Fallout 1 mod Fallout Fixt - next release will be some time in Jan 2020

Discussion in 'Fallout General Modding' started by Sduibek, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Drobovik

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    Jun 20, 2011
    He knows, but engine digging and fixing is not a hasty affair. So, be patient.
  2. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    @Theomniadept lol, love this! I really should do a Stupid playthrough again. How did you like it? Was it your first time playing that kind of character?
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  3. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    0.80alpha is finished. Uploading now...
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  4. Theomniadept

    Theomniadept First time out of the vault

    Mar 22, 2015
    Yeah, never played Fallout games before at all to be honest. I'm on my third playthrough, going from good-sniper to stupid-puncher to evil-heavy-weapons-girl.

    AAAAAND I found another bug. When I'm in the third level of the Brotherhood of Steel I go to the quarters where there are locked lockers and footlockers - I try to open them and instead of saying "This locker is locked" or something like that it just says "Error". Nothing interrupting gameplay, it just seems like it fails to grab for whatever line it's supposed to.
  5. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    Odd. Okay, thanks.
  6. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    ->Fallout Fixt 0.80alpha released<-

    BOOYAH! It's about damn time. P.S. this was totally released on June 28th just like I said it would be, I don't know what you're talking about. :look:

    This is the last planned release before switching to the Fallout 2 engine (beta stage).

    Quick overview of this release: lots of cool features from Crafty's update to the Sfall plugin, fixes for some goofs I made, the mutant holodisk crash fix, a few more options for Fixes Only custom installs, and fo1_screen_refresh is back. Oh and Fixt is on GitHub now.

    Changes since alpha 7.1:

    - Now has the most current files for Katja's graphics.

    - Additional options available in the Fixes Only download's "MOSTLY PURIST" custom install:
    -- Display player's level on levelup
    -- Display player's title on levelup (Titles are from the Fallout manual)
    -- Restore Vault 13 invasion of after 500 days (Default in Fallout v1.0)
    -- Days Left for Water Chip can be 120 instead of 150. (Overseer says "4 to 5 months left" in the intro movie)

    - Includes ddraw (Sfall) version 1.19, by Timeslip & improved by Crafty. This plugin provides many graphical and game enhancements and features, which are customizable, including the following and many more:
    -- Hold down Shift to highlight items and containers on-screen.
    -- Various commands can be bound to keys or key combinations. (All are disabled by default)
    -- Can no longer press zero (0) to force-exit dialog.
    -- Fixes for high CPU usage.
    -- Display karma changes in the message box. (Disabled by default)
    -- Buttons with "Take All" function similar to Fallout 2.
    -- Remove inability of Vault Dweller to get critical successes or critical failures in the first few days of the game.
    -- Doors can no longer dodge bullets.
    -- Shows free weight as well as total weight in Barter and Inventory screens.
    -- Can no longer use drugs to cheat with skill-gain books and getting Perks you shouldn't have access to.
    -- Can no longer use the "A" key to run forever for free in combat.
    -- Leveling past 21. (Disabled by default of course)
    -- Friendly Foe functionality is now default and the Perk is removed from the game.

    - "Fixes Only" installs can no longer start with 64000 Days Left for the Water Chip timer.
    -- Existing "Fixes Only" games with >150 Days Left will be reset to 150.

    - Fixed crash upon ending dialog with the dying mutant.
    - Fixed some installer options that weren't working as intended.

    - Made a change to attempt to fix an issue where Vats self-destruct timer would always set to 0 (instant), regardless of option chosen.

    - Reverted an attempted fix of empty caravan encounters, that unintentionally caused *more* empty caravan encounters. :(
    - Reverted 2 fixes/changes that caused unintentional issues gaining access to the Vats Control Computer.
    - fo1_screen_refresh is once again included.
    - Weapon Drop Mod no longer enabled by default on "Standard" and "Full" installations. My sincere apologies, I thought I already reverted this in the last release.

    - All instances of "nevermind" changed back to "never mind". (Thanks Prisoner416)
    - Several minor fixes to spelling and grammar.
    - Additions to CREDITS.TXT (French translation team, SFALL team, Engine Conversion team, Breakin'Benny, gvx, Prisoner416)

    - Removed debug message that displayed if player was accompanied by Brotherhood of Steel Assault Paladins.

    - Added steps to Troubleshooting Guide regarding inability to save games, sound issues, and "Not enough disk space".

    - Various behind-the-scenes changes in preparation for the full migration to Fallout 2 engine.
    - Fallout Fixt source code (installers, scripts, batch files, reference materials, global variables, default settings) is now publicly available at https://github.com/Sduibek/fixtsrc
    - Fallout Fixt dialog and text files are now publicly available at https://github.com/Sduibek/fixtlang - For translations into non-English languages and tracking fixes/changes/additions to the English versions.

