Fallout Chapter I-Vault 13

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  1. Tsramina

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    Oct 5, 2003

    I am creating a role playing series, starting with:

    Fallout Chapter I- Vault 13

    Fallout Chapter II- The Wastelands

    Fallout Chapter III- Camp

    Fallout Chapter IIII- The Encounter

    Fallout Chapter IIIII- The Final Battle

    These are the five chapters that our course of role playing events will take place upon. The whole point of this adventure will lead up to the fighting and defeating of "The Master". Anyone is free to join the small or large group that I establish to journey and defeat "The Master" with me.


    *Our story begins in the great "Vault 13". One of the last surviving vaults after the war. Inside are the last of the untouched. Untouched by the radiation of the wastes. One man will lead his followers to rid the wastes of a great evil, but until then, he is just awakening.*

    *Dwemer, a 24 year old man, having lived in the Vault all his life could not have expected what he was told that day, but yes, it was told. Dwemer was very large and muscular compared to others living in the vault. Towering at 6'5, 223 pounds and muscular, he was nicknamed "Brute". Dwemer proceeded to the breakfast as usual, but was surprised to find the room comepletley and utterly empty.*

    *Dwemer started to feel a rush of panic, but was relieved when he heard an uproar from the main hall. Dwemer entered the room filled with 200 or more vault 13 occupants. As he came in, the room fell silent, everyone stared. Dwemer spoke with slight concern, is voice strong and booming in the silent room*

    "Am I...uhhhh...missing something?"

    *Dwemer is shocked as the overseer begins to leave his place at the turret, and approach him with regret in his eyes. The overseer speaks with much sorrow*

    "Oooh, Brute! Im soo sorry. It's for the good of the people...you must..."

    *The women in the crowd stare with pain, the overseer quite solemn*

    "...You must leave the vault."

    *Dwemer gives out a gasp of shock*

    "Leave the vault! Why, that is absurd! Why would I do such a......thing."

    *Dwemer notices a set of papers in the overseers hands. This are the reports on the water problems of the Vault. Like most of the dwellers, Dwemer has noticed that the water has been in short supply of late. The overseer looks at Dwemer, then speaks with a more bold voice*

    "Brute! You must save us! We have chosen you! The waterchip has been damaged and is beyond repair! Please, we beg you, accept this mission! You will of course have volunteers from the vault to assist you in your journey."

    *Dwemer looks into the faces of his fellow people. The loss of the waterchip could spell doom for the Vault Dwellers.

    "Of course! Yes overseer, I will find us a new waterchip!"

    *The overseers face lights up with joy*

    "Oh! I knew we could count on you, Brute! Now, we just need some companions. Who here wishes to join Brute to save us and our beloved vault?"


    Now would be the time for others to join in!


    *The overseer waits patiently as the large group considers this offer*
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    Apr 5, 2003
    ooc- Ok, Tsramina- tell me if this works.

    One black hand reached into the sky and waved about. "I'll go."

    The man's name was Melvin Curtis, but he liked to be called Black Zinhio, or the Love Snake. One of the few black vault dwellers, it was said he was born of a genetic mistake.

    "Who said that?" Asked the Overseer, who couldn't see.

    "It's me, Mr. Overseer. Melvin Curtis, Blackzinhio, the Love Snake."

    "Who?" Asked the Overseer, who had not gone to the parts of the vault that Mevlin was familiary with.

    "Me, Melvin, the love supreme, I'm the rich man's nightmare, and the poor girl's dream."

    Dwemer looked uncertain as Melvin moved through the crown, saying "Get your white ass out of my way, mother fucker. Who know who I am, do You know who I am. I said DO you KNOW who I am! I'm the motherfucker that's going to blow this crib, save the world and get me some white pussy."

    Indeed, Melvin had slept with virtually every woman in the vault that would sleep with him, although most had done it out of sympathy, pity or boredom.

    Melvin was about 5 and half feet tall, 6 foot if you counted the afro. He was rail think, except for the bulge in his pants.

    "Give me a piece. I need a piece if we're going to kick ass. Where the hell is a piece when you need one. Oh I see, you going to send a nigga out to get killed without a piece, is that how it's going to me. Mother fuckers. I tell ya it's racism. You just trying to put a black man down."
  3. Tsramina

    Tsramina First time out of the vault

    Oct 5, 2003
    OCC- OMFG! Thats pretty damned funny!


