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    my name is -explosive artillary interupts so you cant here him- and im in the 44th marine
    armored division first company... it was a cold winter day in achorage when they attacked... they
    ambushed us in the middle of the night... the red chinese they were... they stormed the army
    base with chimera tanks and were armed to the teeth with chinese assault rifles and the new
    chinese prototype power armor... are men didnt stand a chance most died in seconds the rest of
    my platoon was blown up by a chimera tanks... the rest of the survivors hid in a bunker but were
    burned out by flamer units... i was the only survivor... in a last dich effort to survive i stole
    stealth armor and shock sword from a chinese dragon... i sneaked to behind a power armored
    chinese soldier and stabed him and stole his power armor and minigun... i then started mowing
    down hordes of chinese soldiers... i thought i was dead and was just trying to kill some before i
    died so i wont die a cowerd... but before i knew it i had shot them all down and they were dead...
    just when i thought i killed them all a drop ship came and ten chinese black ops came jumping
    down... i run to cover... they started shooting at my cover and i was pinned down... i managed to
    get a shot on one and kill him... but there were to many... just when they were moving up on me i
    thought i was about to die... but then a big laser hit them and killed them all... to this day i dont
    know were that laser comes from but i have a feeling i would see it again some day... i rushed
    from cover and into a trench... there was a mister handy soldier still alive... i thought he was on
    my team when he went crazy from the demage and tryed to shoot me... lucky for me i was in
    cover and had pulse grenades i threw them at him and he died... i tryed radioing back to base
    but there was no answer... i then looked in the distance off a cliff top and saw the base it was
    under heavy fire... i rushed down the hill to help the base and along my way i ran into some
    chinese soldiers... there were not many i killed them easy... i started going to the base more...
    then i run into a chimera tank and it shot me and blow my power armor off and i ran in cover
    and threw pulse grenades at it and it exploded... i then said "oh no my power armor was
    destroyed what will i do?" and then a vertibird came and dropped of the new enclave power
    armor mk 2 off and i put it on and then started traveling to the base more... on my there i run
    into more chinese and i was like "more chinese take this" and then i threw a plasma grenade and
    they died... i needed to get to base fast before it was destroyed but i could not run fast enough
    so i decided to look around for a vechile i then found a corvega and drived it to the base... when
    i got to the base my soldiers were pinned down and didnt know what to do and thought they
    were going to die... i then at the chinese forces yelling "come get me you red basterds" and then
    ran and they started chasing me and while they were distracted chasing me my soldiers got out
    of cover and shoot them all and they were dead... they came up to me and thanked me and gave me a medal... then out of no were a explosion happened and everyone was dead but me cause i was wering power armor... i then yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and then a sargent came who has survived and said "GET YOURSELF TOGETHER SOLDIER" and then i calmed down and he said "LETS END THIS WAR SO WE CAN GO HOME RIGHT NOW ME AND YOU SOLDIER WILL GO INTO THE ENEMY BASE AND SET OFF THE GENERATERS AND BLOW THEM UP" then i said "how will we get in?" and he was like ill distract them and you sneak behind them... and then we traveled to the enemy base... the sargant started shooting at the base and i run in the back... the back was guarded by a gunner and three chinese dragons... i threw a plasma grenade but they threw it back and it hit me... lucky for me no damage was done to my armor... i then came around the corner and shoot them all but one survived and he tryed to charge with a sword and he got up to me and stabed me and i was dieing... he left me for dead... i thought i would die... but then the sargent came and said "GET UP SOLDIER THE WAR IS NOT OVER YET" and used a stimpack on me and i got up... we proceded to together in the enemy base... we were sneaking and saw a whole army of chinese soldiers getting ready to invade america... and there was the leader there to his name was hi kogoro and he was giving a speech about nuking america it was scary and the sargent yelled "ENOUGH WACHING WE NEED TO PUT AN END TO THIS RIGHT NOW GO GO GO SOLDIER TO THE GENERATER" we sneaked to the generater room it was guarded by 20 chinese dragons and we needed a plan... the sargent had plans he said we could a) throw a grenade but that would cause the generater to explode and kill both of us and are mission would be over we would die heros or b) we can try to shoot them but we might die and what if we cant explode the generater then we have failed and died for nothing... or c) we can run away and save our selfs and let america burn under nuclear fire...

    me and the sargent went with plan a and we exploded the generater and destroyed the base... the sargent died in the explosion but i survived cause power armor... ... "was fighting the chinese worth all this life" i ask myself as i lay there frozen in the cold rubble without knowing what to do cause the base and all the men had been destroyed so i called for reinforcments and they came... a whole big army of a 1000 enclave soldiers at least swarmed the area and secured the sights and bases to get ready for the chinese counter attack... general chase came up to me and said "good work soldier here is another medal for your good work" and i said "what is the plan" and he said "before we can set up the counter attack i need you to destroy the chinese power armor factory "i said chinese power armor factory?" and he said "yes the chinese stole are power armor plans and have been building there own power armor as you can see" i said should be easy "were is it" he said "in china that is right im sending you to china get on the vertibird" i said "but wait is anyone coming with me?" and general chase said yes me and squad of 4 elite enclave soldiers" and i said "ok lets go" and then we got on the vertibird and when we were flying over china getting ready to land some aa guns shot us down... i got up in the wreck of the vertibird still alive and looked around and saw all my soldiers dead but general chase was not there so i guess he went to do the mission without me and thought i was dead... and then i thought i had to go save him and i went to the chinese power armor factory... it was guarded by 50 chinese soldiers... lucky for me i had a sniper so i sniped about 10 out before they noticed me i then set up a landmine field with land mine i was supplyed with before the mission and then they came and they all got blown up... there was one alive on the ground so i went up to him and said "WHERE IS GENERAL CHASE" and he said "we captured him and he is in the chinese leaders office and the hi kogoro himself is there tourting him for nuke plans" i said "hi kogoro is still alive i thought i killed him in the explosion" and he said "no he escaped on his vertibird and landed here right after" so i shot him and went into the base and i was in the main hallway and a bunch of chinese soldiers came down the hall and i shoot them all with my minigun and they all died... i moved up and then a power armored unit came so i shot them with my missle launcher and they did not die... "i was like what? missle launchers kill power armor" and then i saw they had shields on there power armor... i came up with a plan fast and i threw a pulse grenade... and they did not die... i shot all my ammo at them at they did not die so i surrendered and then they took me to the same room were chase was and me and him were tied up on chair while hi kogoro was beating us trying to get the nuke codes out of us... he then was called away for a second... so i escape using the power or my power armor and then freed chase... we then sneaked to the power armor making lines and it was guarded by 20 chinese soldiers no power armor units were there so we killed them easy with grenades and miniguns... we then went to the power armor control computer and there was a button to overload the power armor making machines... i was about to press it when i noticed chase was not behind me anymore... i then heard hi kogoro on the speaker saying "we have captured chase again and will kill him if you destroy the power armor making machines" and i said "will you free him" and he said "yes i will free him if you either dont destroy the power armor machines or give us the nuke codes" so i had three choices a) destroy the power armor machines and let chase die b) give him the nuke codes and destroy the power armor machines and having chase freed c) go away from the machine knowing i wont be able to destroy it in the future and free chase myself

