Gameplayer Australia previews Fallout 3 (new screenshot)

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    Gameplayer Australia has a preview/interview up with notes provided by Pete Hines, who "takes us to a new Oblivion". It is based - yet again - on the same demo that was shown at E3 and GDC. For some reason, it's also chock full of literary references.<blockquote>Indeed, the boys have really done their research, packing the locale with landmarks and scenery from the alternate-history Washington that you explore. “This is a different timeline from our own,” explains Hines. “Post-World War II this breaks off; buildings that existed before that split will still be there, like Capitol Hill or the Jefferson Memorial, but there’s also a lot of stuff there built after 1945. You might see a nuclear power plant or a factory just sitting in the middle of all these other buildings and go ‘that’s not supposed to be there!’” Walking out of the vault, through the mammoth circular door, past the bodies of the protesters trapped outside two centuries before, we spotted the Washington Monument in the distance, past the blasted buildings, warped terrain and giant ants…
    We wander further and come across the settlement of Megaton, one of the larger piles of junk that are called towns in this world, and are allowed in by a security droid. Inside, the city’s grim and dirty, like living inside a drainpipe. We’re a bit perturbed that there’s so many people left alive in the town, especially as we can’t work out what they’re doing to survive. Where do they get their food from? “Emil Pagliarulo, the lead designer, had me read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road,” explains Hines. “If you read his take on the post-apocalyptic world, then yes, everything should be absolutely dead, and there’d be nothing left to eat except canned stuff. If you take that view, then in 200 years nobody should still be around.
    The Super-mutants are humans infected by FEV – the Forced Evolutionary Virus, designed by the military to adapt humans to survive in the post-nuclear world. Sadly, as well as making them tough, near-immortal and super-strong, it also normally renders them stupid and aggressive. “Once this virus takes hold it makes you sterile,” says Hines “so the only way to continue the race of Super-mutants is to capture people and infect them.” We can’t guess where the Behemoth comes from, unless they infected an elephant, but as he’s carrying a car door as a shield and a fire hydrant on a tree as a club, and is about three stories high, we’re guessing he’s not friendly.
    Thankfully, we’ve got the Fat Man with us. This is essentially an adaptation of Atomic Annie, the US army’s ludicrous nuclear artillery cannon from 1953. It’s a hand-held nuclear catapult that does amazing amounts of damage. Unlike in the final game, we’ve got plenty of ammo for it as well (in the final game, you only get one shot with it). A couple of awesome slow-mo shots from that, with subsequent mushroom clouds, and even the Behemoth falls.

    So why did Bethesda choose this setting for their next game? “I can’t speak for the original creators,” says Hines, “Tim Cain and those guys, but definitely what makes Fallout memorable is that 1950s sensibility set against this post-nuclear world. It was the Americana future they realised, that tomorrow land with robot maids and rocket cars and that sensibility that they had, that Leave It to Beaver ‘everything’s going to be okay’ outlook. In Fallout 3 people still cling to that idealistic view of how things are going to turn out, but everything’s just blown to hell. A lot of its flavour comes from this juxtaposition.” </blockquote>The preview also provides a number of the screenshots CVG had earlier but has taken down, as well as these two new ones (or rather one new one):

    <center> </center>
    Link: Fallout 3 preview.

    Thanks Mungrul.
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    Maybe the behemoth is the end boss ! :rofl:
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    The Behemoth has been described as a "boss" by Bethesda, though that description appears to have fallen out of use.

    This preview seems to differ on some things with other previews, not sure if that is new info or just incorrect:
    - 9 to 12 endings; wasn't the earlier number given 7 to 9?
    - One shot for the Fatman versus "only a few"
    - Confirmation that the super mutants are still sterile and maybe the first time anyone from Bethesda spoke of FEV (can't remember if they did that before, but I don't think so)
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    Forgot to add the new shots, thanks for the reminder pexxx.

    And aye, pretty good screen. Their environmental/world art really is pretty good.
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    Dec 18, 2003
    The original number was 9 to 12, still have that on my notes.

    Yep, they should focus on the models now, that still needs some work.
  7. Dagon

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    It's interesting because I like the new picture however the old ones still look as much shitty as they looked earlier.
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    a) I hope that is true - I could probably forgive a cameo appearance by some secret pre-war prototype weapon (equally, the background info for it is interesting).

    b) Perhaps - and this thought might just suggest the first signs of insanity on my part - they've listened to the murmurs of disquiet about atomic weaponry, and reigned themselves in a little.