    *The overseer rolls his eyes and sighs in distress as he sees Melvin pushing his way through the crowd. As Melvin reaches the overseer, he begins to speak*

    "Very well, Melvin...If you insist on going, I will admit it won't be much of a loss. Brute! Do you approve of...errr...Melvin here?"

    *Well...uhhh...well, hell yeah! I need all the help I can get!*

    *The overseer seems upset at this decision, but quickly reconsiders.*

    "Well, im glad to hear it! It's the last day at the vault for you two, and your going to need some supplies...so everyone! Let us finish breakfast, and our hero..errr..i mean, heros will grab their supplies and begin their journey!"

    *The large room quickly emptys as women, children and men head to breakfast. Dwemer, Melvin, and the overseer stay behind. The overseer faces them both, and begins to speak*

    "Well...your both leaving! It's really hard to believe it, but your leaving! You two go eat breakfast, then report back here, we'll have all your supplies ready."

    *The overseer gives a quick glance at Melvins angry face*

    "And weapons of course! Now you two go eat!"

    *Dwemer and Melvin enter the mess hall, and sit next to the only other black woman in the vault, with 8 kids next to her. The kids look just like Melvin, but he denies any relation. A lovely helper of the vault approaches melvin and dwemer with two plates, she says*

    "Enjoy your food boys!"

    *And places the plates piled high with some strange porridge and a nuka-cola. She winks at Melvin then strides off.*

    "Well, Melvin...tell me a little about yourself, errr, besides the fact that you enjoy sex."

    *Dwemer watches Melvin chow down as he awaits a response*
  4. welsh

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    Apr 5, 2003
    "How about some Fried Chicken, Bitch!" Said Melvin. "They sending the black man out to die for them skinny white asses, and they won't even give us a respectable last meal. Mother fucker! I Said FRIED Chicken Bitch!"

    The outburst is loud and the few remaining vaultdwellers turn their attention to Melvin. Many were privately happy that if any one should go, it would Melvin.

    To Dwemer, Mevlin says in a more sedate tone. "No mind me. She likes it when I call her bitch, especially when we're getting nakkid and all." Then wistfully, "I'm going to miss getting a piece of that ass."

    "Well look, I undestand we's suppose to work together, you know like soul brothers in the hood. Kind of like a lethal weapon/ starsky hutch/ heat of the night kind of thing in the post-apoc, and that's cool. I'm down with it. I'm all into that racial harmony bullshit, ya get my meaning, especially if it means white pussy. Ya ask what I'm about, I'll tell, Kama Sutra Master. You should see what they got on those computers, the instruction tapes? Sheeeit. I tell ya, I am the Backside Monkey Lotus position to a 'T'."

    One of the older female vault dwellers gives Melvin a dirty look. Melvin gives a toothy smile. "Ya want to try the Monkey? You want to know my Monkey, I got time." He tells her.

    She turns away, disgusted.

    "Bitch." and then lower. "Last time you get to taste the black anaconda of love."

    Back to Brute. "But no, I'm not all about sex. Pussy is fine but if that's all you think, your brain goes pussy and that's soft thing. I was into smoke. I had this big ass weed growing out of one of the bathrooms on the third floor, but all the power goin' to the big florescent lights and the fertilizers I was using took notice, ya hear. Then comes the man, and takes away my plants. I'm tell though, you toke and, man, that was some fucking powerful ganga."

    "The man did this?" Asked Dwemer.

    "The man is always trying to bring you down. You might not see it because you is white and all, and I ain't going to begrudge you none. You and Me, we's brothers. We's goin' out in the wild world, goin' kick some ass and get some post apocalypse pussy and I hope, smoke some mutant weed that will just blow our fucking minds. SHee-it." Melvin starts to laugh.

    But then Mevlin turns back to the question. "But yeah, the man's goin' bring us down. We's a threat to his authority. You're white skin ain't no shield. That man's all about being boss and in the end, he's going to fuck us. We got to watch out for the man, and if we can take it to him, well, all the better. "

    "This could be a one way trip, you know. THere's some bad shit out there." Said Brute.