    i went with b and gave hi kogoro the nuke codes and then he let chase free and then i blow up the generater and we went to the extraction point to wait for vertibird pickup and when we were waiting a whole army of a 1000 chinese soldiers attacked... i said "oh no we will never make it" and chase said "yes we will make it just get in cover and hold them off in the vertibird can arrive" so went in a trecnh and we shot a few hundred down but they were moving up to fast and then a whole army of vertibirds came and bombed but then out of no were a army of chinese jet planes shot them all down and then passed us and we were left in the extraction zone... and chase said "we have to find out were the jets came from and destroy the jet making factory but then i realized and said "those werent chinese jets they were us jets and the vertibirds were chinese vertibird and chase said "oh then lets wait for pick up then" and then out of no were the jets came back around and started shooting at us and we jumped to the side and i said "oh no the jets think we are chinese what will we do" and chase said "we will do the only thing we can do and take them down there is a anti air gun on the roof of the statesman hotel... we went to the statements hotel and on are way we run into some chinese dragons and they were invisible so i sprayed my mini gun all around to hit them and hit chase by a mistake and the chase got mad at me and started shooting at me but it bounched off my power armor and i told him to stop and im sorry but he would not listen and then he picked up a sniper and run away and took position on the statesmen hotel and started trying to snipe me so i went into cover and i found a smoke grenade and run in the hotel just in time before the jets shot me and then in the hotel there was us soldiers and i said hi and then they started shooting at me so i threw a grenade at them and they died and i was like "why are they attacking me?" i better find chase and find out then i battled through an army of soldiers i to get to the top when i stepped on a landmine on the roof and it blew my leg off and then there was chase standing over me with a pistol and he said... im sorry but i have to kill you... and i said "but why chase it was a mistake i didnt mean to hurt?" and he was like "i know that is not why i am killing you i can not let anyone who would betray uncle sam and give the enemy the nuke code i were the one who sent the jets after us" and then i said "but why i saved your life" and he said "but you dangered all of america" then i said "but i can fix and kill hi kogoro before he launches the nukes" and he said "no you can not live by law" and then was about to shoot me and kill me but then i realized i had a pistol hidden and i could shoot him and kill him before he shot me... i then had three choices... a) accept my punishment for betraying the codes and die with honer (b shoot him and kill a good general and killing him will probably make us lose all the war cause he is a good general (c beg for mercy

    i went with plan a and accepted the consequences of my action... chase was about to shoot me and then the sargent who i thought had died came and pushed chase out of the way and right off the building and as chase was falling from the building a big blue beam picked him up and took him away... and then i said to the sargent "what was that blue beam that took chase" and he said i will tell you later then i said "how did you survive i thought you died?" and he said "i thought i did not but then i awoke and you were not there so i went to find you cause i thought you were in trouble and i was right" and then out of no were solders came and surrounded me and they were about to shoot me but then the sargent spoke out and said "wait you can not shoot him this man saved my life you have to forgive him and give him another chance" and then they put down there guns and then they said ok but only if you help us to defend this hotel until we the vertibirds can come and air lift it off and i said "why would you lift up a hotel?" and he said "we need to escape from here but no drop ship is big enough to carry us all but the hotel is so were gewtting them to pick up the hotel with all of us in it" and i said "that is a good plan" and then out of nowere we looked down from the building and saw a whole chinese army of thousands of guys charging at us and there he was... hi kogoro himself and he had a large set of power armor and a samuri sword and was charging with a group of dragons... and then we got are snipers out and started saniping off the army but there was to many... they came rusing up the stares so we put down landmines to blow them up when they come out and most of the army died but there was still high kogoro and his dragons who charged us with swords and killed half of our soldiers... a dragon came at me and tried stabbing me so i disarmed his sword and stabed him with it and then more dragons came so i killed them all with my sword... it was just me and the sargent left now and high kogoro himself was coming at us with his sword and we were about to die but then out of no were the hotel started moving and he felled over and we did to... the vertibirds were here carrying to the hotel away... the sargent was knocked out and it was just me and high kogoro and we had a sword fight and then i killed him and he died... then in a few hours we they droped the hotel in washington dc and the president himself came to me and said "you did good work soldier by killing the leader and i would like to offer you ownership of this hotel for your services" and then i said "no the sargent deserved it more then me he saved my life" and then the president gave it to the sargent who retird from the enclave and spent his days running the hotel... and then out of nowere the president got an urgent message and said "the chinese are going to be making a counter attack on alaska soon and aliens are attacking the moon and we need reinforcments and both places wich place do you want to go to??" a) the moons b) alaska c) none

