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    Aug 2, 2020
    Because you lose about 4x as much Karma as you'd get back from killing Hightower, his wife, his guards, and turning in the quest. I understand it's a power gaming move. Fallout 1 already feels small, so few quests. Just one less to do if you're trying to get XP & caps, while maintaining high karma.

    Side note. When attempting to disarm Hightower's chest, I triggered the bomb and the game crashed.

    Also, in The Glow. I was sometimes able to bypass the security card check on the doors by simply clicking to walk inside them, since doors open automatically. Wasn't consistent, not sure why it allowed me only sometimes.
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    Apr 24, 2005
    My "why" was about the "Which means you can't do those and then still turn him in" because I see nothing in the script that would prevent that based on player reputation.

    All doors or "some" doors? I need to know which door exactly.

    @neptunehs please send me your savegame from in front of the Master, so I can test some stuff.
    I am not aware of any mod that disables instant death. The only thing that changes combat to some extent is the damage formula mod, but that one doesn't touch any critical hit tables.
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    Nov 1, 2019

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    Aug 2, 2020
    I remember running back and forth from the outside down to level 6, since I could only carry so much. So I used all the elevators. So most likely all of them. Again, it was sometimes. Even the same door. Sometimes I bypassed them other times I did not. Best I can remember off-hand. If you need me to, I don't mind going back there and test things out.
  5. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Did you use the key at least once before? Because once a door is unlocked, it usually remembers that and won't be locked for a while.
  6. Omgom

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    Aug 2, 2020
    I did. Maybe that's what it was. How long does it keep it unlocked? Because I recall traveling from different floors and it not needing me to unlock it.

    I ran into another bug (which is an old one). Completed getting the weapons for The Blades. Talked to Razor, talked to Zimmerman. Razor disappeared.

    From reading around, seems the only way for it to progress is to get the holodisk from Razor, but I don't have it. I have no idea what the item code is or if I could even edit the save to put it in.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    Lexx did You fixed miles script with unlimited HPA function to correctly take 1k caps and not to *give* player 1k caps when upgrading the extra power armors?

    I'm asking because I did a playthrough on official 1.2 release, and got richer by 3000 caps instead of becoming poorer by that amount. also Miles say this stuff takes 'whole day' while actually it takes 30 hours for each armor checked with pipboy clock before and after an upgrade...
  8. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    I'm not aware of a bug report like that. Fixed it now ...
    The +6 hours are "to read the books and perform pre-bonding tasks" .. not sure if this is a Fixt addition or not. I'll just keep it, because why not. However, I've set a condition to make it only happen on the first power armor.

    Additionally, we have fixed The Master. I had the epiphany the other day that we never adjusted the critical hit tables, thus he was still using Frank Horrigan values. Unlike the Master, Horrigan can be knocked down - thing is, the Master only has one "knocked down and die"-animation, which also includes his cruel death. Thus, whenever you get a critical and floor him, he would "die".
    With the new crit tables, he can't be knocked down anymore and the bug is gone.

    Oh, and he also is a tad tougher now. Not like Horrigan, the little bitch.

    The Glow is split in 3 maps. Usually whenever you change from one map to the next, the temporary variables will reset.

    Razor disappears, because she is now in "waiting for attack"-mode. She will show up again in Adytum after the Regulators are gone (Attacking the Regulators should spawn in the armed Blades).

    What exactly did you talk to her? Usually you get the Holodisk when talking to her the first time.
    If you didn't get the Holodisk from her in the beginning because you didn't talk with her about it, then I don't see this as a bug... It's just you missing critical intel.

    /Edit: I thought about Razor some more, and while I say this is not a bug, one could consider it an inconvenience for when you say you want to talk to Zimmerman, but then don't... you should get the option to return to Razor and initialize the attack with her.

    Will see if I can somehow get around that without rewriting everything.
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    In that particular case, I am thinking it's a story reason.

    When you say you are going to talk to boss of a hostile faction, go away, then return to tell her to start the assault with her...

    She would have very good reason to think you are leading them to an ambush. yet by game story reason she cant refuse that course of action...

