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    While posting the previews yesterday, we forgot to attach the following interviews. Apologies. Escapist has a good-sized 4-page interview with Feargus Urquhart (thanks Paul_cz).<blockquote>TE: When Bethesda was doing its rounds with Fallout 3, they talked a lot about how they weren't consulting with the original Black Isle team and how they wanted to make it their Fallout, and they weren't too concerned with the past. How has that shifted now? You guys are essentially taking responsibility for the Vegas portion and extending the original Fallout 1 & 2 storylines. How has that integration worked out?

    FU: It's like thinking of a Star Wars game. We could run everything by Lucas, but there's ... all these things and - you just get to know it.

    For Star Wars, that's what Chris Avellone did, he's the designer for Knights of the Old Republic 2. He literally just went and read everything. I mean everything - I mean really bad junior Jedi books. I'm like "Why are you reading that?" and he says "Well, there might be something in here."

    When it comes to Fallout, and what's easy for the internal team, they have all of our design documents, they have all of our materials, they have the games, they had Chris's Fallout bible, they had all this stuff. Would it have been helpful to ask five or six questions, but that would have probably been it. With us, in working on New Vegas, we just already know it, for a lot of us it was something that we created. We still go back, because it is Bethesda's Fallout, it's not Black Isle's Fallout.

    We all played Fallout 3 to death. One, because we wanted to, two, because we needed to really understand it. So we really wanted to understand what they were trying to accomplish and what their vision was. And then we followed up with questions. We haven't asked a ton, but things get run by Todd Howard all the time. The amount of conflict that has existed - like "Why can't we do this?" "Well you just can't," - it's been like four things. A lot of it has to do with that they have ideas for the future and so they just don't want us to go playing with where they see their future.

    This is similar to what happened with the Star Wars stuff. One of the first things we wanted to do with KOTOR was we wanted to use Alderaan and LucasFilm came back with "No." So it's a collection of that, it's the knowing and the asking of important questions and being upfront with them about everything we're doing. We over-document everything. We're like "Here." And they're like "Stop writing."
    TE: Are you ready for the inevitable mixed reaction from people expecting something they aren't going to be getting?

    FU: Yeah. There's going to be a couple of fan sites that will vilify us, but that's the way it is.

    But Josh has done an amazing job - he's broadly looked at everything. There's going to be a lot of fun things for people to do that are distinctly different than Fallout 3. There's always going to be "there's too much this," and "there's too little this," but in general, people are just going to have fun.</blockquote>Aye, I can imagine some Fallout 3 fans will be very upset that Obsidian is messing with their franchise.

    IGN Video presents a video interview with J.E. Sawyer, in which he talks about the backstory, mechanics improvements and the reputation system, talking about the returning Brotherhood of Steel and Followers of the Apocalypse factions.
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    I do not consider Fallout 3 a part of the franchise, so yeah, it's theirs alright.

    Still, we don't really know how much they will go for the Fallout 1\2 and how much Fallout 3 will be left (except for general gameplay and engine).
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    I have a feeling that NV will be a major let down, namely because the masters of the "franchise" won’t allow any potentially creative and interesting development to occur if it affects the direction they want their franchise to head towards (such as Mc Donald’s – Fallout toys with every burger). Even if the entire Black Isle team got back together to build another Fallout, the masters of the franchise would shit down their throats, and nothing good would come from it. Maybe it was act of luck from the Gods of gaming, that Interplay weren’t really interested in the original Fallout during its development and a clever bunch of guys were allowed do almost anything they wanted…that will never happen again.
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    In the video, Sawyer dropped that the BoS and the Followers of the Apocalypse are coming back. Ausir says the BoS was already confirmed, but I don't remember reading a preview where the BoS appearance wasn't just assumed rather than confirmed.

    Also, there's apparently a magnetic accelerator mod for plasma rifles.
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    How about you actually listen to Obsidian?
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    I don't expect New Vegas to be a major letdown (especially with where my expectations were taken after completing Fo3). What I do expect is it to be better than Fallout 3. Progress.
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    Iiinteresting. I wonder if there are any Children of the Cathedral still around. I'm aware they weren't in F2 but after the Master got done over I imagine any remaining Children either put it behind them or hot-footed east.
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    Didn't most of Master's followers commit suicide or retreat somewhere east?
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    That's why New Vegas has Supermuties. Supermuties that look suspiciously like reused models of FO3 mutants.
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    We know, cream-puff, it's in the newspost.

    It is so trite that every Fallout game will have the BoS. Trite and, considering the original faction, complete nonsense.

    Vegas would be "somewhere east".

    But other than supermuties, we've seen no signs of remnants of the Master's followers yet.
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    They had four requests that Feargus remembered cut, one of them was a location (which Beth wants to use) and the other was setting the game between Fallout 2 and Fallout 3 (Beth only wants to move forward in timelines).

    We'll have to see but the interview makes it sound like this is going to be more like Fallout 2 in tone.
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    This interview made me facepalm here and there. Especially the parts about Bethesda and so on. I mean, seriously... Alone the point that Bethesda wants to move forward and that we are already 200+ years after the war. If it continues like that, (also with the ever and ever reappearing factions) the setting becomes more and more silly.

    And it sucks that we - from now on - most likely will have every new Fallout game in a different city, with some "epic" storyline. There for sure is a lot epicness going on in the Fallout world... in each bigger city(area).
    But that's some other story...
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    I really never thought of it like that. Fallout and Fallout 2 took place in parts of California. So you more or less have a state. Fallout 3 and New Vegas are more cities and the "surrounding wasteland". Although the DLC's did bring other locations, like Spaceship Land.
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    Edited in later :P
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    If by later you mean 1.5 hours before your post, then yes, later.
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    Okay scrapped it for the sake of... well just scrapped it.
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    Dutch Ghost, you know we love you, but that was kind of a stupid post.

    What kind of company would license out a product and not have any creative oversight? How often does that happen? Certainly never when talking about games-to-games sublicensing, and rarely even in games-to-films and the like.
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    New Vegas Hardcore mode is the only reason im gonna buy New Vegas. BRING ON THE HARDCORE MODE.
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    Actually, with games-to-films it does happen quite often. Just look at any Uwe Boll game adaptation.
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    Yeah, I know, but I think the trend is changing, like Capcom taking a hand in the Legend of Chun Li. Not that that helped.

    Boll is often "smart" enough to buy the game license for film very early.

    I think more companies would be smart to follow Bethesda's example of being careful with licenses even cross-media. Have you ever read the official novelization of Planescape: Torment? Bleh.