking, we got to the bridge leading into Pittsburgh and navigated through some low-key hazards: mines, dogs, and some raiders that didn't pose too much of a problem. Things changed when we got closer to the chain link fence and saw a small group of slaves trying to escape. </blockquote>G4TV.<blockquote>After grabbing the ingots, it's time to fight in the Arena for a chance to win an audience with Ashur. It's at that point that I'm tasked with snatching the potential cure and bringing it back to the escaped slave. You will eventually be able to choose between allying between the slaves and the slavers, allowing you to play out The Pitt as good or evil characters. This will be a welcome change from Operation: Anchorage, which was great, but there was less freedom given to the character in how to drive the story forward. To that end, The Pitt will be the return to classic Fallout 3 gameplay. The developers wanted to vary the DLC expansions and The Pitt will offer the players a lot of choices. I'm also told it'll be a bit longer than Anchorage.</blockquote>
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    Dec 1, 2008
    What does this even mean?
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    Probably because Anchorage was basically a run and gun, The Pitt will be more in the original vein of FO3...
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    Run and gun with option of being a bully or a pussy.
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    Because who wouldn't want to live as a slave in a piece of shit, irradiated town that's only marginally worse than it was before the bombs fell.

    Way to destroy a cool concept for a creature Bethesda

    Why do they feel the need to bullshit so thoroughly. They shit on the DLC all the time, even to Todd's face yet they still call it "great"?

    Maybe 40 minutes of play instead of thirty.

    1 out of 4 ain't bad.

    How is that ambiguous at all? Or would they actually argue that oppression is good? I could maybe see the idea that some people there aren't bad, that some raiders are actually good people who are merely taking the steps they need to survive, but really it all sounds rather black and white to me at this point.
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    Oct 20, 2008
    Gosh! I'm with you man! This whole "moral ambiguity" is starting to piss the fuck put of me. Do they even know what that means? Hey! The DLC might turn out to be morally ambiguous (I don't believe it will, though.) But from the press release to these "previews"... they all fill space saying "o yes its SO morally ambiguous, and blah blah blah, bleh bleh bleh" and all they say to back that up is that you can ally yerself with the poor, oppressed slaves or with the oppressing raider overlords... Why don't they explain how on earth is that morally ambiguous??
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    Going take a stab in the dark here and guess that the moral ambiguity comes through who you choose to help. The slavers may know how to run the operation, but lack the manpower to do so on their own. The slaves do most of the manual labour, but have no clue how to run the more complex machinery without the direction of the slavers(no rule that says a vault full of people couldn't become an oppressive bunch of slavers- think vault city).

    So in the end, regardless of your choice of siding with and exterminating/oppressing one faction or the other, you'll be dooming the Pitt. The slaves will go back to grubbing in the mud/caves and mutating some more- or dying off because without the raiders trading, buying, or stealing food to feed the slaves, they will starve. The slavers will probably work the slaves to death- grab more slaves and continue expanding their sphere of influence if unchecked. So you get a bad or at least semi-bad outcome no matter what your intentions.

    Seems to me I've heard this song before.

    Perhaps there will be a tie-in with the first part of Fallout 3 that will allow you to use the warheads from the orbital weapons platforms you learned about in the towers northwest of DC. Assuming you haven't activated the platforms earlier, you could simply input new coordinates for the Pitt, and push the button. You know... "Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."
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    Yeah, I used to live in Pittsburgh and it is a hellhole. Only place in the country where I saw crackheads go in to sell blood then come out and buy crack right on the corner of the same building. Though it probably happens in other places too. Oh, never get a blood transfusion in Pittsburgh.

    And this rambling bullshit from Bethesda is to be expected. The more and more I read quotes from them, the more obvious it is that they have no fucking idea what they're talking about. But, in my opinion, gaming in general is getting worse and worse...
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    Dear Lord, does this negativity that you guys perpetually unleash upon Fallout 3 really have any purpose? If you hate the game so much, why do you pay so much attention to it? Why are you still criticizing it months after its release? There are a plethora of potentially amazing titles on the brink of release; why not focus on them? Wait, let me guess; they're just stupid little console games that have been dumbed down for the kiddies, and you're too high and mighty to even try them out.
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    I think the reason people are still angry about Fallout 3 is because this is, a classic Fallout site, so fans of the classics are still depressed that Fallout 3 was SO different than the others....