    So her disappearance after you telling your decision to talk to Zimmerman, it has a very good logical story reason. it prevent that sort of backstabing result some people would insist to happen.
  10. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Considering the scripted mess that the Boneyard is, I have doubts about it being intentional. However, that's still a pretty good point and now I'm not too motivated anymore to change it.

    One thing, though: If you tell Razor you'll speak with Zimmerman first, the Blades attack will be "frozen" until the player initiates the combat in Adytum. So if you now don't talk to Zimmerman, the attack will never happen... Might be good to set a few days timer here, so if the player decides not to do anything in time, the Blades will engage on their own.

    Also keep in mind that you don't have to talk to Zimmerman at all. Just attacking the Regulators will also make the Blades join the fun.

    /Edit: I just tested the whole thing again, and there are indeed still bugs related to the attack... God, I'm really starting to hate the whole Boneyard for what a mess it is.

    /Edit2: Just pushed some fixes to the repo. Would be cool if someone could test it out and report how fucked everything still is. Needs a fresh game start, though, or a savegame where Adytum wasn't entered yet.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    just read the SVN log about the new conditions for hub good ending...
    Are You saying Decker *and* jain can be left alive for the good hub ending?!

    I think this should be reconsidered.
    -missing caravan quest solved,
    -deathclaw killed,
    -kind to harold,
    -bits bob alive (although still could be sentenced to jail), (he's on the end slide after all so he must be alive)
    -Hightower alive,
    -Decker dead,
    -Jain dead,

    I know it ruins that 'pacifistic feeling' of not hurting anybody will turn out good in the end, but not always a peacefull solution is a good one,especially aginst bad guys, and Decker& CoC are bad guys.

    Essentially if Decker is left alive he will sooner or later find someone to kill Hightower.

    Besides when working for Decker and going all the way, there's no reason/incentive to prevent from going to the cops afterwards and selling him out.

    How about [turn your creativity on]:
    implement boxing ring death-maches (one guy from boxing team in Junktown says Hub suposedly has boxing death maches).
    Perhaps after doing "full service" to Decker and asking for another job, Decker could propose fighting in death maches, if you agree you could go ask kane about participation (simply use the line "kane will give you the details" or "ask kane on your way out") and after one agrees with kane to go fight, get's teleported to a map a'la raiders boxing ring where player can face random unarmed enemies (can even be a ghoul or supermutant (if luck is low). For victory you get paid ofcourse. Oh and all player inventory items get stored in an offscreen container, until you defeat the opponent. If You loose however, well it was nice knowing you :p
    And perhaps some nice karmic triat get's added when you pull off some extreme stunts during those death matches, like Prizefighter (with the same sweet bonus to damage resistance/toughness) (fianlly those McRae and BoS trainings would pay off) It is up to debate whether player keeps his armor or fight unarmored.
    Potential gain from such a endless feature, could be tempting enaugh to keep Decker alive, and not sell him out to cops immediately after finishing his quests, at least an option for bad guys to get this extra negative karma they always dreamt about.
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  12. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Well, I just went with the stuff from the wiki. No idea where the information about these conditions is from.
    I'm interpreting it in the way that if the player wouldn't come around, Decker wouldn't find anyone being able to pull off killing Hightower and Jain.

    Sorry but I'm not going to add any huge quests or something. This is a lot work and something I just don't have time for. I'm probably going to prepare v1.3 in the very sooner future, due to the fix to the Master, etc. but then that's it again for a while.

    PS: About the remastered videos, why not just ask the person if he can release the raw / unmerged upscaled videos? Would be better to work with anyway instead of ripped YouTube stuff.
    Did a closer look at the videos, and they do look not so bad after all. However, I would probably still scale them down to 800x600px, because some scenes look awfully jiggly.
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  13. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    it's just 2 edited scripts 1 new/retooled small map plus few scripts on the map cheering crowd plus enemy spawn script, and a map transiton to and from the ring. if i knew how to do it i would do it myself however I don't even have an idea on programing unfortuneatly.

    as for the videos I've laready messaged the guy on his yt channel although he keeps quiet. though he adds a new video game footage every week. Fallout videos though were made like 11 months ago. He has a patreon page although I'm not sure he keeps a forum there or just the voting pools.