    "Bad shit. Yes, but there is bad shit in here too, bro. We just don't see it for what it is. And this is a one way trip, if we let them in the driver's seat, ya know what I mean."
  5. welsh

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    Apr 5, 2003
    Melvin takes a good look at Dwemer. "Man you one big mutha fucka white boy. Is all good. Long as you ain't cracker mother fucker, we be fine. Juz let me do the talkin, and we're going to be deep in the trim. You eat pussy?"

    "Now we need to think through this relationship a bit." Said Dwemer.

    "Now if you going to tell me, ' I ain't your partner, I'aint your brother and I 'aint your friend.' shit, I seen that movie. And they became brothers, right. Don't sweat it white boy. You might me white, but you're alright. I'll make you a brother in the end. Not like these other crackers."

    Melvin was one of the increasingly shrinking black populations within the vault. Like much of the society in which they were created the Vaults were segregated, clearly designated the dominant white population and the subordinate, worker, class of blacks in a way reflecting America of the time. Those social relationships had not changed with the time spent in the vault. Prejudice and racism ran deep, especially among the older vault members. Like any society, there was no real equality but definition of "us" and "them".

    Many years before, Mevlin's grand mother had said to her husband, "Fool. What are you blind? The white man is going to fuck us in the end. When the arrows come falling down from the sky and washing all the whites with fiery hell and damnation, who do you think is going to be standing there next to him. Us, the black people! You think God is going to save us because we're black and be fucked with for all of eternity. You think salvation is going to come for the Black man? You Fool. Look at whitey! Do you think he'd allow us to survive if it was the last thing he did! Look what he done, he stole us from our eden in Africa, he stole us from our children, he stole our atheletes for his sports, he stole our singers for his entertainment, he stole our women for his sexual gratification and now he's stealing our men for the same thing. YOu think he's not going to steal our lives before the end times come. Before God comes down and opens up that pearly gates, he's going to fucking kill the rest of us. Fool, how many times I have to tell you. Don't trust whitey!"

    ANd Melvin's grandfather had listened well. Not because his wife was right, for often she wasn't. Rather it was because she never could shut up and he had discovered, as most men did, that the best thing to do was not say anything and try to appease the bitch, because maybe, just maybe, he might get some sweet lovin' which was all that really mattered.

    So Melvin had taken a job working for Vault Tec in construction, helping to build the vault. He had moved his family close to the construction site so they could be with him. And so when the warning came that war to end all wars had begun, he had been quick enough to gather his family and burrow them down deep into the earth. THere they, and a few other black families who had been working at the site, where among the few that had ridden through the time of great fires that swept the earth near clean of life.

    But the vault had not been finished. So they had continued to work on it, often going outside to gather what construction materials were still needed. Many died of exposure, including Melvin's grandfather. But the few blacks multiplied and, having not paid for their way, remained in the vault, working as servers, constructers and many of the jobs that the others were not obligated to perform.

    To Melvin's way of thinking, this could work to his advantage. He had been among the first to know when the water chip had failed, but it was just one sign in a series. The vault was coming undone. It was time and age. He knew that the dwellers were divided between those that wanted to go forth and repopulate and fertilize the earth, and the older ones who saw that as a threat to their authority. He knew there would be violence and perhaps murder, perhaps the self destruction of the vault and all therein.

    And he remembered what his grandmother had said. They would kill the blacks before they destroyed themselves.

    Don't trust the white man.

    So he had prepared.

    He had been waiting for a way out, and now that way was clear.

    Melvin winked at Dwemer. "Juz so you know. I don't trust that overseer motherfucker. But it's you he's scared of. Me, I'm just another nigga ass to him. But you, you could be a hero and a hero could tilt the cards against him. You he can't have stick around. But don't worry none, Black Zinhio's got your back, jack."
  6. Zoe

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    Dec 5, 2003
    OOC: Under request. Here she is!