    However, this is true of fans of every series, don't just hate on the NMA people for this. Fans of classic Mario are mad at current Mario; fans of classic Zelda are mad at current Zelda...

    And the biggest grievance of all: fans of classic metroid are pissed off as hell about the current way Nintendo is going with the series.... possibly even more angry than these NMA people...(I personally enjoyed both FO3 and Metroid Prime 3 but not as much as their respective classics)...

    All I am saying is that you shouldn't get so angry at the NMA just because they are mad....there are even more angry men elsewhere....
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    Oct 8, 2008
    I guess you're right, it's just that I hate it when people get so worked up over things like this that it's the only thing they can focus on. What I'm saying is that there are so many wonderful and fulfilling games out there (separate of their beloved series', and i'm not saying that in a mocking tone) that you shouldn't just set your mind on one; if the direction a company is charting for a franchise pisses you off, then try something new!
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    I have to ask what you're doing here now. Haha. But seriously, my disgust with Fallout 3 was the poor writing, bad mechanics, insane hype that wasn't delivered on and utter rape of one of my favorite games. They had no clue what they were doing and used the wrong sources to go off of. Not too mention the out-of-control ego of Todd Howard, who, in my opinion, has been and always will be a total piece of shit.

    And yes, I've played that game, on different platforms, from beginning to end and was horribly disappointed. Yes, it was dumbed down for the children.

    I do believe our opinions on games vary greatly. I can't say that there's a lot of games on the horizon I even want to bother with. I've dusted off my old stuff and went back to that... they just seemed to have more passion for quality back then and weren't driven by the graphics-race which seemed to place look over depth.
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    Yeah, that's great. Come to a Fallout site and ask why everyone's so fixated on Fallout.

    We're not all ravening fanboys, friend, and those of us who've given Fallout 3 a chance have generally had our fears confirmed at every turn regardless of whether we enjoyed the game or not. Now, we're once again hearing the same kind of promises about The Pitt that we're so used to seeing broken, hearing the same phrases and buzzwords that they distorted to try and make Fallout 3 into something it wasn't. How should we react?

    Personally, I think the screens I've seen are a lot more intriguing than most of what the DC Wastes had to offer, and the story certainly has the potential for real moral ambiguity. From what I've read so far, though, I'm not seeing it, and unless they've hired new writers for this or found a way to make the old ones give a damn, I don't think I'm going to.
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    I'm not sure about any of you, but doesn't it seem moronic that Beth is releasing 3 DLC's yet you won't be able to increase your level 20 status to 30 until the third installment? Personally I think it would of been much better for them to have raised the bar on the first..DLC.....and nevermind lol. (shakes head)
  15. Multidirectional

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    It is moronic from a game design perspective, but it is smart from a marketing perspective (keep those hungry souls waiting, helps build the hype), which is pretty much what Beth is all about. By now it's pretty clear what they're doing so I don't know why would you even be surprised. Even if they made some purely moronic, without any angle to it decisions, that would hardly be a surprise. Level cap, especially this low, was stupid to begin with.
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    How so? One could easily max out their skills before level 20 with a number of different stat setups so the only reason to raise the level cap would be to allow players to also max out their stats. If you're saying that their bastardized SPECIAL was stupid to begin with then I'd agree with you, it's fucked. One of the better mods that could be made would be one that would revert it to be more similar to the original system and thus have more purpose, though I'm guessing that their are crippling limits to what can be done with that unless one is an amazing programmer.
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    And before that, You will have chance to meet super mutant gladiator, curious about his real parents. Investigation will bring player again to arefu, and nearby abaddon train station, where he will discover the terrible truth about his lost family... lol

    To be serious, the arena was one of the worst thing in oblivion, why they put some ridiculous thing in Fallout?;/
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    You don't think getting worked up over people getting worked up over a game is a bit pointless?
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    Nah, everybody has different hobbys.

    But to answer this question:
    Because this is a Fallout website and... Fallout 3 is a Fallout game?
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    It *may* help the devs realise their game is seriously flawed and the direction they took in developing the DLC is still bad, so they *may* take a new approach for Fallout 3? It shows them that not all people will swallow every shit they throw at the gamers?

    Does your comment have any real purpose?