game crashes when loading ALL saves from vanilla fallout


First time out of the vault
So i've downloaded fallout fixt, i chose the "PURISTS NOT ALLOWED" type of installation with everything done correctly but when i open the game, the saves from the vanilla game aren't there even when "delete all saves" isn't selected in the setup wizard. So i copy and paste the SAVEGAME folder from the vanilla game to the fallout fixt DATA folder, after that i run the game then the saves appear, but when i press enter to load ANY save(from the vanilla game), it shows me an error saying:

"The instruction fffffff referenced memory at ffffffff
The memory could not be read from"

Click OK to terminate the application"

i really don't know what happened, i've read the troubleshoots but none seem to point out about the crash, i'm gonna post the bug in the wiki momentarily, even when i search for it, it doesn't seem to have a solution. I really hope someone can fix it

Game Version : UK 1.2 ver.
FO Fixt Version: 0.81a

Of course the savegames aren't compatible. You have to start a new game.
New game, these old saved games aren't compatible. Half of the scripts have been altered, as well as maps, etc.
Sad.. either way it's fine by me, starting a new game doesn't seem that bad since i'm only midway to the game