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    Oct 28, 2009
    Uh sorry I mixed up Talus with Talius ( While I mend to say Talus. but Talius is actually a ghoul in boneyard library sublevel..)
    Anyways, You already got what's available for common mortals. However if You're on to powergaming and min-maxing your character there is a way to obtain more than two sets.

    However it requires Fixt-enabled, shitload of sneak and lockpick skills ( probably around 150 sneak + stealthboy and 200 sneak could get you through after several reloads, Electronic Lockpick won't do the trick, as the door are sepose to automatically open themselves, and with lockpick they don't).

    I'm talking ofcourse about hacking BoS armory door. You have to succed on first attempt, or BoS folks go hostile. Save b4 is adivsed. This is FIXT addition, as originally it wasn't possible. There are extra PAs inside ( two exactly) so a total of four PAs in game to be owned. Exactly the number to outfit player's team.
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  2. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    @Proletären Forgot to ask before -- lots of people instantly start to cry when they read about the Fo2 weapons in ettu. What's your opinion on them? How do you feel about the distribution, etc?
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    Mar 15, 2012
    First of all I really like the idea of having Fallout 2 content in Fallout 1 because why not? The addition of Geckos and lesser Radscorpions is great I think.

    You have implemented the Fo2 weapons in a careful way so that they don't come in abundance and disturb game balance too much. I didn't get that many Fo2 weapons but I were really glad when I found them, they feel special in some way when they are rare.

    I paid the Gun Runners 10k but completed the game before I had the time to check out their updated inventory, so the new weapons aren't that necessary, but I still like the idea of them.

    My character didn't use any Fo2 weapons, I only found ones that were suitable for my companions. I got the Wakizashi for Ian even though he rarely used it. I also got the M3A1 "Grease Gun" SMG and a Pancor Jackhammer. On another playthrough I would probably find different ones and that's the charm I think.

    I would say keep them!
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  4. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Thanks for your feedback on that. So it's pretty much working how I intended it -- they should be seen more as bonus items. They are never crucial and you aren't drowning in them.
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  5. The_Proletarian

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    Mar 15, 2012
    Exactly! Precisely put.
  6. Slaughter Manslaught

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    Dec 11, 2006
    Hey @Lexx, got some questions:

    1. do you have any plans for a "Purist Mode" that is pretty much indistinguishable from the OG Fallout 1 aside maybe from some quality of life additions from FO2? Because I keep seeing posts about going to play FO1 for the first time and I'm just chomping at the bit to recommend Et Tu as THE Fallout 1 experience in 2022.

    2. Any plans for more "higher difficulty" settings? I loved Tougher Mutants, with party members being stronger than ever, I think it would be neat to have some optional boost (extra numbers? Better stats?) to earlier mobs and certain encounters - Khans, Skullz, Decker and co, Regulators, etc.

    3. Any chance you will ever add some different 9mm ammo for the Mauser? Even in vanilla it was already mostly useless due to its rare ammo and low damage. With the Magnum being around, now its pretty much obsolete from the onset. Something like a few 9mm JHP bullets purchasable in say, The Hub, could add some new life on it - at least as a party member gun.

    4. I wonder if someone ever tried making a proper "Party Tandi" NPC implementation?
  7. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    1. Just disable everything in the fo1_settings.ini file

    2. Not right now, no. Was thinking about making the Khans a bit stronger, because IMO they were never supposed to be early-game enemies but when you return with the water chip. But didn't really had the time and mood to do that so far.

    3. Not from me, no. Someone else would have to do that.

    4. Yes, something like that exists for Fixt and isn't hard to do. I just never liked it and reverted Tandi to vanilla Fo1.
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  8. Gizmojunk

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    Nov 26, 2007
    Since Cree Summer just uses her regular voice most of the time, it wouldn't be too hard to find additional dialog to add voice lines to Tandy.
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  9. Arathos

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    Feb 2, 2017
    Any news on how ver 1.7 is coming along or/and when it might come out?
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  10. Slaughter Manslaught

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    Dec 11, 2006
    I was thinking more like installer option easy for the non-techwise folks, you know?

    Wait, what? For real?
    Khans were never supposed to be early-game enemies?

    Oh, that explains it. Pity, Tandi Party member would have been cool.
  11. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    IMO - in my opinion.

    I found them annoyingly hard in early game, and way too easy in mid-game. (Also, defeating them in vanilla Fo1 means you get a truckload of armors to sell, which completely breaks the economy. I can't believe they intended this to happen in early game, or that nobody noticed this in QA.)

    Next update will have a new setting that tweaks various human critters a bit. For example it will double the Khans hp, as well as tweak hitpoints of raiders around the Hub and Boneyard. This should hopefully make the mid-game human vs human fights a bit more interesting without being too much.
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  12. Slaughter Manslaught

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    Dec 11, 2006
    Interesting... I think that makes sense. Especially if one considers the non-combat options.