    i went with a cause the aliens with advanced weapons are way deadler then the chinese and
    need all the men they can get to defeat them... i waited for my vertibird transport and then the
    sargent came up to me and said "good luck friend" and then i asked "why dont you come with
    me?" and he said "cause i got a hotel to run" and then the vertibird came and took me to the
    moon... when i landed on the moon a solder run up to me and said "we need to move in the alien
    mothership zeta and rescue chase" and then we started running to the alien ship when it landed
    and when we were running to it some aliens came out of a drop ship and started shooting at us
    and we were pinned down so i threw a grenade over the cover and it killed two of them but
    there were still three left and they were moving up on us so i quickly peaked out of cover and
    shot them all with my gatling laser... and then i found a drone cannon on one of them and said
    "hey nice weapons we should all be using the alien weapons cause they is better then ours" and
    then they picked up the alien weapons and we moved on more and then out of no were a group
    of aliens with shock batons charged us and i shot a bunch of them but they was to fast and just
    keep coming and killed half the soldiers but then we killed them with there own weapons and i
    was like "a taste of your own medecine must not have tasted good" and then we moved on more
    then out of no were recon crafts started shooting at us and killed a bunch of soldiers and then
    just as one was flying to shoot me i shot it with a drone cannon and it died... and then we
    checked the wreck and out of no were an alien abomination came out and charged me and
    knocked my weapon out of my hand and then i hit it with a super sledge and it died so then we
    keeped moving up more and then out of nowere the mothership took off and aimed a deathray
    at us and then was about to shoot us but then i shot the deathray and the it damaged the ship
    so it had to land again for repaired and then i was like "quick we have to got before it is
    repaired" and then we moved up more and there an alien trench infront of it and the aliens had
    machine gun turrets and they were firing heavy at us and we hid behind a rock... and everyone
    was to scared so i said "we have to move now or we die here have corage solders and charge
    them for the president" and then all the soldiers started charging and i charged to it was just
    like d day were the solders were charging at the beach and getting killed and then me and only
    two other soldiers got up to the trench and threw grenades in it then all the aliens died" and the
    alien ship was about to take off so i told them "quick we have to run to it" then we got running
    but it was to late it already took off them pointed the deathray at us and i tried to shoot it with
    my drone cannon but the mothership dodged it and then it shot and made a big explosion and
    killed all of the remaining solders... i thought i was dead but then i realized my power armor had
    a shield on it that was good for blocking one explosion and i said "i am lucky or am i??" and then
    the mothership abducted me and there were aliens standing over me probing me and then i woke
    up in a cell with chase and a chase said "so we meet again let us end this in a duel" and i said "a
    duel we would need an arena for that" and then out of no were me and chase were teleported
    to an arena on some strange planet and there were millions of aliens of all different races
    waching us... i thought we had to fight to the death with are hands and then out of no were a two big mechs the size of a city each droped off and then me and chase each got in one me and they were equiped with big fat mans that could fire whole nukes and giant miniguns... i said "wow this is deadly" and then chase said "lets fight" and i said "no we can use these to kill the aliens and escape and we can take them back to earth to use them to fight the chinese" and chase said "but you must die for your crimes" and i said "we can worry about that later after we go back to earth and defeat the chinese and he said "that is plan let me think about it" and then i said "we have no time to think about it they are getting ready expecting a fight now" and then chase said "i guess we have to fight while i think about it" and then we started battling me and chase both shot nukes and they hit each other and exploded in the air and then started shooting us with miniguns and we run out of ammo so we had a fist fight with the mech and after hours of fist fighting in the mechs i realised my mech had an energy sword and then i kicked chases mech to the groun and he was defensless this was my time to kill him but then he said "i made up my mind we use the mechs to escape and go back to earth to fight the chinese" i would have agreed automatcly before but the chance was to good i could a) not kill him and use the mechs to escape with him b) kill him and then use the mech to try and escape myself or (c kill him and not escape and see if the aliens reward me and maybe i can make peace with them and forge an alliance between are races