    As Brute and Melvin left the vault, they faced a world that most dwellers never saw in person.
    Their journey started calmly, but there was a distinguished sensation, the faint feeling that somehow they were not alone.
    That night, after their first day of travel on the wastes, they set up a camp and made a fire to a hot meal.
    The duo had decided to set shifts of watch, since none was sure what dangers laid on the wastes.
    But the watcher also fell asleep after a while, and so a careful figure approached the campfire. There was still some meat left of the dinner "barbecue", and it smelled great. So the visitor took out a knife and cut a bit of the meat, that was instantly biten and appreciated.
    The visitor, a young white woman in her 25, had extremely long dark brown hair, striking dark brown eyes and even though Brute would look extremely menacing in front of her - cause she was short - she was graceful and athletic, looking very good in the dark leather clothes she was wearing. The only person awake in the camp at that moment, she was enjoying the meal in peace.
    Suddenly a faint noise behind her made her turn around to see - and she realized that she was not alone anymore.
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    Oct 5, 2003
    OCC- Okay, I have been gone a pretty long time. Myforums were getting pretty hectic, so I had to tend to that. Im back now, and I can see some things kind of got off track, no serious erorrs though. Okay, Zoe, you may decide when you wan't to introduce your character. A tip, don't do much controlling of other peoples characters. Stay as far away from it as possible, just for future refference.( ;

    DarkCorp, you too can bring your character into the story whenever you wish. The thing with this is, the story is broken up into different parts.

    Fallout Chapter I- Vault 13

    Fallout Chapter II- The Wastelands

    Fallout Chapter III- The Waterchip/The Return To The Vault

    Fallout Chapter IV- The News/The Departure

    Fallout Chapter V- The Mutants/The Master

    Fallout Chapter VI- Return To The Vault/The Shock

    I am taking Welsh's advice, and instead of skipping the water chip, im going to start at the begining of Fallout. I will announce the new chapter inside of this thread every time a previous chapter is comepleted. I will decide when each chapter will come to an end. Personally, I think all of the posts should be deleted up to the last post Welsh had made, the one that ends with this paragraph:

    Melvin winked at Dwemer. "Juz so you know. I don't trust that overseer motherfucker. But it's you he's scared of. Me, I'm just another nigga ass to him. But you, you could be a hero and a hero could tilt the cards against him. You he can't have stick around. But don't worry none, Black Zinhio's got your back, jack."

    As soon as all the posts are deleted up to that point, I will continue this thread. Thanks a ton, guys. ( :
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    OCC- Nice forums Tsramina and nice to have you back. Instead of burning what we've already written, I would edit the above to fit the new plot line. This wouldn't be much to fix- basically change the dialogue for the waterchop rather than mutants. The main point is that the characters are being sent out on a quest and this promises to be a one way trip.

    ICC- Melvin looked over to where the Overseer was watching them, conferencing with a few of the older vault dwellers. The man is always trying to fuck the young, thought Melvin.

    "They didn't tell ya but I been outside the door, let me tell ya, the place is full of rats. They been dumping the waste in the cave. Now they got rats. But that's good. Means there's life outside the vault."

    "Big rats?" asked Brute.

    "Bite your hand off. Look here my white brother. I got to take care of some things. But it's all good. We got watch ourselves. Be cool."

    Said Melvin, getting up and walking past the overseer. "No worries, Master... i mean boss. I'll be back at the exit soon."

    Melvin went through the vault, wondering if this was the last time he'd see the vault. It was a risky move, leaving this place. But the writing was on the walls. Blood would spill. Besides he couldn't repopulate the world with fine African stock from here, could he?

    Down he went, below the main floors and through one of the hidden passages, down deep in to the bowels of the vault to the administrative lair. Near the end of his journey, the pungent smells were enough to find his way.

    Leroy, one of the older Blacks, was smoking a roach in one of the maintenance closets. "Yo Leroy!" Said Melvin.

    "Shut up you stupid muthafuckin-goin-to-save-the-black-man-get-some-white-pussy-fool. You know them white crackers are going to waste you. No loss, I says."

    "Ease with the attitude, my brother..." Said Melvin, taking the joint from Leroy and bringing it to his lips.

    "Sheeeit. You a fool giving yourself your own funeral." Said Leroy.

    "Better out there than in here." Said Mel, enjoying the hit.

    Leroy shook his head as Mel gave him back the joint. Mel found one of the lockers and removed a large duffel bag. Inside the bag he had stuffed his clothes, a small toolkit, surivival kit, ammunition, water rations, a med kit, a hunting knife, survival manuals and, most importantly, a gun.

    Reaching into the locker he removed a bottle.

    Leroy snatched it and read the label. "Pooly, poullie... what the fuck..."

    Mel snatched it back. "Poullie Foussie," he said, trying to pronounce the difficult words. "It means fussy pussy." ANd he put the bottle into the bag. Then he removed a bag of fine marijuana, another, and then a third. These he placed in the bag.

    "That's good shit." said Leroy.

