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    Mar 15, 2012
    That's my major annoyance and would be a huge quality of life improvement if it was changed.
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    May 21, 2008
    That argument falls flat on its face when you see that they had Ian tag big guns and Katja - energy weapons, a clear intent they were meant to be used.

    As with most games, it is far more likely the devs simply ran out of time to add the frames for the models.
  3. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Party members don't have tag skills. They just have higher skills in some areas for whatever reason.

    Katja can use laser / plasma pistol. I've added this in ettu, it's not a vanilla thing, btw.

    If you want Ian to use big guns, you have to create the missing graphics, it's as simple as that.
  4. Perkyguy

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    May 21, 2008
    ...thats what tag skills are. And yes, they do have them.
    From the wiki:


  5. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    No it's not. You can tag a skill and still have others be higher.

    NPCs do not have tag skills.

    Energy weapons are also laser, plasma, and pulse pistol, which Katja can use (in ettu), as I mentioned above.

    Wiki has lots of wrong information, especially about Fo1/2. Don't quote it in a discussion, look up the original files.
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    Jul 8, 2004
    edit: mistake
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    Apr 24, 2005
    No idea. If it works in other mods that use sfall, then it should work here too. Don't think I ever saw that one, though.
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    Oct 28, 2009

    WTF @agris
    You tryin' to troll poor 'ol Lexx here?
    You speak of a black background for a char sheet ingame, while as a proof of this happening (and it never was the case), You show Character creation/adaptation screen, a.k.a the one you get along the way, when you press "New Game". This always had black background. Character sheet ingame however always had game background behind it.

    It's easily distinguishable since you have the choose triat window instead of three tabs: "Perks" , "Karma" , "Kills" , also the "+" and "-" buttons next to each special proove my point.
  9. agris

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    Jul 8, 2004
    oh no, i'm not. that's just a mistake, i saw it posted in another thread and didn't look closely - just focused on the black background.

    it may be that my memory is just wrong on this, or it was a specific version of crafty's sfall that had it that is superseded in my own install of F1
  10. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005