    i went with c and was about to kill chase but then my mech shut down and i heard i huge voice
    coming from the alien leader saying "you have already beaten him and won there is no need to
    kill him and i will not let you" and then i said "he will just keep trying to kill me if i dont" and the
    alien leader said "if this is true then you can kill him" and i said "right on" but then the alien
    leader said "chase is it true" and chase lied and said "NO" and the we were teleported to a
    meeting room and the alien leader was there and he was a big beast and then i asked him "what
    do you want with us" and the alien leader said "we want to ally with you to defeat the chinese to
    stop nuclear war" and i said "why??" and he said "cause years ago aliens planted you on earth as
    a scientific experiment and we are still studying you and nuclear war will destroy you and ruin
    are experiment" and i said "so we are just made as expiriments for you sick fucks??" and the
    alien leader said "yes" and then chase got a little angry and he pulled out his gun and started
    shooting at the alien leader but then the alien leader used psycic powers to take his gun away
    and then said "chase we are here to help your race live" and then chase said "then why did you
    attack the moon??" and the alien leader said "cause we were hoping you would fire your nukes
    at the moon instead and waste then all on the moon" and chase said "but why do you want to
    only destroy the chinese then??" and the alien leader said "it is clear that you is winning the war
    and we are with the winning side and if one side dies it will be all we need to end nuclear war"
    and chase said "but what stops you from turning on us if the chinese start to win??" and the
    alien leader said "you will just have to trust me" and then chase said "we dont have much of a
    choice" and then the alien leader got offended by chase and teleported me and him to an arena
    were we had to fight waves of big beasts... we want back to back and the beasts keeped coming
    and we keeped killing them then a huge beast came and we could not defeat it and then we
    thought it would kill us but we got teleported back and then the alien leader said "that will teach
    you for insulting the alien leader" and then i asked "what is the plan to stop the chinese??" and
    the alien leader said "first we must go to achorage it is under heavy attack by the chinese and
    they are killing all the enclave there we will take are alien fleet to achorage and destroy the
    chinese from overhead" and i said "whats the cach??" and the alien leader said "first you will be
    dropped off and you have to disable the anti air guns before we can fly in" and then we were
    teleported to alaska" and then chase said "i guess we will have to work together for now" and
    then we started moving to the first anti air gun we were ambushed by chinese forces then we
    got in cover and started shooting at them and they were pinned down so i went to flank them
    and shot them then when i went back to find chase he was gone... i then keeped moving up until i
    came to a chinese turret entrenchment... i then called for reinforcments and ten soldiers came
    so we charged them and most soldiers were dead and killed them all and then we got to the
    first anti air gun and i put a c4 on it and it exploded... we then went to the other anti air and
    destroyed it and then a big alien fleet came and started shooting all the chinese with deathrays
    i thought we had won but then out of nowere a bunch of chinese jets started shooting them and
    bombing them and there were millions of them and they destroyed the alien fleet in seconds and
    the i need to escape and i heard chase on the radio and he said "i have a drop ship waiting for
    you" and then i saw the drop ship and there was chase with other soldiers waving me to come
    over and then on my way there a jet shot me and i was dying then soldiers had to carry me
    back to the dropship and when they were carrying me a bunch of chinese soldiers came and i
    shot them when i was being carryed and then i got there and chase shot the soldiers who was
    carrying me in the head and then throwed us in a pile of bodys and dumped gasoline on us and
    and walked over to the pile and was standing over us and lit cigerate and then throw the
    cigerate on us and walked away and it burned the gasoline and i was burning but then out of no
    were the sargent came and dumped water on me and put out the flame and the sargent said "im
    always here to save you just in time" and then i saw chase flying away and i knew we had to kill
    him and i asked the sargent "do you know were chases base is??" and he said it is over here and
    we got into a vertibird and it flew us there" and then there were two guys guarding the ouside
    of the base so we grappled down and assisinated them with knifes and then we sneak into the
    base and were sneaking past all the guards and then out of nowere a black ops team with laser
    guns beached in and searched the room thoroly and we could not hide anymore so we shot them
    and they died and we moved up more and we came to the courtyard and a bunch of soliders
    were there shooting at us and we were about going to die but then chase called an airstrike and
    it blow up all the solders but not us and then we moved up more and came to a dock and we saw
    chase there he was trying to get away on a boat so we took a boat and started chasing after
    his boat down a river and there were lots of rocks and we had to dodge them there was solders
    positioned on the river shooting at us and we started shooting back and killed all them... then we
    came to waterfall and a veribird picked chase up and then just as we were about to go down
    the waterfall and the vertibird was about to fly away chase shot it with a grenade launcher and
    it went down and we went down the waterfall... we were all hurt and i could not find sargent
    anywere so i moved to the vertibird wreck and saw chase there and he started running but he
    was to hurt so he started leaning on a car... i then walked up to him and was about to stab him
    but then he grabbed me and took my knife and stabbed me and hit my head on the car and then
    when i was on the ground he said "millions of people are going to be dead all because you told
    the nuke code to save one man but you will die today with them" and then chase stomped me on
    the head and was about to shoot me with his gun but then the sargent came and tackled him
    over and they started fist fighting and chase was winning and beating sargent on the ground i then pulled the knife out of me and throw it at chase and it hit him right in the head and i thought he was dead... then a vertibird came out of nowere to pick us up and when we were going ot the vertibird we looked back and notice chase was missing and then we went in the vertibird and it took off and was flying us back to america and then we pass hewi and there was a huge volcano and then the vertibird started driving towards it and it was going to go in it and then i went to check on the pilot to see if he was ok and the pilot was chase and chase was going to drive into the volcano and kill us all and then as the vertibird was about to hit the volcano chase parashooted out and then i took control of the vertibird and chase shot it with a missle launcher and then me and sargent parashooted out and we started having a parashoot battle then all our ammo run out and then we landed on the ground and we were all face to face ready to battle then we heard on the radio the chinese took over hewi... and then out of nowere from the bushes a bunch of chinese surrounded us and we there was hi kogoro they brought him back to life as a cyborg and then we started fighting them and we shot them all except hi kogoro who kicked me and sargent to the ground and we were to hurt to get up... then i saw chase sword fight hi kogoro and i realised i had one bullet left in my gun and could shoot one of them i then had a choice a) shoot hi kogoro b) shoot chase c) shoot non and whoever wins wins