    "Yeah, I grown it myself, it better be. You going to be able to take this out." Said Melvin.

    Leroy coughed. "Yeah, yeah. No worries. I'll take it out with the trash."

    "I'll come back, get us out of this shit."

    Leroy shook his head. "You'll die another fool nigga for the white man."

    "Maybe, but I die up there and not down here."

    "I hear that."

    They dapped, "Be good." Said Melvin.

    "Stay alive, fool." Said Leroy as Melvin walked away. Leroy watched him go, finishing up the last of the joint before taking the bag up to be tossed out with the trash.
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    Apr 5, 2003
    Much of the rest of the day was spent in preparation.

    The Overseer spoke with Dwemer, "I think your best chance for the water chip would be due east, a few days hike at least over these mountains...."

    Dwemer listened patiently, but in his mind he wondered about the other vaultdwellers that had recently been "missing" who were rumored to have left on a mission similar to his own. What had become of them?

    And he thought about what Melvin said and the message echoed in his ears, "don't trust the overseer."

    After the briefing Dwemer went back to his room and prepared his kit. He had been told that he could expect more supplies, but the supplyroom clerk had said, warningly, "We'll give you what we can, but our supplies are pretty thin."

    Melvin, for his part, had gone back to his room and tried to relax. The other blacks had given him something a going away party but neither the grass nor the sex had calmed his mind.

    Lieing in his bed, Melvin couldn't think about what his papa had told him once, long ago, before leaving the vault never to return, "Don't volunteer for nothin, especially if it's the whiteman's askin'"

    You fool, you fool, you fool.

    What the hell have I volunteered for, thought Melvin. He prayed he could sink and hide within the security of his bed. But above him, the clock's seconds ticked away, tolling like the bell of the ferryman, ticking away the moment of his life. On reconsideration, Melvin had realized the danger of his choice, and the certainty of doom filled him with a fear he had not felt before.
  10. welsh

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    Apr 5, 2003
    OCC- ok, edits are in. THe story has been redone to start with the waterchip quest.


    By mid-day Dwemer and Melvin stood by the inner doors waiting to leave. Nearby stood the Overseer. There had been some delay because it had been difficult to find Melvin, but he had finally arrived, escorted by two powerfully built members of the Vault's security detail.

    First they had been given a medical checkup and innoculations against the various diseases the two were expected to confront. The attractive medical orderly had slipped Dwemer a med pack and a handful of stims, whispering, "Good luck, the vault is counting on you."

    "I will come back with the chip, don't worry, and then maybe you and I....."

    And then the Overseer had escorted them near the vault entrance. An inner blast door, a hallway, and the Vault's outer door was all that seperated the vault from an outside world Dwemer had never seen.

    Nearby a number of the Vault workers, all black men carrying long knives, were preparing the disposal of vault waste.

    "Do you dispose the waste often?" Asked Dwemer.

    "Not too often. But when we need to get rid of excess, we usually dispose of it within the caves outside the vault."

    "And through those tunnels to the outside world." Asked Dwemer.

    "Supposedly, yes." Said the Overseer.

    Dwemer was about to ask the Overseer why just "supposedly" and not "certainly." But before he could say anything the inner door opened, as the siren and flashing lights came on in the hallway.

    "Not long now." Said the Overseerer. "We have prepared a couple of packs for you that are waiting in the lockers in the hallway. These are standard packs."

    Dwemer nodded, "Well great, but actually I was wondering...."

    "When the outdoor opens you will have to hurry because it's all time sensitive. You only have a few minutes."

    "Why don't you open the door more regularly?" Asked Dwemer.

    "Oh, protocols when the vault was constructed. Insures greater biological and environmental security, and such." Said the Overseer.

    "That and the rats." Said Melvin.

    "What rats?" Asked Dwemer.

    Down the hall, the outer door disconnected from it's bolts and there was a whoosh of fetid air into the tunnel. The sound was loud and interrupted Dwemer's question.

    "Damn that stinks." Muttered the Overseer.

    Already the Vault workers were wheeling bins of waste down the hallway towards the outer door. That door spun around and was connected to an axle which pulled the door free, leaving open the emptiness of the tunnels beyond.

    The door had hardly cleared and the workers were already through, wheeling their carts as quickly as they could.

    "Time to go boys, Good luck and all." Said the Overseer.

