How did you discover Fallout ?

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  1. Sashabl

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    Mar 22, 2017
    I've discovered fallout back in 1998. Was only 12 years young at the time, so I didn't have access or even thought about fallout 1(fuck that shit, fallout 1 sucked monkey balls IMHO). I fell in love from the first moment. when I went from arroyo exploring my way to the Den, I've encountered a fight between a caravan and super mutants. nobody stayed alive so i could loot from my measly level 2 or 3, laser rifles and such... i went all *heart emogies* and till today, 20 years later, fallout 2 is the best game in history. the GOAT.
    the way I got the game was through a school mate at the time, which almost had me sell my kidney for it, but i got it and since then i'm hooked. played the game over 50 times at the very least, and if Post Apocaliptic world should come and i'm one of those vault survivers, i'm ready. Officer of one of the best armies in the world for seven years, ranked captain. from brass knuckles, to AWM, i'm ready.
  2. ThatKidWhoDoesStuff

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    Oct 15, 2018
    I started with Fallout 3 after my dad picked it up at Best Buy and said to me "This game is bad ass. You need to play it." Bought it for me, then bought me a PS3 to play it on. I didn't play it very far because I hate shooters on consoles, even before I played them on PC, but when I got a PC I bought it and was hooked. From beginning to end, I was intrigued and sucked into the world. I kept trying New Vegas but could never get into it. I bought the first Fallout game when my computer died and I was stuck with my mom's shitty laptop that couldn't even run Half-Life. I played Fallout 1 on there and was instantly allured and addicted, and played until about half-way through, dying over and over. I beat it a few years later, then played Fallout 4, felt it was okay, but it didn't feel like Fallout, even from the little I'd played. I played through New Vegas afterwards and it blew my fucking mind. I had beaten it before, but I quit at level 22 after playing past the ending using a mod, but I still hadn't liked it that much. I gave it a fresh chance though as a 17 year old boy (December of 2017) and roleplayed as the courier the whole way through, completely enveloped by the Mojave's dusty, desolate and harsh sands. I fucking loved every minute of it. It was like a flip had been switched, allowing me to finally see what everyone had been raving about. I 100%'ed my playthrough. I'm now a more intense fan than I ever was, and I really need to get through playing Fallout 2 as it seems to have more of what I want, but I can't seem to get into it, my same initial problem with New Vegas.

    P.S. For those of you who are wondering; yes, I did mostly grow up with Fallout 3, and yes, I do like it. Is it Fallout? Not completely, but there are things about it I still like, even if a lot of you hate it. I have a lot of memories with it, and playing it now I still have fun exploring, but some of the magic is lost having seen what it could have been. I do realize though that it's not the same game as F:NV or the first two Fallouts; it's very much its' own thing. It revels in exploration and environmental storytelling, with tiny bits of clever writing few and far between. I may not agree that it's a great Fallout game, or even a great game, but I can see why people like it, and that's okay to me! I let them have their fun. F:NV and the first two Fallouts are not games about exploration, but of thinking. They're a thinking man's game, and force you to make difficult choices, showing the folly of man in its' full force. They tell intricate stories and plots. They're different than the Bethesda games because they're not about making a visual world to explore and plunder, and that's okay. I think if we had the world detail and exploration of Bethesda Fallouts, but the writing, gameplay, aesthetics and everything else of the OGs, we would have a game that perfectly shows what Fallout's always wanted to. As it is though, I find myself liking the OG Fallout and NV far, far more than the ones Bethesda has made.
  3. L.M.Valentine

    L.M.Valentine Windows 95

    Jun 30, 2016
    When I was a kid, my old computer that I loved and thought was Magical was never really used for gaming (I liked paint and typing and stuff I was a weird kid don't judge me.) I was a Nintendo kid, and still am, tbh.

    But, around the year 2000, something called Windows XP had came out, and my Uncle, an investment banker, gave
    us an old computer of his that could run XP, with a couple of games.

    One of those games was Fallout 2.

    I liked RPGs. I played Dungeons and Dragons, and some Japanese stuff.

    Fallout was my first experience of western CRPGs. I loved everything about it. It was funny, it was turn based, and the little men turned into paste when you spray them full of lead. The story was pretty interesting too, but obviously as I get older, I appreciate it more.

    (As an aside the other games were an obscure one called Tzar: Burden of The Crown, an RTS that I just loved, and Medieval: Total War, which was made in my Hometown.)
  4. Petrox

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    Mar 15, 2018
    I discovered Fallout through a friend from school, starting with the second game.
    I was 13 in 1998 and got to play it while visiting him, and used to come over as often as possible to play my save file on his home PC until I was able to get my own copy.
    Then Baldur's Gate came out and I would go back and forth between the two, not playing the original Fallout until well after Baldur's Gate 2 had been released (so maybe around 2000, 20001?).