    i went with c and let them fight and then they had a big fight but they all missed and run out of
    ammo and they fled from eachother and i could not find any of them anywere... so i decided it
    would be a good idea to take hawi back from the chinese... the chinese had two bases on hawi so
    i went to the first one and when i got there it was a guarded by chinese solders and i thought no
    problem they will be easy to kill and they i killed went and shot all of them with my minigun and
    and then out of no were a chimera tank as huge as a big building came and started shooting at
    me so i got in cover... i fired rockets at it but it was to big... it moved up and charged up a shot
    and was about to shoot me when out of no were i heard big footsteps coming and heard a voice
    saying "death to communism" and then i looked and saw a huge robot who then threw a grenade
    and shot lasers and the chimera tank and it died... i said "thank you to the robot" and then it
    picked me up and put me on its shoulder and we traveled to the other base... but this base was
    guarded by chinese power armor units and there were lots of them so i sat back and wached
    liberty prime kill all of them... and i said "that was easy" and called for extraction and a
    vertibird came and picked me up and took me back to america were the president gave me a
    mission to go kill the alien leader and i said to the president "but the alien leader is on are side
    and the president said "he thinks so that is why i want you to go to him and betray him" and i
    said "but how he is the alien leader?" and the president said his fleet has been destroyed by so
    it should be easy to go and kill there leader now" and then out of nowere a i was abducted and
    the alien leader was there talking to me and he said "so you hold off achorage" and i said "yes"
    and the alien leader said "my fleet is destroyed if it wasnt destroyed i would do this myself"
    and i said "do what you have a mission for me" and the alien leader said "yes i want you to go
    into a china and capture hi kogoro for us" and i said "why capture him i could just kill him" and
    the alien leader said "we need him alive so we can get information" and i said "what
    information?" and he said "we need the nuke codes" and i said why do you need the nuke codes"
    and he said "so we can disable the nukes" and i said "ok ill go capture hi kogoro for you then"
    and then i was beamed to hi kogoros fortress in china and it was guarded by chimera tanks and
    millions of chinese dragons so i need a disguise to get in cause i can not kill all of them alone so i
    went and sneaked up on one of the dragons and knocked him out and took his chinese stealth
    armor and then i went into the fortress and went to hi kogoros throne room and there hi kogoro
    was sitting on his throne and he said to me "come here dragon" and i said "ok" and then he said
    "you are chosen for my practise" and i said "ok" and he said "let us practise" and then he gave
    me a sword and i went in an arena with him and i said "why are we using real swords this is
    supposed to be practise and he said "yes it is i am practicing killing and you are loyal dragon so
    you should be honered to practice and die for your emperors training... i then we started sword
    fighting and hi kogor knocked me to the ground and was about to stab me but then i disarmed
    his sword and he had no weapons and i said "your coming with me or i will kill you" and then i
    lead him out of the castle and told his dragons that if they attack i will kill him and then i lead
    him outside and phoned the aliens and they beamed me and hi kogoro up... they beamed hi kogoro
    and me to a cell and i said "you beamed me in with hi kogoro" and the leader said over and
    annoucment "i know you were going to betray me so your trapped now" and i said "let me out
    you will pay the us will attack this ship and you will die" and the alien leader said "now that i
    have the nuke codes the us will be no more" and then the alien leader put on a ten minute count
    down timer before the nukes will launch "and i said hi kogoro he will destroy the world we need
    to work together to get out of here" and hi kogoro said "fine we will work together for now"
    and then i hacked a terminal and it opened the cell and then me and hi kogoro beat up some
    aliens and took there weapons and fought are way through the ship killing hundreds of aliens a
    long the way and then we got to the nuke control room and it was aimed to destroy the whole
    world and then hi kogoro put a gun to my head and said "i will set this to destroy only america"
    and he shot me and i thought i was dead but then i woke up and the sergent was standing over
    me... he healed me with a stimpack and said "come on soldier we still have time to set the
    terminal" and then i disabled the nukes and me and sargent sneaked are way to the alien leaders
    room and the alien leader noticed us and said "so you think you can defeat me" and then me and
    sargent started shooting him with all are guns the alien leader grabbed sargent ate him and then
    the alien leader grabbed me and was about to eat me when chase blowed his head off with a
    rocket launcher... and i said "so are you going to kill me now chase" and chase said "you have
    redeemed yourself and saved the world from nucler war" and then we set the mothership to
    self destruct and took an escape pod back to earth and then we went to washington and the
    president came up to us and said "good work here is a medal" and then i said "so is the war over
    now??" and he said no "hi kogoro is still on the loose in china and is getting ready to laucnh
    nukes we need to do a full assault on china now im sending you and chase and sqaud of are best
    enclave solders on a infiltration mission to hi kogoros secret nuke base to kill him and disable
    the nukes" and then out of nowere a escape pod crashed down and the sargent came out of it and said "i need to warn you all about something your in danger quick" and then out of nowere assassin appeared behind chase and one appeared behind the president and the sergent but i only had time to shoot one and save one of them i had to act fast and had three choices a) shoot the one trying to kill chase b) shoot the one trying to kill the president c)shoot the one trying to kill the sargent