    Both Dwemer and Mevlin went to the lockers and removed their respective knapsacks. Brute removed his pistol and holster and strapped it on.

    "Hey, I got no gun here." Said Melvin.

    "Of course not. Blacks aren't allowed to handle guns." Said the Overseer.

    "Even the black bastard whose going to save your skinny white ass?" Asked Mevlin.

    "We have found that blacks cannot be trusted with the care and maintenance of fire arms. It is for their own protection. Well time to go boys. The door will close in a few seconds." Said the Overseer. "Good luck and remember, you have only 150 days to find the chip."

    Indeed the black workers were already scrambling back to the vault, as if they had just tresspassed on dangerous ground and were eager to get back to safety.

    Dwemer and Melvin both quickly ran for the door as the countdown started.

    Both were out when the Countdown reached 8. On ten the vaultdoor rolled back to it's place and a moment later it was bolted down.

    The sound of the door closing echoed throughout the tunnels.

    "We're fucked." Said Melvin.

    "Don't be so pessimistic. If we are so fucked why did you volunteer."

    "Because my grannie always said I was a fool."

    Dwemer was working through his kit. He found matches and flares but no flashlights. "Hey, no flashlights. What do you think? They forgot to give them to us."

    Melvin was looking for a flare. "This is bad shit brother, I am telling you."

    "Stop worrying, I am going to see if they can give us a flashlight."

    Dwemer went to the computer console by the door and typed in "Please open door. We have no flashlights needed to leave the tunnel." To Melvin, Dwemer said. "What do you think he meant by 'supposedly, yes.?"

    "Supposedly, means he doesn't know." replied Melvin extracting a flare.

    "He must know if there is an exit." Said Dwemer.

    Melvin laughed cynically. "If there is no one has seen it. No one has seen real light since the vault door got closed for the first time. Well that's what we think anyway."

    There was a long pause on the console, still no answer.

    "You're not sure?" Asked Dwemer.

    "Only us black folks ever come back from this far. None of you white folks ever made it back. Least not yet." Replied Melvin, who lit the flare.

    "Others have been sent out before?"

    "Well you ain't the first. That water chip has been cranky for awhile, and the Overseer has occassionally wanted someone to go out to see if the world still exists. None come back. Usually these are people the Overseer expects to be troublemakers. Like you."

    Over the console system came back a message. "Sorry... technical problems with the vault doors at this time... Perhaps we can fix at a later date. Suggest that you proceed best you can."

    "Let me guess." Said Melvin.

    "Technical problems." Replied Brute.

    "Yeah. That's what they usually say."

    Melvin took a few steps before he almost tripped over the body.

    Lieing on the floor, only a few paces from the vault door was a skeletal body with the remains of a vault suit. The body had a pistol in one hand.

    Dwemer had come over to help Melvin who had gotten to his feet.

    "He's one of ours." Said Dwemer.

    "Probably was waiting for them inside to get past the technical difficulties." Said Melvin.

    "He's been eaten." Said Brute.

    "Yes, they do that." Replied Melvin.

    "Not that long either, look at this, there's still a lot of body tissue on him." Said Brute. "Well at least you got a gun."

    Melvin's hand were shaking as he took the gun out. They still shook as he removed the clip and examined it. Empty. "Who ever he was, he got off a full clip first."

    Down in the dark they hear a squeak.

    Dwemer tried to think of who it could be. He had known most of the vaultdwellers but it had become almost habit for none to speak of those that had seemed to disappear. It had become habit not to notice them.

    Melvin found a reserve of courage and went to the waste bins, checked the first, then the second. On the third he found what he was looking for. He reached down into the sewage and extracted a black bag. "Got it."

    He took it out and unzipped the bag. From inside he withdrew a number of items, including a .357 and a holster. He had barely finished when one of the first rats approached the empty container.

    "Hey watch it." warned Dwemer.

    Melvin removed his long knife and quickly poked it through the rat, skewering it neatly. "It ain't the one or two you got to worry about. That's nothin. Best use the knife and save your ammo for when you need it."

    "So what killed him?" Asked Dwemer.

