'ghost mode' fixer

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    Sep 2, 2007
    Every so often, the 'ghost mode' bug strikes, where the player is drawn under objects and scenery and cannot be seen by other critters. A while back I posted instructions on how to fix it with a hex editor, but that is potentially dangerous, slow, and not everyone is accustomed to such editing. So I wrote a little command-line utility to make it easier, which can be downloaded here. It can also enable ghost mode (without the graphical glitch), as being unnoticeable can be helpful at times. Use it with some caution, as you can mess up your game. Critters will not attack immediately if angered (by stealing or looting a guarded container, or in dialogue), but will attack when ghost mode is turned off.

    There are two versions: v1 is very compact, while v2 has more features and is more user-friendly. Included are the sources (ANSI C, can be compiled by just about everything) and Windows executables. I didn't do the compilation myself, so I can't guarantee the correctness of the executables. Usage information can be found in the built-in help system – run it without any arguments – or read straight from the source.

    The output is fairly predictable and easy to parse, so it shouldn't be too difficult to build a graphical front end that calls this program. v1 may be more suitable for this due to its simplicity. Vad is welcome to add that to his savegame editor, or copy the logic and re-implement it in his language of choice.