    i went with b and shot the assassin going for the president and saved the president... chase
    managed to shoot the guy behind him but the sergent got stabbed and the assassin run away... i
    looked down on sargent and he was dieing and i said to him "sargent are you ok??" and then a
    assassin appearedd behind me and sargent shot it and saved me and then he said with his dieing
    breath "looks like i saved you one last time if only you would have done the same for me and
    saved me... some friend you were" and then the sargent died and i started to cry... but then
    chase came up to me and said "WE GOT A MISSION TO DO SNAP OUT OF IT SOLDER" and
    then i stopped crying and got on a vertibird with him and that vertibird pulled into a huge fleet
    of 1000s of vertibirds all headed to attack china... we flew into china past lots of heavy fire
    and most vertibirds were shot down... we then got to hi kogoros secret base and we dropped
    there with a squad of 100 enclave marines... we then started to move up to hi kogoros room and
    on are way we run into a 1000 chineses soldier... we killed them all with are miniguns easy cause
    we had power armor so we were all walking tanks... and then we moved up more and run into
    some chimera tanks who shot and killed half of the marines... and they keeped killing us so we
    got in cover and then i said "i have plan to defeat them one of us has to run up to them with c4
    and put it on them... i will do this... give me cover fire" and then they gave me cover fire and i
    runed up to the tanks and put c4 on them and blowed them up and they died... and then we got
    moving some more and we run into huge robots that looked like liberty prime but they werent
    and chase said "the chinese stole the plans for liberty prime and are making there own" and
    then we were getting wiped out and all of are soldiers died and then i said "i have a plan" and
    chase said "what is it??" and i said "we called in the orbital strike" and then i called in the
    orbital strike and it blow them all up and they died... then we got moving even more and then we
    run into some chinese dragons and killed them easy and then we were at hi kogoros room and
    we breached it and a bunch of chineses soldiers were waiting for us so we took some turbo and
    it was slow motion and we killed them all and then there was hi kogoro with a detonater in his
    hand ready to launch the nukes and he said "come near me and i will launch the nukes and then i
    shot the nuke detonater out his hand and then me and chase tryed to shoot him but he was
    wearing shield power armor he must have still had suit left over... and then he charged us with a
    super sledge and hit chase and knocked him out and then it was just me and him fighting i picked
    up a knife and i dodged all his super sledge attacks and then stabbed him and he was hurt so he
    started he running away to the roof to escape on a vertibird and then i knew i had to chase him
    and i started running after him and then chinese soldiers came out of cover and started
    shooting me so i killed them easy and then run to the roof were hi kogoro was taking off in his
    vertibird and it had left the ground and was starting to fly away so i jumped up and grabbed
    onto it and then i stabbed hi kogoro and me and him fell out of the vertibird and i was on the
    ground dieing and then hi kogoro was about to shoot me and then he chase came and shot him
    but he was not dead and then hi kogoro turned around and shot chase and he died... and then i
    quickly got up and then i pulled out my knife but hi kogoro dodged all my attacks and then hit
    me to the ground with a sledge hammer and was about to kill me and then sargent came and he
    was cyborg now they must have revived him as a cyborg... i thought he was going to save me but
    he was just standing there waching and i said "are you going to save me again??" and then
    sargent said "you didnt save me so why should i save you??" and then i said "please help me im
    going to die if you dont" and he said "sorry but you wouldnt help me so im not helping you" and
    then i was like "PLEASE" and then the sargent shot hi kogoro and it gave enough time to stab
    him the neck and kill him and then said to sargent "thank you for saving me" and he said "im not
    saving you i just wanted to kill you myself to take back all those times i saved you when you
    wouldnt save me... prepare to die" and then he was about to shoot me but i knocked his gun out
    of his hand and started beating him up and then when i was beating him up i tied a rope around
    his neck broke the roof window and hanged him and he was dead... and then the president
    himself came to pick me up on his private vertibird and thanked me for saving all of america and
    him and the he said "i have one last mission for you it wont be easy" and i said "what is it??" and
    he said "vault tech has gone crazy and is planning on starting a nuclear war themselfs... i need
    you to go to there main vault base and stop them..." and then i went to the main vault base and it
    was guarded by vault tech security i killed them with ease... but then when i was going to the
    vault tech ceos room robots activiated and pinned me down behind cover and i thro pulse
    grenades at them and they died and then i got to the vault tech leaders room and was about to
    shoot him but then he said "why are you killing me" and i said "i know your plans" and he said "so
    then you know im going to start the war" and i said "yes you need to die" and he said "i have a
    offer if you dont kill me i will give you a free reward that wil garentee you and your family will
    survive nuclear war" and i said "i will think about it" i had three choices a) accept the bribe b)
    dont accept it and kill him c) let him live but dont accept the bribe and tell him you wont kill him
    if he promises not to start the great war

    so i went with b and i shot the basterd right out the window and he fell for 7 storys and then
    out of no were a heard a voice on the announce and it sounded like a robot it said "vault tech
    conuity system online masterbrain activated executing plan great war in 10" and then i said "oh
    no they have back up system i have to go shut it down really or the great war will happen and
    we will all die" i rushed and rushed and run to the masterbrain and when i get there the door
    was locked and i only had 5 seconds left so i had to act quickly... i looked around me for a crow
    bar and i saw one in the other room beside me but sentry bot was guarding it so i threw i
    genade at it and it died and then i took the crow bar and used it to open the door and at the
    last second before the nukes launched i hit the masterbrain with it and it died but the timer was
    still going and it hit 0 and i saw the nukes launching outside and thought the great war had
    started but then out of no were i seen a jet it was flying fast and it shoot all of the nukes and
    they exploded in the air... the jet then landed at me and chase came out of it and i asked "how
    did you survive??" and he said "i did not i am an android built to replace the general if he died
    and i have his memorys programmed and he was your friend and would have saved you so i did
    that" and then i said "that means there could be a sargent android somewere to and i asked him
    "were are they keeping the sargent android??" and he said he is "vault tech captured him and
    are taking for hostage and they demand you surrender" and i said "but i just defeated vault
    tech" and he said "no you did not the leader you killed was fake to cover up the other real
    leader you see the president and vault tech are working together and he just set up this one
    and told you it was the real one so you would think you saved them and ruined there evil plans
    and not go after the other it was the presidents plan from the start" and i said "i dont believe
    you i am going to ask the president myself" and then i went to the president and he said "good
    job destroying vault tech you saved us all here is 1 million dollers" and i asked him "is it true
    that the vault tech i killed wasnt real??" and then he said "who told you this??" wait a minute...
    and then he walked out of the room and then black ops soldiers swung in the windows and tried
    to kill me but i killed them all with my minigun i then started going down the white house hall
    gunning all the black ops i seen and killing them with my minigun and i run i run trying to kill the
    president but he escaped in the presidential metro tunnel and then i knew what had to do i went
    to the metro tunnel to jack a train but there were sentry bots and they were hard to kill and
    took me hours to kill but i managed to kill them when i found a pulse grenade and throwed it at
    them and they died and then i got to a metro and jacked it and then went to adams airforce
    base were the president was hiding and when i stopped at the tunnel i ran into this talking
    computer and hacked it then asked it to program the security robots to attack enclave solders
    and it did and then i went up to the surface to adams airforce base and there was a big enclave
    vs robot war and i was with the robots this time cause the enclave who i have served with for
    years were now enemys working for the evil president it was sad seeing them died but i had to
    do it to defeat the evil president and save america from nuclear war... i runned past the big
    battles and found the president and he told his enclave solders to attack and i battled with
    them long enough for the president to get another vertibird i quickly killed all the enclave
    soldiers and then jacked another vertibird for myself and followed the president and he landed
    in raven rock base wich was bunker but i managed to get in with him when he open the door to
    land in it and then when i got out he quickly run to a secure room and sent out a whole big army
    of robots and he said "you will never defeat them" and i said "i know how to defeat robots
    there is always a computer to hack" and then i run and run and then came across a talking
    computer who sounded like a president and the computer said he was john henry eden and he
    was put there to be the president in the future and i then tryed to hack him but i could not hack
    him and then i asked him "if you want to be the future president kill this president and youll be
    the president right now" and he said "but how can i do that??" and i said "hack the robots
    against him" and he said "ok" and then the robots started shooting at the presidents safe room
    trying to get in but the president had a secret exit that lead to the hanger were he took a
    vertibird and flew away and then i took one and went after him and he went to an oil rig off the
    coast of california and i landed there with him and there were enclave all over the place on it
    but i managed to kill most of them with my missle launcher but then one knocked me on the
    head and captured me... i woke up tied up with the sargent android in a computer room with the
    president and there was a big red button in front of him and he said "i wanted you to wach me
    destroy america" and i said "no you wont" and then he said "you cant do anything about it i am
    going to destroy it and then kill you after" and then he was about press it but then the sargent
    android "said not if i can help it" and then broke free and pushed the president away and then
    sargent pulled a gun out and said "i will kill you" and then chase android broke in the room and
    put a gun on the sargents head and said "no you must die and america will burn" and i said "you
    are a bad android chase would never say that ever" and he said "you idiot i am not actually an
    android... androids are in prototype at the institute right now" and then i said "so that means
    that sargent is the real sargent" and he said "yes the sargent wasnt actually dead he was
    knocked out and woke up later i just told you he was an android cause i know you wouldnt
    believe he could survive a stab like that but he is tough guy" and i said to chase "why are you
    killing him he is trying to help america like you" and chase said "cause the sargent is actually
    working with the president and is on his side and just pushed him out of the way out made it
    look like he was in control of the sitution so you wouldnt stop him yourself... the sargent was
    actually going to push the nuke button right now" and then the president said "it is true i hired
    him to make it look like he stopped me cause i knew you would if you didnt think i was stopped it
    and he was going to push the button" and then the sargent said "it isnt true he is lying they are
    trying to turn you against me and im sorry for letting you almost die that one time and trying to
    kill you i want just so mad that you choose to rescue the evil president over me" and then i had three choices a) shoot chase b) shoot sergent c) shoot the president