    "Well, and now this is just a story, or so I though. They say that about 20 maybe 30 years ago, there was this one brother that wanted to blow the vault, see. Well this brother was on garbage one day, except instead of coming back in, he takes off down the tunnel, trying to escape find his freedom. Well, the others try to tell him to come back, but they got to get back into the vault before the door closes. They say this brother, well, they say he was screaming not more than a few moments after he starts running. They say that he was screaming in pain when they were running through the corridor to the inner door. They say he was still screaming when the outer door closed. But I thought they say that just to scare the kids, see."

    Down in the darkness they could hear scurrying sounds.

    Dwemer had loaded his pistol. He had another 24 rounds from his pack and he quickly pillaged the dead man's pack for what meager supplies he carried. "What is it they say did it?"

    "Rats. Lots of 'em. It ain't the one or two you got to worry about. It's the pack."
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    Dec 5, 2003
    OOC: Great job, Welsh. I wonder what happened to Tsaramina...


    From the shadows, they were watched and did not know it was not just by the rat pack. Someone was very carefully hidden, deciding the best course of action to follow.
  12. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    Dwemer had gone back to try the door.

    "Hey guys, we got ourselves a big rat problem out here. Maybe you could help us out some more gear." He typed into the interface.

    A pause and nothing.

    "Sorry. Suffering techncial difficulties." Came the reply.

    Melvin was less subtle. He was banging on the vault door. "Let us in, let us in. God damn you white motherfuckers!"

    Dwemer was trying to keep a cool head. "We have a large pack of rats that is about to attack us and are unclear about the exit of the cave. Possible that the entrance is blocked up."

    The answer was quicker. "Sorry, you're on your own. Good luck. Transmission cancel."

    Then the power to the terminal died out.

    "Fuck" said Dwemer.

    By now Melvin was busy going through the trash. "Got to be here. Got to have something."

    Dwemer checked to see if his pistol was loaded. But his total ammo, 48 bulletes, would do little against a pack of hundreds of rats. He doubted he had time enough to use them.

    "Look, there has to be an exit. I mean, I can feel a breeze." He said.

    "Could be, but that breeze could be just the air shafts blowing in air from the vault. Outside air comes through a couple of vents and gets filtered and shit."

    "But then where does the air go?"

    "Filters back in when we open the vault doors to take out the garbage. Got it!" lifting up a bag.


    "The brothers refined their own hootch down below. This here is residue. Mixed in is something some the more twisted motherfuckers like to smoke."


    Melvin was in the garbage digging out the bags, and throwing them out. When he had tossed out about a dozen of the bags he climbed out of the garbage. "You can light it up." Watch.

    Holding one end he drew some matches and lit one end. As soon as it was lit, he threw it down into the tunnel from which the squeaking had come.

    The fire ball exploded in mid air as the fire burned through the plastic around the bag of
    residuals, and spilt liquid fire to the floor.

    The rats squeaked and scattered in panic, but a few were touched with the burning liquid. Down in the corridor they could see the burning rats scamper to and fro before finally collapsing in death.

    "How many of those bags you got?" Asked Dwemer.

    "Only 11 more."

    "Not much to get us out of here." Said Dwemer, "But maybe we can find a way out."
  13. Zoe

    Zoe Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Dec 5, 2003
    "I know a way out", came a voice from the shadows.
    A female was leaning against the rocky walls of the cave. She had leather clothes on her, and her voice as as calm as the expression in her oval, well-chiseled face of sharp features.
    With her pistol, she took a shot at a rat near Dwemer. The rat died instanteneously.
    "I can lead you out, if you give me a good reason." she said, puting down her weapon, and she smiled, examining the two guys from the safe distance of five meters.
  14. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    This was unexpected.

    A chick in a hole full of rats, who seemed poised and comfortable.

    Nevermind the fact that the tunnels were full of ravenous rats that would soon devour us.

    Dwemer looked over the girl, and for a moment considered the secrecy of the Vault. Could she be trusted. "I am Dwemer, and you?"

    Melvin, however was thinking other things, "Yo, I'm not sure if you are realizing it, but they some nasty pack of rats in this here hole. Unless you want to turned into soul food for the rat pack, I suggest we get our asses out of this here mess."
  15. Zoe

    Zoe Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Dec 5, 2003
    "Name's Kay. As for the rats, not enough reason for me to help you, but you can try to follow me if you think you are capable of.

    Thus said, she began to walk in the shadows of the cave, a bit too fast for the men to follow.

