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    I went to the new Fbos forums and posted a couple of questions and I got some answers:<blockquote>Q: Why promote the game with slogans "It's better than sex" and such ? who came up with that ?

    Chuckie: Much of the creative freedom that is expressed in the marketing materials for all Interplay games comes from the marketing department. The trailer in question very much expresses what this game is about. As for who came up with the line, I do not recall, and while some of our people are out of the office this week, I will have to wait to answer that.

    The Limey (Interplay Employee):That's a good question, and one that I'm sure has more than a few people out there chomping at the bit.

    The 'slogans' as you call them actually come from various dialogue recordings that we have for the game, that either are used in the game itself or were left over from the many recording sessions that we had.

    When creating the recent batch of trailers, we decided to insert some of these into the mix to give it some character.

    Now, obviously, this is far removed from the original style of the trailers for the first two PC games (Fallout 2's Public Information trailer is still one of my all-time favourites), but then you have to remember that FO:BOS isn't either of those two games. While it does contain many elements from them, it's console action quotient is the predominant, and as a result lends itself to a certain audience - and a certain 'style' of audience.

    To that end, we decided to use various lines that reflected certain characteristics of the game denizens. The 'better than sex' line you quoted comes from a lovely young lady known as the Raider Matron, whose favourite past-time is probably already apparent.

    Is it a somewhat raunchy line? Yes. Did it get your attention? Apparently so. Now is it more aggressive than the first two PC games? Yes, it most definately is. But as I'm sure you must have noticed by now, we're not re-making the first two PC games.

    This is a difficult topic to answer, you must be aware after all that there are many facets to something like this that you could only be aware of if you had spent as much time and effort as we have on this project, but i hope that at least answers your question in some fashion.</blockquote>Chuckie ended up answering another question:<blockquote>Q: Are you HAPPY that you game is marketed that way, and was it your choice to add certain material to the game? Also, why the deciesion to not go with the GC?

    Chuckie:As for the direction of the marketing...

    Yes and no. I think the trailers created by the marketing department are very well done. I do not always agree with the content or direction, but we are a team here, not my dictatorship nor are all things left up to development.</blockquote>Well now, I didn't expect Chuckie to say this. But I must disagree with this all, and I have in that thread..
    Link: Fbos Thread@IPLY Boards
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    It is impossible to offer a meaningful judgment on the impact of the Underwood-Simmons Tariff because the entire international economic picture was soon upset by the outbreak of World War I. American products were in great demand throughout the world, making the question of protectionism moot. The next reordering of national tariff policy would not occur until after the war ended in the Fordney-McCumber Tariff of 1922. However, the top marginal rate of 7% was mentioned in Ronald Reagan's remarks on the South Lawn of the White House on October 22, 1986, when he said that the top rate was for multimillionaires.
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    Yup, that's what I also believe... And he thinks this will sell the title more..