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  1. DarkCorp

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    Oct 27, 2003
    Problems with un-restricted pvp, easily solvable by making the game about the fighting and the competition, not about being a thief. Perfect example like WoW where you never get to loot the other players corpse because it isn't about taking his things that he spent a huge amount of time to get so much as bragging rights for being a better skilled player.

    1 and 2. It got too big and unavoidable because it was shoved down their throats. PVP in mainstream MMOs do just fine.

    3 and 4. Real life hatred is an obvious by product of a game that essentially encourages trollish behavior. If the devs are unable to fix problems with UNRESTRICTED PVP, then why not encourage regular PVP. Simply replace a population of trolls with a population of regular gamers.

    Imagine a school where you have victims and you have bullies. Its all fun and games when the bullies kick the shit out of the weak. But what happens when all the weak just quit said school for another school not created for psychos? Now all the PVP trolls can pick on is eachother which gets retarded fast. Sooner than later, the mindless killfest that is un-restricted pvp is going to get stale.
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    Apr 24, 2005
    Again, we wanted full loot and pvp everywhere. It's a game design decision, as it is in Ultima Online, for example.
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    Jun 7, 2008
    That's depressing. I always wanted to play this, but I could never get it to run on my Mac. Might work on the new one, but not much point now.
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    Oct 26, 2004
    It certainly was quite an interesting experience. At this very moment, looking back at everything that happened the way it happened, I just realise that the factors that have been affecting these whole 4 years of the 2238 development were so complicated and unique, that this thread would need to reach 50 pages of a solid discussion in order to bite off the tip of the iceberg. I guess that even a properly done post mortem would be too comprehensive to write and to read.

    Don't let this blabbering of mine discourage the discussion, I bet most of the 2238 devs will be happy to share their experiences and impressions with a community like the NMA.
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    Apr 24, 2005
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    Well i think it was FUN, pvp was necessary, without it... it won't be fallout. Im sorry guys, but that was fallout about, you can be good or bad, its your choise. I can say i had two faces in the game, some times i gave gear to new players, sometime i killed some people at sight. But again, that's the game.

    I can't complain too much really, i think the problem was the long time crafting over all things. Remember the old server? it was easy to craft. You need a base? just buy one, dont build it. Need a gun? stole it, craft it, buy it, also easy. I remember that back in the days (haha) NCR wasn't a safe place at all, but that was the game we choose to play.
    Some storys come across my mind, like finding a brand new highwayman, or find out that my own just vanished. But thats the whole point for me, it was an adventure and anything could happen.
    And yes, with the time fonline became another job outside job, i agree with that.

    I will remember many of you!

    Lost Soul, Pitcher, Jovanka, Forrest, etc!

    And devs, thank you for that awesome proyect!! Because the chance of playing FALLOUT online, was a dream, good or bad, but thank you again.

    PD: Anyone took pictures of the final party? i will love to see that
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    Aug 20, 2009
    The problem is, that there was no penalty for being "bad" in the game. You could just murder all day long without repercussions, while the "dont shoot on sight" guys who atleast tried to help or be friendly gained nothing. This breeds paranoia and eventually everyone just shoots at everyone. While this can be fun in a merely "deathmatch" way, it's not my cup of tea and I am sure others thought the same. Still, I had a good time playing the game and helping as much as I could.
  8. DarkCorp

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    Oct 27, 2003
    Everyone says un-restricted pvp was the diamond of the game yet nobody mentioned the side effects of having un-restricted pvp.

    1. Death and loot loss happens much faster/more often than what the game economy can keep up with. Lose something in seconds while it takes hours just to get it back. This essentially makes PVP the end all be all method of loot acquirement. This essentially cripples the notion of crafting as only the most biggest/most efficient guilds will properly utilise the way it was intended. Another problem arises when all this loot, just stays in the hands of the big folks, as only to the victor goes the spoils. Sure some big guildies will sell expensive shit to loners or 'the small guys', but those same folks get killed so quickly that most of the same equipment essentially makes its way back to the same people who manufactured it, screwing with the economy.

    2. Efficiency. We had people using cheese tactics to gain equipment with the least amount of risk possible. People kept all their good shit at their base while wearing cheap shit to go out and fuck with people. Not to mention how many people would bot or 'dual boxing', etc. The devs had limited resources on how to deal with these issues.

    3. Forced group gaming. Not everyone has tons of time to organise group activities. Some folks have jobs or other real life issues that act as a barrier to 'raiding'. All these folks got killed and just left, talk about not having enough players.

    4. As other posters have mentioned, the nature of un-restricted pvp essentially requires that everything can be made cheaply and quickly in order to keep up with the constant death and the inevitable looting. Problem is, cheaply and fastly produced gear takes away the sense of accomplishment from those who just need to have a gigantic e-penise and enjoy schoolyard bullying (which was everyone).