    Khans were also meant to be big on melee but in the end, they ended up with lots of guns because of game balance. If Khans were meant to be a mid-game gang, they could have better melee weapons like Power Fists and Cattle Prods.

    I also remember the random encounter raiders in much of the map are stronger than the Khans in HP and gear, which is kinda weird.

    I'm pretty sure the Khans were meant to be THE baddest raider gang.
    Khans being a mid-game rather than early-game threat would make sense, the early-game gangs would be the Jackals and Vipers, gangs that were said to be the inferiors of the Khans.

    That would be really swell!
    Khans are really weak, even compared to most mooks in the game.
    Its also a bit weird that the Khan named characters have less HP than the generic khan mooks, when the Khans are obviously a "Might is Right" bunch. Only one that would make sense is that girl who just fixes things.

    Any chance for it to adjust some other fights? I recently did "Bust the Skullz" and they folded like a lawn chair. Granted I had Ian, Tycho, Dogmeat and Junktown Guards in my side, but DAMN.

    (also its just me or is Neil scripted to always miss his first shot? I swear he never hits)

    Some other human vs human fights that could be tweaked:
    - vs Decker (except Kane, that guy is a beast)
    - Farm Raiders
    - Regulators (a bunch of push-overs and wimps. I have no idea how the Gun Runners are being financially exploited by those guys when they have like x10 times the firepower)
    - Hub Heights guards (ins't Hightower like the richest man in Hub? I'm surprised that guy doesn't have a small army on his compound)
    - Hub church guards
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  13. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    You just listed every single non-encounter human vs. human fight in the game. :>

    I'm not planning to go that far. Most of them I find ok and won't touch them. If someone wants it to be more, it'll be easy to write a new script based on my current work.

    Fun fact: While writing this new addition, I found out that while the Khan critters all wear leather armor, their proto actually is not all leather armor. Most of the women in the location are either yellow pants metal armor, or punk girl critter:

    scr00008.png scr00009.png

    So what's going on here? No idea. It could be that all of those critters originally had the leather armor graphics. Later the protos were changed (for the Hub?), but the Khans were never replaced, thus they remain leather armored.

    Maybe they kept them all in leather armor to have a more "coherent" feeling in the location. They are all "one people" now, not a visual mix (which would look quite similar to the Hub people).

    OR they were changed later to leather armor, because the yellow pants metal armor wasn't able to use pistols in vanilla, and the punk girl wasn't able to use spears -- which are the weapons they are equipped with in the Khans location. So this might as well just be a hasty bug fix.

    Personally I actually like the diversity. I'm toying with the idea to add a new setting for that, then people can decide if they want this or not, even though it's really just a minuscule detail.
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  14. SorgFall

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    Jul 2, 2007
    Does this include fixes from Sduibek's unofficial patch?
  15. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    @SorgFall this is based on the unreleased full FIXT 1.0 that was ment to be run on Fo2 engine.. work on FIXT ceased, and Lexx took it over, so basicaly it has all the FIXT fixes and more.. minus the changes that Lexx thought are too stupid and game/immersion breaking..

    while You're at fixing Khans resistnces and thresholds, do remember about the old engine bug more known as weak Cassidy on first level.. when map loads with a critter with armor cladded on, the total resistances of the critter equals 0/0%,and if armor is taken down the critter actually has negative armor stats but still displayer as 0/0% this works for all critters, not only party members.. it's a engine bug/feature. that means all critters in fo2 engine, in all mods are affected by this. the bug is most prominent in EtTu with FIXT enabled, as nearly any critter that has some sort of protection is cladded with armor, giving it a "so called protection" as all armor stats are neglected all damage types thresholds, all damage types resistances, and even the armor class bonus given by the armor is neglected, rendering critter's armor class to what it has when naked + any bonus it might have from "bonus armor class" stat in the proto. this is important, since all the armor clad critters are now basically running around naked with totally zero protection when using FIXT enabled, which yeads them "too easy" to kill. Though I think the fight with khans is hilariusly easy even on full legit playthroughs, I think slightly bumping the Khans hp + fixing the armor resistances issues they have, and suddenly it's a task waay over head of a lvl 5/6 dude (at which level dude usually ends up while having to deal with the Khans).

    Though I disagree with someone stating that both Vipers and Jackals were inferior to the Khans.. that's FNV lore.. originally only Jackals were inferior and the Vipers ment to be few in numbers like 8 or so and all wearing combat armors and wiedling high power big guns. they were so powerfull that initial BoS attack on them ended up in a failiure, and few palladins got killed, hence why I was proposing that Lexx could implement a quest from BoS, so that BoS says to dude, that It's his task now, and if dude pulled through he could name his price.. dude would of course have the option to ask armory clearence rights then ( but only after a high speech check) amongst other things.
  16. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    I'm not changing resistance and thresholds. Only increasing hitpoints. It works the same way as the tougher mutants option.