    i went with c and shooted the president and he died and then the sargent and chase started
    fighting each other and i said "guys this has been the presidents plan all along to turn us against
    each other" and they stopped fighting after and i said "we need to go the real vault tech base
    and kill them and save america" and then we got in a vertibird and flew to washington dc were
    the real vault tech head quaters was located and when we got there there were walls
    protecting it and lots of guards and robots on the walls and turret defenses and i said "we can
    not take this we need something powerful to" so we get back in the vertibird and took it boston
    institute and asked them for powerful stuff to destroy vault tech and they gave us high tech
    weapons and prototype android solders and then we went back there and started charging the
    walls... it was hard to charge and 100 androids died in the battle but we moved up and past the
    defences were and then when were going in the building the androids turned on us and the
    android leader told us "you idiot the institute is working with vault tech prepare to die" and then
    they started shooting at us but we used are jet backs to go on the roof were from the roof we
    sniped all of the androids with snipers and they died... we then put breaching charges on the
    roof and breached it right into the vault tech leaders office and the vault tech leader said "well
    your here to kill me are you... well you wont be able to cause i have sentry bots moving in the
    room right now and i am going to escape and go to vault 101 and seal myself in and you wont be
    able to get in it ever and then the sentry bots came and we killed with pulse grenades but then
    the leader of vault tech got in a vertibird and we did to and we followed him to vault 101 were
    we tryed to chase him in but the door closed and i said "now what will we do??" and chase said
    "the institute has the door controls for all the vaults lets go pay them a visit" and then we went
    to the institute and dressed up as scientist and sneaked in... we asked one of the guards if we
    could speak to the institute leader and he said "why??" and we said "cause i have something
    important to tell him and only he can know cause it is top secret" and then we went and spoke
    to him and said we need to repair vault 101 so we need the door codes and he said "you think it
    is so easy to fool me i know who you are" and then the leader got into heavy big power armor
    that was heaver then other power armors and like a heavy mech suit tank that was made by the
    institute and then started shooting at us with chain guns and we had to get in cover but his chain
    gun shoot the cover and destroyed it so we were out in the open and then chase said "i have a
    plan but i will sacrifice myself" and then he charged the institute leader with a grenade and
    blowed himself and the leader up and he died saving us and i yelled "NO CHASE" and then
    sargent said "he died in honer but we have to get the codes and get out of here the institute has
    to many solders to fight alone and then we used jet packs and escaped and got into the
    vertibrd and were flying back to vault 101 when we were shot down by anti air guns... we
    crashed in a army base and solders surrounded us and said "hey its that wanted guy who killed
    the president" and i said "but we killed the president he was evil" and they said "prove it" and
    then i told them about how he tricked me with vault tech and half of them believed me and half
    of them didnt and then the half that believed me started a war with the other half... there were
    explosions and bombing runs all over and it was a crazy war we got in a trench and holded them
    off as long as we can and then the enemy solders who didnt believe me had tanks and rolled
    them out and i said "oh no there are tanks we have to kill them" and sargent said "dont worry i
    know how to deal with tanks but i will have to sacrifice myself to" and i said "NO THERE HAS
    TO BE ANOTHER WAY YOU CANT SACRIFICE YOURSELF TO" and he said "i have to or you
    will die and your the last hope for america and we will all be doomed" and then the sargent
    grabbed a mininuke and charged out to the tanks and blew them all up" when the battle was
    over i had an army of soldiers behind me ready to work with me and save america from evil
    vault tech" are first mission was to travel to vault 101... we got in vertibirds and went to vault
    101 wich was guarded by anti air tanks and shot alot of us down but then we dropped out and i
    pulled out a missle launcher and shot the tanks and they died and then i moved up with the
    soldiers more and we got to the vault 101 entrance and i took turbo and breached the door at it
    was in slow motion and i killed all the guards and then we moved up to the vault door and i
    entered the code and it opened and then all the solders charged in and there was big war in the
    vault and my solders won and then i got to the leaders room and went in and i could not see the
    leader anywere then out of nowere he came behind me and hit me in the back of the head and
    knocked me out and captured me... i woked up tied to a nuke and the vault tech leader was
    standing waching and said "when america goes you go to" and i said "i will stop you" and he said
    "your friends are dead no one will save you" and then he launched the nuke at china so china
    would think the us attacked and fire back and then while i was tied to the nuke i untied myself
    and climed up the nuke to and disabled it and it fell right in the ocean and fell right on a pirate
    ship and the pirates were mad at me and they said "you crashed a nuke into are ship you will
    pay" and then they started shooting at me but i managed to jump off the boat and put c4 under
    it and blow and up and destroyed it and then i swimmed back to america were i was greeted by
    people who said "your are hero you saved america" and then the vault tech leader walked up to
    me and said "im sorry im actually a good guy... i was being mind controlled by aliens but you
    destroyed them before so there mind controlled started wereing off but did not were off until
    now" and i said "do i get a reward??" and he said "yes you got your very own house in boston
    and a free vault in vault 111 and you also get rewarded a spouse" and then i said "but what is
    the use of a vault if the nuke threat is gone??" and he said "the chinese might nuke us cause
    they are angry that you killed there leader are maybe the alien will be back and mind control me
    or maybe america will get impatient and launch or maybe ther will be a guy at vault tech who is
    evil who will want to launch the nukes sometime" and then i went to boston and on my way there
    i thought "i was the sole survivor of a big war just now but i have a feeling i will be sole survivor
    again" and then i moved into the house with my spouse and baby and then waited for nuclear
    war... but war war never changes...
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  2. Dr Fallout