    The last game of that general era I played before falling out of video games in a major way was Morrowind, shortly after that my first child was born and I missed entire console generations. I didn't even get to play New Vegas until about 4 years ago, but now that my children are older and I've had more time to game I've been replaying the classics and the games I've missed for the past several years. I knew about Wasteland because of having been introduced by Fallout, but I never got to try it until the sequel was released!

    Since I'd gotten back into gaming I've replayed Fallout 1 and 2 multiple times each, have finished Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 and learned the hard way had far Bethesda had fallen since the Daggerfall and Morrowind days.. Currently I'm going through Fallout 1.5 and Nevada and am out of my mind with excitement as they make me feel like a 13 year old again. Even after so many years have gone by, and having played newer games like the Witcher series, Red Dead Redemption &c nothing compares to Fallout 2 and Baldur's Gate 2 and I still find myself replaying them more than any others.
  5. HydroFlame

    HydroFlame The Vanishing Act

    Dec 5, 2018
    I have played 3, NV and 4, and I actually enjoy all three. I will play 1 and 2 eventually. I can get both for around ten bucks, and I feel like I'm missing out by never having played them.

    Anyway, I first played 3 by pulling a random game I hadn't played yet off my shelf. The rest is history.
  6. Voiddweller

    Voiddweller First time out of the vault

    Nov 2, 2008
    Years ago, in 1999, i asked friend about a game similar to newly released Jagged Alliance2) He gave me CD with F1. I seen it before, and there were F2 already, but never expected such awesomness. Then a couple of years later i found a F2 CD...
  7. maramok

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    Dec 17, 2018
    Wasn't alive when the first two came out, didn't live in the US either, but I got into gaming really early, and by chance around 2007-2008 a friend of mine lent me a copy of Fallout, I kept playing it for years and then picked up F2. Never expected some CD (that was likely pirated by him) from a friend would've been such a part of my life for a decade.
  8. Post-War Tribal

    Post-War Tribal ᗟANN0

    Nov 8, 2018
    Had the original Fallout without realizing it lol. Rediscovered after Bethesda, rel'd Fo3.
    The name triggered somthing in my memory. I then went through some ol boxes in the attic, and rediscovered it with a more developed mind.
  9. ResetRPG

    ResetRPG Hail Damn State

    Dec 16, 2018
    My favorite is New Vegas, but I got introduced to Fallout in 2013, I was 11 years old, I got a copy of Fallout 3, and from then on I played 4, New Vegas, 1, and 2, and I loved all of em, it was nothing but happy memories and love with the best RPG franchise in the world.
  10. Loremongrel

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    Jan 5, 2019
    I remember that in TV transmitted this cool looking, desert-like spot of a game set to Las Vegas: it looked good, and the name "fallout" reminded me of a game for PC that I read about on a game journal.
    After saving enough money (and hearing for the 100th time my father complaining that "it costed too much"), I started playing it.
    I remember to be completely lost: "perks ? Skills ? Karma !?" were my first thought. Also, I died by the Holy hands of Easy Pete, just after getting out of Doc Mitchell's house.
    It was love at first sight.

    Then I managed to pick up Fallout 3, liking it (especially The Pitt and the Enclave), but never as much as NV.
  11. tgawt

    tgawt ye ass

    Jul 9, 2018
    started with fallout 2 from my brother when i was super young, way to young to understand how rpgs work. later i got fallout 3 and played the shit out of that.
  12. Tribalus Maximus

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    Dec 27, 2018
    Simple. It was installed on our computer by my older brother. One day I just opened the game, loaded a save and fall in love. Well, maybe not in first sight but definitely It cought my attention.

    At first I was just running blindly catching random encounters and selling goods in shops, buying better weapons to try them out but some time after I realized: Ok, there's dialog, there's story. Let's crack it!

    Turn based combat wasn't a turn off. I played Panzer General and Heroes of M&M earlier.

    And here's the greatest thing I experienced while playing Fallout2 and 1 -> I just sat down by my PC with dictionary (a book-one, It was before the era of online dictionaries) and notes from my private lessons (I had only russian as foreign language at school back then) and slowly word by word I was both playing good game and learning english.

    I've ended studying english literature at university. Thanks Cain, thanks Boyarsky!

    By 2002 or 2004 I had finished both games.
    Missed a lot of stuff in my first playtrought, through.