    - All bugs, ideas, and feature requests are to be reported at the Fallout Fixt bug reports wiki at http://falloutmods.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_Fixt_bug_reports
    - Bug reports entered on forum threads (RPGCodex/NMAFallout/GOG/Steam/etc) will no longer be considered 'official bug reports' for the following reasons:
    -- EASE: It doesn't require registration and shouldn't take much longer than it would to post it on the forum.
    -- EXCLUSIVITY: You're robbing the ability to interact with your bug report from people who don't visit that forum.
    -- DUPLICATE WORK: Someone (usually me) has to to personally go through all the threads to add them to the wiki.
    -- HUMAN ERROR: It's easy for thread-post bug reports to be accidentally overlooked or forgotten.
    -- EFFICIENCY: It results in duplicate reports and requires cross-referencing multiple sources.
    -- TIME: It's in everyone's best interest for me to spend my time focusing on actually fixing the bugs.
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  7. Matt Drax

    Matt Drax Smart Ass

    Sep 4, 2010
    Time to do a new run ^^
  8. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
    Moderator Modder

    Apr 24, 2005
    Got a problem too now. Got the weapons for the Blades and told them I'll talk with Zimmermann first. Now the problem is, I don't have any new dialogue options for Zimmermann (because I don't have the holodisc?) and the invading force doesn't arrive either. So I am pretty much forced to take out the Regulators alone or ignore them... which kinda sucks.
  9. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    Have you tried actually getting the holodisk? :confused: I can't remember if this is a vanilla bug or not.

    Also have you tried the other option, where you say something like "Let's go fight them right now"? Come on man, make an effort :P
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  10. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
    Moderator Modder

    Apr 24, 2005
    Can't get the holodisc, because Razor is gone now. Can't use the other option, because TADA I saved over that already. I thought I had the holodisc, but never really checked in the inventory, because well.. who expects that. :>

    My only option now is to go back one town-save and do all of Boneyard again.

    PS: Playing Fo1 again kind of motivates me to work on my Fo2 mod again, simply because of the dialogue- The dialogues in Fo1 are *much* simpler than in Fo2. Like I wrote yesterday or so, many dialogues have a [More] or simply [Done] option, and they sure as hell aren't branching as crazy as e.g. Fo2. If you - for example - break down the Blades quest, then it's 4 or 5 nodes till "let's get weapons!", then "thanks for the weapons!" and the quest is done. Will do exactly the same with my Fo2 mod now. Deep, branching dialogue is not what I can write all alone on my own and IMO the Fo1 style is totally enough for my needs. Long story short, today I started reading over my files again and tomorrow I continue.
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  11. Sn1p3r187

    Sn1p3r187 Carolinian Shaolin Monk

    Apr 7, 2014
    Ahh this is awesome. So when does 0.90 or 0.81 come out? Hope you don't mind me asking. I wanna try both to see if it works well for me.
  12. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    0.81alpha wouldn't happen unless the Fo1-engine version needs some kind of crash fix or something.... which it probably will at some point, lol. Just the nature of the beast.

    Alpha releases: still in Fallout 1 engine. Beta releases and beyond: Fallout 2 engine.

    Anyway, I'm at school right now but I'll be working on 0.90beta tonight. (Fo2-engine version) I still need to check functionality text entries like ending slides, pipboy, quests, and also make sure the newest version of all files is included, such as maps.

    @Lexx I'm glad that I could accidentally help you to get back in to modding :D Or at least help indirectly, ha. Anyway I'll add the Razor/Boneyard/Zimmerman bugs to wiki.

    EDIT: Whoa, Fallout Fixt's "popularity" is at #195 out of 24000 at ModDB right now! :eek:

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  13. GeneralSu

    GeneralSu First time out of the vault

    Jun 20, 2015
    Wait so am I able to still use my old savegame?
  14. Sn1p3r187

    Sn1p3r187 Carolinian Shaolin Monk

    Apr 7, 2014
    you know what man. You'd really do good if you went into game design as a major. Shoot you'd do best if you did like a total conversion mod for Fallout 2 that acted as an independent story from Fallout and took place in the Northwest or American Southeast. I'd love to see a post nuclear North Carolina.
  15. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    For 0.80alpha? Yes.
  16. Oppen

    Oppen FIXT n°1 fan

    Dec 26, 2011
    Certainly you and Killap and some others around here really seem above industry level.
  17. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    I've considered it for sure, but the game industry from what I hear can be brutal, especially with regard to "crunches" i.e. lack of sleep and long hours for 3 to 12 months. I am not particularly interested in the psychological and physical effects of being overworked and chronically sleep-deprived.

    In fact, among the sane 1st-world nations, the USA is the only one stupid enough to still think working more than 40 hours a week is a good idea, against all evidence showing otherwise.

    If crunch time didn't exist in the game industry, I'd definitely at least try it out :) For now, my plan is to be employed doing whatever kind of programming I feel like, and have making games & modding games be strictly on my own time.
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  18. Oppen

    Oppen FIXT n°1 fan

    Dec 26, 2011
    We can always start our own and do things right ;)
  19. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    lol true.

    @lostabroad2 reported some bugs to me that definitely need to get squashed, so I'll be releasing a patched installer within 48 hours or so.

    @Lexx Barring any unforseen difficulties (but don't these always happen?!?) it will be set up to install to a subdirectory, so your vision will be one step further :D
    I hadn't done it with the release because I wanted to get it out, but it really just needs to be set up that way.
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  20. Matt Drax

    Matt Drax Smart Ass

    Sep 4, 2010
    0.80 run with Fallout GOG: Got to the Boneyard and the Regulator fight (First speaking with Zimmerman option). Had to reload once since an important char (Smithy) was killed. Got back to Zimmerman and Crash after Dialogue. Checked at the Blades, and yup, Razor was gone for good in that Savegame (saved directly before the fight). Damn, I hate it when very old bugs always come back for more ^^"

    Oh, and speaking of crashes: Trying to put something OUT of a bag via Char/Bag Icon drag also crashes. Can only say for GOG Version though, since I did not get my hands on a virgin FO1 US/UK version because the previous FIXT did run the GOG one without any problems.
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