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  1. Charwo

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    Mar 9, 2017
    I'm not calling this a Fallout 4 fix idea because well, fixing Fallout 4 as it is doesn't seem ambitious enough given the failing of that lazy, intellectually and spiritually bankrupt piece of crap. See I personally liked the head cannon I've build over the quarter century about America and my heroes slowly sticking it back together. I also liked the mods for Fallout 4 WAY better than the the POS base game.

    So here's what I'm going for:

    My hero, is Nathan, not Nate, Nathan Tercorien, he's the brother of Elliot, and they were both part of the 108th Regiment (interestingly the 108th Infantry Battalion DOES exist, and it's a New York National Guard, and it's based in Syracuse, NY, and I had the brothers from Rochester, a stones throw away)He's tormented by his brother's disappearance and almost certain death in Alaska and the slim chance he might be alive somewhere.

    But beyond changing the location of Sanctuary Hills to NOT be bulldozing a National Park Nathan doesn't go himself, in fact in the last moments, he cannot leave everyone and everything he's ever cared for on the surface to die. He's too dutiful and too compassionate to do that. So he gets all the civilians to shield themselves on the side of the hill away from Boston. He's got armor and bunch of anti-rads in his small basement as well as a compliance regulator regulator powered by a microfusion breeder, he's had just in case.

    What follows is like Frost but very different. There's the Army Remnants, both hoping for evac AND trying to keep order in a an increasingly dystopian Boston. Eventually you're going to have the a showdown between the proto-Enclave lead by the increasingly villainous General Ward from the America Rising mod and the proto Minutemen lead by the now Colonel Tercorien. Along the way you have the increasingly feral proto-ghouls (they go crazy long before the physical symptoms start showing up) raiders, the Cabots subtly using the mysterious serum in the radiation wards to cure the worst of the radiation afflicted (no city under Vegas BS). The real Nick Valentine doing investigations, evacs of the Site Prescott, seeing what the Glowing Sea would looking like even three years loater under real conditions, hell even a better name for the glowing sea.

    In a case like this, where society refuses to collapse because you have genuine Fallout heroes who refuse to yet it all end and die in the first 5-10 years, what would logically follow, you think? Forget sticking to the lore of Fallout 4 except in broad strokes, what are the opportunities Pre-war Boston has that Hodd Twatard Emil the Incompetent squandered in their epic fail world building?

    I have a Fallout hero. I have a good setting setting: Fallout 2077-2081 or thereabouts. So any help in getting more ideas of how to flesh out such a story would be most welcome.
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  2. william dempsey

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    Jan 23, 2022
    If the time period was 2077 why not have cyber punks. There was a split in the ranks, some worked as hackers some worked for anti virus, anti hacking corporations that liked hackers, hacking, anti hackers protecting against hackers hacking and shedloads of money being made.

    This could be a side quest for Nick February 14th. Also lesbian Mirelurks would rebel against the King/Queen Mirelurks and demand or refuse to be non breeders.
    By this I mean the sisters of the lake may or may not breed it would be their choice not the usual rape of horny male Mirelurks mounting half asleep females who had worked hard lurking all day.

    This could cause sympathy in microfusion breeders , who had to do it like Duracell bunnies going at it day and night until they ran dry and their carbon rods flopped.

    Panicked men returned from Anchorage and spoke of an alien UFO that had sucked off the men from the battlefield into the bowels of the ship.
    The Boston Red Sox had played a game with the champions of Japan and won easily. Nobody had noticed they were not Japanese but Chinese Navy Walruses who infiltrated bases.
  3. TorontoReign

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    You can't have Cyberpunk without the 80's.
  4. william dempsey

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    Jan 23, 2022
    I thought the full title of a recent game was Cyberpunk2077. That's what I rambled about. I did feel obliged to make an answer to a request though because I AM THOUGHTFUL LIKE THAT.
  5. Charwo

    Charwo Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Mar 9, 2017
    I think this was made in jest. So you don't think this is a good idea? Fair enough. Could I get some serious critique then? Ideas on how to improve the premise?

    If I get more shitpost I get more shitpost. It's worth a shot. I think the idea of a pre-war soldier in a Boston that doesn't get nuked and has a chance to save the that city from social collapse is a good premise to explore for a Fallout story. It's kinda what the intro of Fallout 4 promised, and whatever the intro of Fallout 4 promised that's the story I wanted, and I never got. Not anything close.
  6. TorontoReign

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    Don't expect a real conversation with him. He is mostly here for attention.
  7. william dempsey

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    Jan 23, 2022
    Oooo you are becoming very bitchy. I thought you would be used to standing for attention (standing to ).