    I'm pretty sure the armor bug was debunked.
  17. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    as in fixed/solved or a myth/fake news?
    I assure you it's not fake news.. You already dealt with this bug in form of party member glitch, when Ian, Katja and Tycho had their threshiolds and resistances fucked-up, when wearing armor on their base proto at first map entrance.. thing is the same thing happens with armor claded enemies, however enemies don't switch protos and stay fucked up until player kills them, the only thing what is noticable is that they are waay easier to kill, than if they had their resistances and thresholds active..

    The best way to fix this would be to declad all critters from armor in Slot X, give them proper resistances thresholds and bonus armor class instead ( the ones matching when the armor is worn), and for Loot Armors option in configuration.ini, conjure a script to spawn armor on the dead critter according to the stats critter had (easy way is to adapt Nirran's Lootable Armor mod :D ). that is the best way around it i think.
  18. Slaughter Manslaught

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    Dec 11, 2006
    Wait, what?! That's bananas! Incredible how one unearths so many things from looking at old code!

    Wait, Punk Girls can't use spears? I swear I remember getting attacked by spear-using punk girls in FO2 a long long time ago, I think. Weird.

    I think it would be very cool and make them look better, more of a rag-tag bunch of post-apoc survivors.

    No, that's lore consistent. If I remember right from FO1 and Fallout Bible, it was Khans >>> Vipers >>> Jackals. FNV probably just went with it as well.
  19. Iprovidelittlepianos

    Iprovidelittlepianos Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    May 12, 2020
    I vaguely recall that the Vipers were going to mostly have equipment made from human bones, wearing “bone” armor and wielding “bone” knives. As for killing a few BOS paladins, I thought they only killed one, Maxson’s son or whatever, and it was only because he wasn’t wearing a helmet and got a poisoned arrow shot in his neck. Maybe I’m wrong though, haven’t read the fallout bible in a while.
  20. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005

    • Added: A new mini-mod that replaces the default premade characters and changes their starting equipment accordingly.
    • Added: New "Tougher Humans" setting that will increase humanoid hitpoints to make the mid-game more challenging.
    • Added: New "alternative Khan armor styles" setting. This will fix (or restore, however one looks at it) the original visuals of the female Khan critters.
    • Added: New Shock Spear item (using Fallout Sonora graphics) and added it to the Gun Runners arsenal (currently only available if "weapon upgrades" have been enabled).
    • Added: Reverted trait text to the original Fo1 (US) version.
    • Added: Uncensored Addict, Chem Reliant, and Chem resistant skilldex images.
    • Fixed: "Steal the urn" PipBoy entry will be crossed out if the quest is active and Neal dies.
    • Fixed: Flying Saucer dome had the wrong description (Fo2 air vent text).
    • Fixed: Fo2Tweaks trunk size option might fuck with the motorcycle trunk visuals.
    • Fixed: It wasn't possible to bust Iguana Bob after taking down Decker, because the Sheriff's dialog would change to a floating text. Now it will turn into a regular dialog if the player knows about Bob.
    • Fixed: It wasn't possible to transfer items via the stealing skill for the Mr. Handy party member.
    • Fixed: Missing string in the Eyebot companion dialog.
    • Fixed: Original main menu panel only had 5 and not 6 slots.
    • Fixed: The Combat Shotgun (Ext. Mag) was set as 1-handed weapon.
    • Fixed: The optional Shady Sands merchant and his bodyguard had no armor values set.
    • Fixed: The student fight training at the Brotherhood would only ever play once on first map enter. Map change or loading a savegame would break it. Vanilla Fo1 bug.
    • Fixed: Wrong First Aid-skill formula in the skill description.
    • Tweaked: Added mother deathclaw quest fail-safe to cross out the PipBoy entry after completion.
    • Tweaked: Dealing with Billy in the Hub now gives a few experience points.
    • Tweaked: Metal Pole is a usable weapon now.
    • Tweaked: Streamlined PipBoy entry code for the Hub Merchant and Jain quests.
    • Tweaked: Strong dehydration effect now has a longer duration to wear off.
    • Tweaked: Super Cattle Prod price increased to 1.100 caps.

    Find the latest release here.

    Alrighty. Took a while, but v1.7 is here. What's to say? Not so much this time. Got barely any bug reports, barely found any new bugs myself.

    The most interesting addition is probably the new premade characters mini-mod:

    Using any of them will have you start the game with different items. It's not necessarily made with balance in mind -- it's just a couple characters that I had fun toying around with.

    Other than that, I wrote about the Khans a bit further above, an interesting curiosity. It's controlled via the new GVAR_ENABLE_KHAN_ART_FIX setting and currently enabled by default (not sure yet if I will keep this on by default in the future or not).

    Most notable feature is probably the new "tougher humans" setting, which gives more hitpoints to various critters in the gameworld (mainly encounters around the Hub and Boneyard). It works the same as the "tougher mutants" setting. Right now it is also enabled by default. IMO the tweaked hitpoints are reasonable and nobody should have serious issues with them.
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