Huh, Apparently This Was Some Kind of Inside Joke Between The Developers.

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    So according to Fallout New Vegas Technical Producer Jason Fader, the picture of James & Catherine(The Lone Wanderer's parents from Fallout 3) that you can find in Sarah Weintraub's bedroom at Vault 21. Was apparently put there as some kind of inside joke between a select few people within the Development Team, and if not exactly an "inside joke", it definitely holds some kind of significant meaning to them. What exactly? Well, sadly it's currently unknown, Jason said in a AMA post on Reddit awhile back, that he wasn't in on this "inside joke" or whatever the heck this is.

    So I wonder if that picture being there does hold a bigger, more significant meaning than what's been initially thought. And I really want know who on the team was in on this!

    And TBH with you all, I just found out about this recently, in regards to what Jason said about this easter egg btw. I've known about the picture for years, but not that it holds some sort of significance between some members of the Development Team. That's completely new to me!

    So anyways, what you guys think? Is it simply an inside joke? Or is there a deeper meaning to that photograph?

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    Is it supposed to be a reference to that American Gothic painting? Maybe Jason Fader is just a moron
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    This one?


    No seriously though...
    That guy in the painting was his dentist, and the woman was his sister.
    American Gothic.jpg
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