    Also you mention 80's as the punk era. I never mentioned this earlier as I had no problem with you. To be accurate the punk explosion was mid 70's.

    I replied because nobody else had bothered ! I did reply in jest, I agree with that. Mr @TorontoReign sees me as an attention seeker, that's the way he sees it. Big deal.

    Soldiers returning from Anchorage with PTSD fits the timeline. Chinese posing as Japanese was a cryptic stab at the racists that say " They all look the same to me "

    Lesbian Mirelurks touched on women's rights. ' The right to choose " Not some warped pseudo religious bullshit that denies rape victims a right to abortion.

    Chinese Navy Walruses allude to the special forces Britain/America/Australia etc etc use in pre conflicts such as Syria, Libya, South America or anywhere else they want to de stabilise .

    All countries do it Russia has it's little green men. Mossad runs rampant assassinating.

    Back to your story. I admit I mess about but in no way I wanted to take the piss, mock , belittle , put down your efforts.

    Good luck. I hope others may now help you out.
  8. Iprovidelittlepianos

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    May 12, 2020
    I’ll preface this by saying I don’t necessarily agree with the premise, not that it’s necessarily bad, it’s just a direction I don’t really think the Fallout universe should take.

    That being said, I think that logically, what would follow from this setup is Boston, while perhaps not being as stable as its pre-war self, would end up being the main powerhouse of the region and, eventually, the entirety of North America. An (relatively) untouched major pre-war city would provide untold advantages to a budding post-war civilization, from manufacturing infrastructure to housing to sanitation etc etc. (and let’s not forget the Institute)

    Therefore, I think it would make the setting more interesting would be to expand the glowing sea to completely surround Boston (other than the coastal side, I suppose), cutting it off from the rest of the world and containing its potential for several decades at least. How one would achieve this I don’t really know, maybe some kind of experimental force field tech was able to deflect bombs off of the city and into the surrounding countryside.

    Anyway, not sure if this helps but I thought I’d throw in my two cents because no one else has.
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  9. The_Citzen

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    May 22, 2020
    This is a very interesting idea, and one that I tried to explore a bit while creating my own "rewrite" of Fallout 4, although the results were a bit mixed and not really that good, the story at the end of the day felt a bit too much like Fallout New Vegas.

    But one of the key points was that Boston in my version was also really well developed and was in a bit more civilized and functional state. And the funny part of it was that I actually didn't need to change all that much on the lore to make it all work, suprisingly enough there are a bunch of clues that indicate that Boston was in a better state a couple decades prior to the game.

    Not only it is said more than once that the city wasn't heavily damaged by the bomb itself, with most of it coming by either disrepair or fighting, but also a considerable amount of people had survived the blast itself, although most died not too long after the great war, this by itself is alrady a cool period to explore, there are a bunch of logs and texts in the game that make reference to this period, when the military was still somewhat trying to maintain control over the situation and anarchy taking over, while I dislike the game main story, those logs were always very good and intriguing to read.

    There was also the CPG, an piece of lore that is kind of ignored by the game sadly, it was an attempt to all the major settlements before the game to create a provisional goverment for the whole region, at one point even the Institute was part of it, until the day a disagreement happened and ended up with an inccident of a synth killing all the major leaders and putting an end to all stability that existed on the whole region. That was probably the biggest missed opportunity, the CPG would be a great storyline to follow and a interesting way to see how things would have went. I would argue that if they were still around they could act almost like an NCR of some sorts.

    My storyline would make all the events tha happened the same, even the massacre. However instead of ending the entirety of the CPG it would fracture it. The Institute storyline would still exist albeit on a "secondary" level, acting more like and conspiracy who pulls the strings from behind the curtains than an actual faction. It would follow the "three facions" structure from Gothic and New Vegas, with the major one being what is considered the leftover of the CPG wanting to reunify the entire commonwealth, the other one being the other one being the secesionist faction that is completely oposed to the CPG and acting more on the defensive than anything else, being also oposed to the "old ways" of the other faction, at first glance they would look like an ideal form of society, but as you get around to see more about them their problems would start to get more and more apparent, maybe they would even be influenced by the institute. And the last faction would be the "free city" or some shitty name like that. The different spin on it is that this faction would be controlled by the richest traders and caravans of the whole region, being the ones that basically control the whole economy of the region, being somewhat opposed to the other two faction, even tho profiting a lot from them, siding with them would yield on different results depending on which "leaders" you would chose to help.
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