    Since then I keep replaying them from time to time.
    And also similar ones like Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale, Arcanum.
    Nowdays: Pillars of Eternity, Fallout2 mods.
  13. The Master 2077

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    Jan 20, 2019
    Started with Fallout 3... wasn't really into crpgs at the time, really liked the game, atmosphere was great, getting out of the vault and looking at the wasteland was amazing.... played New Vegas after that, loved it... then I became interested in the first 2 games
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  14. JKRDU(AKA Junyoung)

    JKRDU(AKA Junyoung) Shitty, unemployed 3D Artist

    Nov 21, 2018
    I started with New Vegas, I got it by torrent (Yes... I know it's wrong, but at least now I bought the legal copy of the game.) played it for 1000 hours and fell in love with it with different builds, decisions, and it became my favorite Fallout game and favorite game of all time... Than I played Fallout 3. It was okay but the game felt really weak compared to New Vegas. Then I played Fallout 1. I liked it, but I disliked the isometric turn-based gameplay. Then I played Fallout 4, I enjoyed it for the first 40 hours until I reached the late main quest, where so many problems with the game exploded in an instance. I was also disappointed that they abandoned most of the systems that I loved in New Vegas.
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  15. Frank_Horrigan_2077

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    Jan 28, 2019
    When I was young, about say six or so, my uncle who was 30 at the time was playing, I think it was fallout 2. I asked him what it was and he informed me it was an RPG and asked if I wanted to play. I accepted and have been completely obsessed ever since.
  16. AMysteriousSalesman

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    Nov 5, 2018
    After playing Arcanum (which I thought was great) and looking up the devs and that's how I came across Fallout

  17. Atomic_Spawned

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    May 7, 2019
    When I first got into Fallout, I was obsessed with post-apocalyptic scenarios. Combine that with my inexplicable love for the 40s-50s era (music, memorabilia, style, you name it), and that was a recipe for the most awesome encounter ever. I had a friend in high school who had a copy of Fallout 3, so I played it at a party of his and discovered it was perfect! (Little did I know, Fallout 1 and 2 would prove even more captivating). Long story short, friends have benefits.
  18. Fabricator-locum

    Fabricator-locum First time out of the vault

    Jun 21, 2019
    Well i was at friend who was playing Fallout 3 on the ps3. I always liked a post apocalyptic setting and i loved the 1950 theme too. He also promised me to take it with him when he went to sleep over he forgot. Getting off-track like a year later i bought fo3 for ps3 got interested in the setting which ended up me playing the entire series.
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  19. fallout[12]enthusiast

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    Jul 22, 2019
    Back in 1999 I traded a German Fallout 2 CD (and later also a Fallout 1 CD) from a guy I met in school who had bought 'Gold Games 4' (game collection which included them), can't remember what I gave him for it. When I first played Fallout 2 I thought it was a real crappy game (graphics looked bad even in 1999, but in time I fell in love with the unique look) and some mechanics (like how to use dynamite etc.) seemed very unintuitive at first. I kept on playing through the Temple of Trials and by the time I had reached Vault City I couldn't stop anymore :) (I later even bought the English version of the game, just to support Black Isle and Interplay). When I had finished Fallout 2, I traded the Fallout 1 CD from the guy and played it through. How can Fallout 1 play so different from Fallout 2 when the engine is almost the same? Well, I love both of them, each a unique experience! In the years since I played them over and over (sometimes with mods like the Resurrection Project - which is fantastic) and recently played through the total conversions Nevada and Resurrection, both of which are fantastic imo, and just started playing Last Hope (which seems very good too so far and has a great inventory filter!).

    Never played Fallout 3 and the newer ones - I don't want them to spoil my Fallout experience. I bought and played Tactics but didn't finish it - Tactics is a real bad game imo, although released much later, it does everything worse than Jagged Alliance 2 (one of my other all time favorite games).
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  20. Jw224

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    Sep 30, 2019
    First fallout I played was 3, I picked up the GOTY edition quite cheap and I put a lot of hours into it, playing through the main games and dlc multiple times to try every different dialogue option and find things that I may have missed. Then I got New Vegas and was very much obsessed with it and played it to death for a while. I didn't have Internet for a while so I had the buggy version of the game for a lot of the time that I played it, I remember quests not working and the game crashing a lot, but I still kept playing because I fell in love with it. I then picked up the ultimate edition and played through it again with the dlcs. Very much didn't like Fallout 4 as I felt it was kinda empty when compared to 3 and New Vegas when it came to being an RPG. The world design was great but I felt like a lot of it was just kinda there so I could go and kill things.
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