    Sfall has been updated to version
    • Added: Footsteps mod is added as a new mini-mod to the release package. Disabled by default.
    • Added: Optional "Vault 15 Rework" mini-mod that replaces the V15 entrance maps with a lore friendly blend of the Fo1 and Fo2 version.
    • Added: New "Expanded Wrecks"-setting to fo1_settings.ini file, which enables more variation in the city encounters (Graphics by Sonora mod). Enabled by default.
    • Added: The 9mm Mauser pistol can be converted to the 10mm caliber if Fo2 weapon upgrades are enabled.
    • Added: Flares will now spawn randomly at some merchants if the merchant restocking feature has been enabled.
    • Added: Jack from Junktown can now be found as a Khan prisoner if cut-content characters are enabled. He can only be found there if Tandi wasn't kidnapped yet.
    • Added: Restored an unused message log text when using the radio item. Has a low chance to replace the normal text.
    • Added: Walking through doors Arcanum-style can now be disabled in the fo1_settings.ini file.
    • Added: Healing Powder has a low chance to spawn on traveling merchants now.
    • Fixed: "You steal x"-message won't show up anymore when transferring items between party members.
    • Fixed: A wrong name would show when inspecting the body of a dead critter in one of the random desert encounters.
    • Fixed: Vault 13 cave and Vault 15 topside were using the wrong music tracks.
    • Fixed: CHILDEAD, BRODEAD, and HUBMIS0 maps were using the wrong background music files.
    • Fixed: City encounter maps were using 07desert and not 11chilrn as in Fo1.
    • Fixed: Crash when using the door inside of Darkwater's shop after killing Killian.
    • Fixed: Death screen had broken colors.
    • Fixed: Error messages when interacting with the elevator doors in the Glow.
    • Fixed: Finding and disarming the mines in the thieves circle location would show the wrong text messages.
    • Fixed: Flip in Mariposa would try to walk to his target hex on every game tick, even if he is on the hex already, thus causing visual glitches with his idle animation.
    • Fixed: Garret's fridge in the Hall of the Dead could be open without actually being open.
    • Fixed: Geckos in random encounters would walk around way too frantically. Now they aren't such speedy boys anymore.
    • Fixed: Gizmo would keep repeating his initial dialog after the player accepted the task to take down Killian.
    • Fixed: If players uses cheat mods to increase the inventory size, he was able to pick up objects like shelf corners (fix by NovaRain).
    • Fixed: Iron Man Fixt settings wouldn't set correctly on game start.
    • Fixed: It was possible to break the ending slides when entering the crater-locations right after the Cathedral/Mariposa were destroyed. Added a fail-safe and improved the script to prevent this from happening.
    • Fixed: It wasn't possible to use super-stims or other drugs on Lorenzo in the Hub.
    • Fixed: Keri in the Hub wasn't using the sex-macro for tracking the players sex-level.
    • Fixed: Kidnappers in the Hub would get set back to their starting position when loading in combat. NOTE: Saving and loading the game in combat is not advised since it can cause issues.
    • Fixed: Killian's store guard would attack the player for being in the store at night, even though the store is still open for another hour.
    • Fixed: Laser Rifle upgrade cost was wrong.
    • Fixed: Lone Centaur in Death-encounter table was called "Coyote".
    • Fixed: Mariposa force fields had on/off issues when loading a savegame.
    • Fixed: Mauser Pistol barrel angle always looked slightly off.
    • Fixed: Missing scenery .frm error in MBVATS12 map file.
    • Fixed: Night Vision perk now works exactly as in Fo1 (3 ranks and +10% instead of +20% light level change).
    • Fixed: Not all of Loxley's TMA lines were recognized by the game.
    • Fixed: On death, Griffith's name would show "Zombie Guard" instead of his actual name when checking the description.
    • Fixed: Pest control settings of the robots in Mariposa will now work better. The robobrains will now actually attack all valid targets on sight.
    • Fixed: Raiders on Irwin's farm will return to their starting positions if the player leaves the map and returns later.
    • Fixed: Red Dogmeat variant (fo1_settings.ini option) wouldn't play idle/combat sfx.
    • Fixed: Seth in Shady Sands would still teleport a low INT player character to the scorpion caves, even if the satellite locations setting was enabled.
    • Fixed: Starting and ending combat in Hub Downtown would make a hooker go mad.
    • Fixed: Tag skills item calculation on game start wasn't always working correctly (issues in vanilla Fo1 and with Fixt changes). Replaced complicated calculations with Fo2 is_skill_tagged script command.
    • Fixed: The "Khan survival counter" wasn't working right. Rewrote the function to correctly track the surviving raiders for the endgame slide.
    • Fixed: The combat training in the Brotherhood gym would not give bonus skill points if the skill is tagged. Also fixed the Skill+ message (shows +2 in message log now instead of +1).
    • Fixed: The kidnapped Brotherhood Inititate in the Hub would not hide correctly after leaving the map area.
    • Fixed: The refugee in Necropolis would always mention that "some human killed their men" even if the player did not attack Harry & Friends.
    • Fixed: Traps would show the wrong message log entry when trying to disarm them.
    • Fixed: After fixing the broken Mr. Handy robot, using a radio on it would print a "This does nothing"-message.
    • Fixed: When using repair and science skill on the broken Mr. Handy robot in Mariposa, the message log would print "The robot is already healthy" and "You learn nothing new" after the scripted description text.
    • Tweaked: Green city circles on the worldmap are a bit less bright green when classic worldmap mode is disabled.
    • Tweaked: "Resting encounter" are now based on vanilla encounter maps, as in Fo1. Disabled the old workaround locations.
    • Tweaked: Active flares will now illuminate the area even if the player has the item in his off-hand slot.
    • Tweaked: Adjusted WorldMapTimeMod and WorldMapDelay2 in ddraw.ini to make the travel time fit a bit better to the one from Fo1.
    • Tweaked: All gecko types are now affected by the Animal Friend-perk to make it at least a little bit more useful.
    • Tweaked: All worldmap encounter chances have been adjusted to the Fo1 values.
    • Tweaked: Changed the repair limit of the robodogmeat to be based on the repair and not the speech skill.
    • Tweaked: Changed the way the Fo1 demo can be played.
    • Tweaked: Decreased the radiation gain when walking around the Glow on the worldmap.
    • Tweaked: Hi-Res patch encounter map edges visually improved.
    • Tweaked: Hub cops will not float warning messages anymore if the player just enters and leaves combat.
    • Tweaked: Improved how the "rest until morning (Fo2-style)"-setting works. It is not necessary anymore to save and load the game first.
    • Tweaked: Merchants will restock money once per day again.
    • Tweaked: Motorcycle spawn position in mountain encounter maps.
    • Tweaked: Moved the Necropolis Watershed map around to fix shitty map edges.
    • Tweaked: Rae, the freshly turned super mutant (cut-content) will now only show up if the Boneyard has been invaded.
    • Tweaked: Shock Spear now uses 2 energy ammo on every attack. To compensate, max ammo has been increased to 20.
    • Tweaked: Turbo Plasma Rifle now uses 2 energy ammo on every attack.
    • Tweaked: Slight changes to Agatha's dialog (cut-content in Shady Sands), since it is not only lacking stories, but is generally unfinished.
    • Tweaked: The 500 days Vault 13 invasion timer is now disabled by default.
    • Tweaked: The Fo2 .44 Magnum Revolver now needs 3 AP to reload instead of 2, to differentiate it more from the Desert Eagle.
    • Tweaked: The Hub Old Town Captors will only attack the player if he actually enters the house. No more unwanted attack from walking past the door that was just opened by a stupid child.
    • Tweaked: The garrison troops in the Master's Lair have a respawn delay now.
    • Tweaked: The super mutant conversation in the Master's Lair now only happens if the player has visited the Lair at least once before.
    • Tweaked: Vault 15 entrance hi-res patch screen edges.
    • Tweaked: Warning messages will now shut down the game completely, and not just send players back to the main menu.