    Well as for the videos themselves well they are upscaled originally to 4k 2880x2160 @60FPS with AI
    the Fallout enginedoes not handle 60FPS so i cut it down to 30FPS hence the 2x speed of the videos
  14. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Yeah, well, it's never "just". :D

    It's also writing new (good!!) dialog, editing existing dialog, getting through Kane's dialog (the biggest mess in the whole game), lack of voice over for new Decker dialog, implementing the new map, making the new map not look like a shitty clone of something else, writing new scripts + dialog for cheering crowds, writing new scripts for enemy fighters, probably writing new ai packages for the fighters (though this might be skippable), not to forget you then have to bugtest and likely bugfix everything for a while... Nah, it's not "just". :>
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  15. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    well do 'you' have any idea who to turn to for the video cutting? as the guy from yt is not responding

    the good news is that the yt guy also did Fallout 2 videos this way, the bad news is it's all in a one large single video.

    all videos except perhaps the exploding ones are pretty good imho, as the exploding ones are still a bit pixelated, although far less that the original.
    Here's a link to the Fallout remastered playlist:

    they do play out in yt more or less as in game since most probably you'll see them downscaled (or in full if you have a 4k monitor which i don't). so upping the quality in yt settings does matter.

    It's been upscaled with Googlepixel AI, so it's "the best humanity has to offer" in terms of commonfolk.


    any news on resolving the issues with the external formats playback ingame?


    downloading from yt has no cons if i download via external program which downloads the originally uploaded video and not some copycats that yt made, and immediately after the download this program does handle the conversion as well, the problem is it ain't free and trial is soon to end.
    The other problem is that all video editing software (for the purpose of cutting) that wants to operate on my pc and not just outright hangs it and does also support .avi v1.0 format and codec is not free software and eigther has to be paid upfront or is a shareware and leaves a watermark like the bandicut.

    why 800x600px, that would still be pixelated, and what do you mean by "jiggy"?
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  16. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    If you downscale the video after upscaling, you will get a sharper image quality. Also, Fallouts internal handling of image scaling is very bad and produces ugly pixels. This is why I made the interface upscale mod graphics in a certain resolution, and also why I reduced the ettu main menu graphic in size again -- you can't just make them as big as possible, slap them into the game and expect it to look good. Sadly that's not how this works here.

    Can you upload the videos somewhere (like google drive)? *Maybe* if I find time I can take a quick look at it.
  17. Sierra Petrovita

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    Aug 7, 2020
    First off, AMAZING work! I just recently resurfaced in this forum after many years of not spending any time here or with Fallout 1 & 2 in general. This mod/port here is incredible! Thanks a lot to the author. Guess Fixt is pretty much redundant now but the author seems to be offline for many months now anyway so I guess he wont update it anymore.

    I have a 2 questions though. Sorry if they were already asked. First, does this include cut content restoration? I think Fixt had a alternative cut content restoration module which restored some quests, characters or ending slides. Is such stuff included in et tu? And second, will there be any update (1.3) soon? I saw there was quite some progress made with bug fixes and improvements in the past months and the last update seems to be from March.

    Thanks for your time and the amazing work on this mod/port!
  18. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Fo1 actually doesn't have that much cut content. Except for the "Followers Spy Quest", which I removed because it is garbage, everything is still kinda the same from Fixt and can be enabled in the fo1_settings.ini file.

    I'm thinking of releasing 1.3 "soon" ... in a couple days, maybe even this weekend. However, that depends on if I can fit it into my schedule and if there are any other issues that can be fixed quickly... maybe next weekend at the latest.
  19. Vali

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    Apr 29, 2020
    There are many cut content...

    Factions Like the Vipers, Jackals, Thinker Nightkins, S Lanter, Rippers.

    Many Npcs like Rae a supermutant that join player the battle against the master or quests and Npcs for the Factions above.

    Planed Invasions for every city by supermutants, a traitor in brotherhood and a fight brotherhood against supermutants.

    Critters Like Viper Snakes and Racoons.
  20. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Except the invasions, none of that stuff is in Fixt and we have barely information about it. If someone would recreate it, then it'd be 98% fan fiction.
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