    Still nice art, actually, very nice environment art. Although, that was probably never in doubt.

    The reappearance of FEV could be explained via reference to decent and credible virology, but I suspect that it will explained via some sort of Master-type conspiritor instead.
  9. Jiggly McNerdington

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    They mentioned in one of these other interviews/previews/somethings somewhere that the fat man was going to be a hidden/limited weapon, sort of like the super Red Ryder or alien blaster. Well, only with more obscure ammo as well.

    Also kinda wonder if the endings are gonna just be different blanket-endings more like a normal game, or the 9 to 12 means 9 to 12 different mini-endings endings you can change the outcome of, more like Fallout. Probably gonna end up with blanket-endings, but who knows. Don't remember hearing anything about it.
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    Seen my new epix shoulders?!?! Got 'em off 25 man.
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    So these are FEV mutants?
    Now that is REALLY stupid. How could different mutants have been created the same way?
    Supermutants couldn't hold small weapons besides being sterile. They also looked different. Idiocy.

    I wonder why the screenshots are that small btw...
  12. Brother None

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Small - probably Gameplayer themselves who did that. Bethesda is handing out these new screens as standard releases, prolly in pretty high resolution.

    It'll be funny if they're removed from this site, too
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    Described FEV purpose is inconsistent with Fallout, Fallout 2 knowledge.

    Fat Man as homage for Atomic Annie is Bethout developers business, but for God's sake a short range catapult can not be an adaptation of long range cannon. It is loan from van Buren Reservation - Nuclear Nellie howitzer - also.
  14. Bernard Bumner

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    Feb 5, 2007
    The line about the origin of FEV may well be Gameplayer Australia's, rather than official Bethesda backstory.

    However, I would just point out that Fallout 2 is somewhat inconsistent with regards to the origin of FEV, as given in Fallout. (Suddenly, it was redesigned as weapon, rather than being merely the work in progress discovered as the accidental product of reasearch into a broad-range prophylactic.)

    The FEV in Fallout 2 was employed much more obviously as a MacGuffin, whereas it is much more central to, and coherently explained, in the first game.

    Er, maybe the Davy Crockett is a better reference point? I guess the point is that America was trying to develop atomic infantry weapons in the 1950s.
  15. Ausir

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    Apr 20, 2003
    I like how in VB the FEV was actually the key to defeating the new threat (which turned out to be the old threat, the New Plague that the FEV was created to counter). And they managed to do it without inventing a brand new source of FEV.
  16. Black

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    Jun 21, 2007
    I hafta tell you, one-shot Fatman doesn't sound so bad. It's still retarded weapon and it's design is simply stupid but it's better than shooting nukes left and right.
    Doesn't change the fact that nuclear explosions are as popular in FO3 as farts.
  17. Wooz

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    May 18, 2003
    Agreed. Although it still sounds a bit extreme as a close-quarters weapon.

    Aye. Nuking megaton - allright. Cars blowing up as mini-nukes - ridiculous.
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    Hmm exclusive? This article was published in the January issue of XBOX 360 the UK OXM. Including the new screenshot, though I didn't notice at the time as they had superimposed the pa slap bang in the middle of it. Are these mags affliated?

    They missed off the best bit though, the OXM's cover tag line, "Fallout 3 We play through the next Oblivion!"

    No it's not fun, which is why Fallout skipped it with a world map.
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    I'm kind of hoping that Bethesda is just overdoing the nuke explosions for these demos. I think we all know how the game media gets all teary-eyed for it, so I can't really blame Hines for doing this to drum up hype for the game. The line about "only getting one shot" makes me think that the fatman isn't the only thing that will be toned-down in the actual game. Or maybe I'm just being too generous here.
  20. zioburosky13

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    Nein! The FEV was designed to counter the biological attack on US soil. If we take the bible seriously. :o

    Car door as shield? Fire hydrant on a tree as weapon? What are they smoking? :shock: Most car door won't withstand even a 9mm (or 10mm in Fallout world).

    I wonder if there's another source other than the military base and the place was blew up. I know it has been dug out in Fallout 2 but that was set in California. Fallout 3 is set in Washington. Travelling thousand miles to capture normal human and turn them into Super mutant? Such is game logic! :rofl:

    Having super mutant as the villian is a turn down. They are after all, a tragic character. Hell everyone is a tragic character in the world of Fallout.