    Not too long after, the group saw the cave become clearer and cleare, till they met daylight!
  16. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    OCC- Zoe, Kay is a problem. The likelihood of running into a girl in a rat invested cave, so invested that they eat people, just doesn't make a lot of sense and you haven't give me much to work with. So I am whacking her. Had she come in before our heroes had left for their adventure, I could by it, but this is just too circumstantial. Perhaps you can bring a character at Arroyo. Perhaps a female alter-ego for Ian?


    Sky, blue sky. Neither man had seen it with their own eyes. Only on poor holographic images.

    It wasn't the same.

    They were home free.

    Except there was a problem.

    Rats. Strange rats with color less eyes.

    The number of rats had gotten larger as they had progressed.

    Melvin looked over at Dwemer, "Something wrong here. This bitch hasn't even tried to make it with me yet."

    Dwemer ignored Melvin. "We're lucky to have found her." He whispered back.

    "Sheeit, don't you think this is suspicious?" Asked Melvin.

    "What's suspicious?" Asked Dwemer.

    "You don't think that running into a hot Nambian Princess in the middle of a rat invested cave just a spit's distance from a skeleton, isn't suspicious."

    Something was odd. Kay seemed to be shrinking.

    "What's a Nambian?"

    "African. Beautiful Africans that ride on bareback on horseback and ride your willie all night."

    "Aren't all African's black?"

    "Is that a racist statement?" Asked Mevlin. "Because if you are going to give me the Superior White Man Bullshit, I go on my own."

    "No it's not racist and she's not black." Said Dwemer. He had stopped, allowing Kay to move ahdea.

    "She's as black as the afro on her head. As black as my afro. Ok so her skin is more like a rich mahogony." Said Mevlin, also stopping, turning to face Dwemer.

    "No she's white. She's a blond. With blue eyes." Corrected Dwemer.

    "Are we looking at the same woman?"

    They both turned.

    Except it wasn't Kay anymore. In fact it wasn't really a woman anymore.

    Instead it had shrunk and was moving on all four legs, a long hairless tail behind her. And the rats seemed to surround her, jump upon her, call to her. And she was leading them, not to the blue sky but to a darker pit. They were going down.

    "Oh shit." Said Dwemer.

    "Mother fucker. It's a mind fuck. Sheeeit." Said Melvin.


    "Bitch is playing with our minds. Making us see what we want to see. Bitch is doing a mind fuck."

    The giant rat turned to them and cried out. It wasn't even vaguely human.

    Mevlin went for his pistol but Dwemer was faster.

    POW POW POW, Dwemer's pistol exploded.

    The giant rat screeched in pain and quickly scurried down the tunnel.

    The hoards of rats now clearly agitated.
    "Shit it got away." Yelled Dwemer. "What now?"

    "Run!" Called Melvin who was already heading in the opposite direction, his light shining ahead.

    "Where? We don't know how to get out of here." Yelled Dwemer now catching up.

    "Not fuckin that way, brother."

    Behind them they could hear the scurry of little feet beginning to pick up, like a rush.

    They ran heedless, down a corridor.

    "Wait a sec." Yelled Dwemer.


    "There's a draft. This way. " And Dwemer ran off down an adjacent tunnel.

    "White boy's going to get me killed."

    But if there were true it was not to be that day. They ran down a passage and then there was a point of light ahead.

    The cave entrance had collapsed with time but there was a big enough exit that they could crawl out.

    They tumbled out into the burning day, the sun still hot and orange in the sky. Behind them, the rats did not follow.
  17. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    OCC- This closes up the chapter.

    Dwemer and Melvin lay on the ground, their faces warmed by the touch of the burning heat.

    "THat was close." Said Dwemer.

    "Nah, that chick wasn'r right." Said Melvin.

    "Yeah, too strange to find a her there."

    "And why wasn't she tryin' to bone us?" Agreed Mevlin.

    Behind them they could hear the screech of rats.

    "We're going to have to go back in there." Said Dwemer.

    "Yeah and she might not be dead. That would be some nasty rat pussy." Said Melvin. "Still, maybe next time she'll put out."

    They didn't speak for awhile, feeling the sun for the first time.

    Then Dwemer spoke. "We should get goin West."

    "Hope the trim is better that way then in there. That will teach a lesson, don't get your women in the same places you find rats.

    "Wise words."

    And so the two heroes got up and began the long walk west, to where they hoped to find the lost Vault 15 and the precious waterchip.
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