    Find the latest release here.

    Sitting on this update for a while already, decided to release it now else I'm going to sit on it even longer.
    Not much to say this time. The footprints mod is in a state now where it isn't just an experiment, so I've decided to put it directly into the release build. Also there's a new optional "Vault 15 Rework" mini-mod, which merges the Fallout 2 V15 style into the original Fo1 style V15 location. It's pretty much just a map replacer and does nothing more than looking slightly different. Keep in mind that Fo2 is set 80 years after the first game, so even though it's in similar style now, it's not a 1:1 Fo2 map recreation (it wouldn't make any sense).

    Other than that, lots of fixes, some balance tweaks, and more toggle options in the fo1_settings.ini file so that you have more freedom in deciding what you want to have in your game.

    It's advised to start a new game. Actually I'm not sure if old savegames are loading anyways with this update. While at it, best to delete your existing files and do a clean install with this version.

    Also, keep in mind that mods-handling has been changed in latest Sfall versions. Check the \mods\mods_order.txt file to enable/disable mods.
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  11. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Isn't it too early for Christmans this year?
    I mean Sonora got 1.11+ an DLC. Last Hpe mod got 1.083 and Et Tu got 1.9..
    Feels like Christmas already XD
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    Mar 15, 2012
    Agree and then Space Wreck on October 10 as the cherry on top! (I hope)
  13. Vault 39 Dweller

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    Nov 8, 2023
    What are satellite quest locations?
  14. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Quite simple really..

    there are about 3 quests that send you to another location ( radscorpion caves in shady sands, Irwin's Farm, and Deathclaw Lair in Hub)

    originally you were just teleported to those places, once you've talked to the right people. with Satellite locations enabled you will now have to go to the worldmap ( red exit grid ) and travel to those locations by yourself, once you get the coordinates, and they'll show on your worldmap.

    simple as that.
  15. KevinV6

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    Oct 11, 2019
    Is NovaRain's PerkEveryLevel Mod compatible with E Tu? Also what happened to the bonus items when starting from V13 with the game setting on "Easy"? Yeah, I'm one of those players who also save scum.

    Finally is there any way I can tweak the new barter formula? Vanilla barter was so busted, but the modded version is too harsh for my taste. If not I'll stick to vanilla but just try not to abuse it.
  16. NovaRain

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    Mar 10, 2007
    The process giving the starting loadout is fixed. Now it correctly gives bonus items based on your tagged skills, as you are not supposed to receive extra stuff from other skills.

    You can write your own barter formula script using gl_z_fo1barter.ssl as the base.
  17. KevinV6

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    Oct 11, 2019
    Thanks, I might check on that! And considering you made the mod variant, can I extract your version of PerkEveryLevel(or similarly your perk every two levels) into Fallout1in2? Thanks.
  18. NovaRain

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    Mar 10, 2007
    They should work fine, I don't see any conflict between them and ettu.
  19. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    No idea what you mean, starting items are not changed.
  20. TL8ez

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    Apr 19, 2012
    I took the request from Michael to give Sophia the pulse grenades, but if I give it to her, the game crashes with memory reference. If not, Michael gets pissed off and unwilling to give me stuff.