Help build a character for hardcore

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  1. Humpsalot2

    Humpsalot2 First time out of the vault

    Oct 17, 2010
    Trying to build a sneaky sniper/glass cannon player for hardcore mode on hard difficulty, who spends most time in vatts. I usually like charisma for speech options, but it didn't do much in FO 3.

    I am having difficulty deciding.

    So here is what i have so far:

    40 Special points
    37 used
    3 remaining

    Str- 5 (edit might + 2 here for antimatter sniper rifle, and get str implant to make it 8, which leaves me with 1 point remaining)
    Per- 6
    Luck-6 (edit might -1 here and hope to get luck implant for better criticals by lvl 16, or 18, and since ill usually get an automatic headshot crit from being hidden)

    (edit: which would leave me with 2 more points to work with)

    (also need to look at guide to see if quest perks like ant end/str (like in FO3) is offered)

    Sniper needs 6 per 6 agi

    Fallout 3 guide for agility says: "Agility affects your total number of Action points"
    Game banshee, for FO: NV, for agility says: "Agility affects Action Point regeneration"
    Would rather it be both, but i wonder which it actually is?

    If perk is listed by number that is one that I am sure about, listed under number is ones i want. !!! denotes really want, ?? denotes may want, not sure.


    2 of these 3:

    Good Natured
    kamikaze- 10 action points -2 DT
    Wild Wasteland-

    Intense training- into int most likely (giving 28 or 27 more skill points)
    Heave, Ho??
    black widow/lady killer/ect??

    4- educated

    any untaken perk above or
    rad child???
    travel light
    bloody mess for 5% more dmg??
    demolition expert 20% dmg to explosives 3 ranks
    HAND LOADER- unlocks ammo recipes, good for breaking down
    the professional- 20% sneak dmg with pistols and submachines guns??
    toughness? 3 DT

    or untaken perks above
    Pack rat!!!!!!!!!!!
    rad resistance???
    strong back
    stone wall end 6 str 6

    any untaken perk above or
    finesse - 5% more crit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    math wrath- reduce ap cost by 10%!!!
    miss forture (maybe with misterious stranger perk)??
    mysterious stranger (maybe with miss fortune perk)??
    nerd rage +15 DT if under 20% hp?
    plasma spaz 10% less ap of plasma weapons (only)?

    12- sniper
    any untaken perk above or
    life giver 30 hp 6 end needed??
    pyromaniac- 50% more dmg with fire

    any untaken perk above or
    center mass 15% more dmg on torso??
    jury rigging, repair stuff with wider range of other stuff ??

    16- action boy or better criticals
    any untaken perk above or
    BETTER CRITICALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18- better criticals or actions boy
    any untaken perk above

    any untaken perk above or
    grim reapers sprint
    solar powered- regain hp in sunlight 7 end needed

    any untaken perk above or
    laser commando?? 15% more dmg and +10 crit chance with lazers
    nuka chemist?

    any untaken perk above

    any untaken perk above or
    nerves of steal? (unrecomended, but sounds good)

    any untaken perk above or
    rad absorption- lose 1 rad per 20?? End 7 needed

    any untaken perk above or
    or hidden perk
  2. Killjoy

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    Oct 19, 2010

    Just a suggestion, if you take 8 Str than you can use the Anti-Materiel rifle for sniping :)
  3. Delacroix

    Delacroix First time out of the vault

    Oct 16, 2010
    You could always play the game for a few hours non-hardcore and get a feel for it... Sure, im going to try Hardcore, but ill do a normal playthrough first, figure the game out, note uniques, places for food, water and to camp at night/whenever I need sleep. Im gonna focus on sniping, silencing, sneaking, so high Agi & Per, some End too for the Survial part, not so much Cha or Str, fair Int & Luck. But main thing, play it once, then HC on 2nd play.
  4. Humpsalot2

    Humpsalot2 First time out of the vault

    Oct 17, 2010
    Re: Sniping

    cool thanks. great suggestion, will look at guide tonight for any other tweaks before playing, so might use 2 of those 3 points towards str for that, plus like picking most everything up anyway.
  5. Delacroix

    Delacroix First time out of the vault

    Oct 16, 2010
    You will be able to get +SPECIALS from the Implants, 4k caps each though. But since you already got the guide book, I cant really tell you anything new ;)
  6. Little Robot

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    Sep 29, 2010
    Honestly, I'm not sure whether Hardcore is going to merit an entirely new character build. HC mode seems like more of a return to Fallout 1 and 2 difficulty level, so FO1 and 2 players should be fine, hopefully. :drunk:
  7. Humpsalot2

    Humpsalot2 First time out of the vault

    Oct 17, 2010
    Am going to buy guide book tonight, had access to it at work for last week, but didnt work much and when i did it was busy or head manager was there.

    Ps: Guide is so worth it, and i hope my previous posts didnt make anyone think that would replace the guide at all.
  8. Delacroix

    Delacroix First time out of the vault

    Oct 16, 2010
    Preordered Collectors Edition FO:NV & Collectors Edition Guide Book as well, too bad I get the game the 22th, and book 26th... Im so moving to the states, if I were able.

    Your posts gave a good preview, you didnt ruin anything, at least not for me.