    Dr Fallout Centurion

    Aug 17, 2015
    Badly spelled, bad grammar and shitty structure.

    Not hating on the story however, which is okay though it's really hard to (annoying) to read with all the mistakes.

    The story is a tad weird incorporating various events and all, without much sense. But hey with improvement you could get somewhere!
  3. Dragonborn

    Dragonborn Banned

    Oct 6, 2015
    i already have my story is the most better one on sugerbombed you retart...
  4. Dr Fallout

    Dr Fallout Centurion

    Aug 17, 2015

    Please spell correctly. It does help. And I'll have a look! I must have missed the link, so link please.
  5. Dragonborn

    Dragonborn Banned

    Oct 6, 2015
    here it is it is the most populer and liked on suger bombed...

  6. Dr Fallout

    Dr Fallout Centurion

    Aug 17, 2015

    And it's... ehh... mediocre. I don't judge if people like it and I can see why but as a lover of books and writing (having read various classics and masterpieces) I'll say it's okay. My main problem is the spelling though and the overall story.

    Still keep writing it's great for the creative mind!
  7. Dragonborn

    Dragonborn Banned

    Oct 6, 2015
    ok that is your opinion then and I DONT CARE ABOUT
  8. TheChosen1

    TheChosen1 Moving Target

    Nov 8, 2012
    Why the fuck are you posting it here then? Are you expecting us to gush over your shitty fanfic? Good job little Johnny, you're such a special little snowflake.

    Mediocre is an understatement. Word diarrhea is much more accurate.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2015
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  9. Dr Fallout

    Dr Fallout Centurion

    Aug 17, 2015
    I didn't want to make him feel bad!

    But ehh fine.

    It's shit. And you have a massive ego. For very bad writing.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2015
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  10. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    Sometimes people on the internet actually are 12. These are one of the instances where I am pretty damn sure...
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  11. Giax

    Giax It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 13, 2015
    At least my faulty english is the consequence of it not being my first language, what's your excuse OP?
    NVM, he's banned, can't possibly answer... xD
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  12. TheChosen1

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    Nov 8, 2012
    He'll probably come back at least once. :roll:
  13. RetroAmerica

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    Feb 18, 2014
    Well that was absolutely terrible.

    I'm not sure who's reading or enjoying that, but they're welcome to it, as it sounds more like the deranged rantings of a paranoiac than an actual cohesive story. Also, unless his variation of the Fallout Universe's Great War is taking place in 1810 and the main character is actually Richard Sharpe, then there's really no reason to explain that the artillery round was explosive*1

    *1: Note, that I am aware that "Willy Pete", "Flares" and other none explosive ordnance may be fired via traditional mobile and static artillery.
  14. Dr Fallout

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    Aug 17, 2015
    It was bad but I didn't want to insult his feelings.
  15. Giax

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    Aug 13, 2015
    In all honesty, he deserved all the rudeness we've been able to deliver him and even more.
  16. I Don't Like Turtles

    I Don't Like Turtles First time out of the vault

    Oct 8, 2015
    That entire story was one giant pile of horse shit. I honestly shouldn't even call it a story - it's an insult to all GOOD fan fictions out there. I don't know how old you are, but you need to go back to middle school and learn basic grammar and spelling skills. I got about halfway through and almost gauged my eyes out. And your "better" version over at Sugar Bombed is somehow even worse. Sugar Bombed is actually a nice site, and I'm genuinely sorry that any of the lads over there had to read your collection of jumbled words that seem to have been randomly thrown together by a paranoid mad-man with one hand. It makes me sick to my stomach to see how ignorant you are to your stupidity.
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  17. Dr Fallout

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    Aug 17, 2015
    As a new member (just to see the other side, I prefer NMA much more) they hate him too.
  18. falloutboy360

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    Oct 9, 2015
    it is a good story
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  19. falloutboy360

    falloutboy360 Banned

    Oct 9, 2015
    fuck off he worked hard it is a good fanfic better then yours
  20. falloutboy360

    falloutboy360 Banned

    Oct 9, 2015
    shut up your retart