Let's Play Atom RPG and Die - Toront plays Survival Mode

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    Now to finish off the pics I have so I can play the game again.

    I do some more trading. After reading one of the hunting guides I picked up from this guy I sell it back at a good price.

    I try to craft a recipe from memory (you can do that) but I end up making a shield. Useful but not armor.

    I craft a pistol too. Ahh yes you need two hare furs for the thorn armor that is why it did not work.

    20220921231617_1.jpg 20220921231620_1.jpg

    Is his response to number 1. These guys love LOTR as much as @eissa. I would post more of what this guy says but it is nonsense.

    This guy speaks nonsense due to having a worm inside his brain. More on that maybe later. He will also join you if you build up Red Fighter Red Room I think it is. That is much later.

    I pretend I do not recognize him for REDACTED Atom Sekret Mission Reasons.


    He is clueless but pretty tough.

    I make sure nobody is listening. Even if they were they are too stupid to do anything.

    I walk off while he is still talking. After reading the dialog 30 times you just wanna not die when you leave the village due to IRON MAN *cue Sabbath*

    I check my inventory and get ready for potential combat in the dirty wasteland.

    This is not radioactive dirt. It is the exit.

    I love a good game with a map. You can even get a Geiger counter.

    I head towards the bandits factory. They may be bad guys but they are the power in this area and I must manipulate them to benefit my Russia Bride.

    Scavengers never have much on them. Keep in mind if you kill them mercs will probably fuck your life up.

    Your standard scav fuck.

    I get a couple things I can use. Wire is really useful for a lot of stuff. Cigs can be used like stimpacks to kill people if you have 60 or 100 of them.

    The second location is relatively harmless if you take the path I choose. I do not choose to attack these guys early on because that is stupid and they are more useful than the villagers which are...useless.

    I am having net issues (upload is going slow gonna post before I am screwed) so I think SKYNET is trying to win again. Wrong game asshole. More next time with the bandits, a captive prisoner, some Devil worshiper and more on DRAGON ATOM RPGGGGGGGG!
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    There’s fishing? And a talking fish? Alright I’m going to play this for myself tonight. :cool:
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    Jan 23, 2022
    Let there be ATOM.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    Will carry this on today most likely. Thanks Billy.
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    Apr 1, 2005

    Olga find a small building to ransack before she gets to the bandits.


    All wires which are always handy for recipes. Olga loads the wires into her handy vagina sack and heads to the gate.


    See that Streetwise popup? Glad you read that book now I bet. I guess you could use that to get in without being a dirtbag like me but what fun would that be?

    We are told to go talk to Dan. He is the boss around these parts. I go to a campfire and try to make some salted fish but I am currently too retarded and without save scum you gotta actually try. I decide to explore a little before talking to Dan because I know there is a quest to grab.

    This guy is in bed with a friend watching over him. I guess even bandit's have hearts somewhere. I ask him what is wrong even though it is obvious. Kinda like asking if someone with a flat tire has a flat tire.


    These guys act like they care about Otradnoye but it is that selfish kinda caring. He has a longer story than this but who cares why some bandit got stabbed? Just fix that shit.

    I will see if the doc in the nearby town will help. Mostly because I know how this quest resolves and I cannot risk doing anything out of line or I will fucking die. I find a devil worshiper near the campfire selling some gear. I ask about his armor and he offers to show me how to do that with the appropriate skill check of course.


    He has a long story about how he worships demons and had some trippy dreams and all that. I'm not wasting time with that mess. I got work to do. Here is me telling him not to con a conman.

    20221023222042_1.jpg 20221023222045_1.jpg
    I buy some nails before I go. Now to find Dan the Man.

    Dan is not a tough guy really but he knows how to use his words. Ex KGB.

    olga.png I heard you might have some work for me Dan.

    olga.png I helped your man out and he said you would return the favor.


    olga.png Thanks Dan...anything else you might have for me? Hopefully nothing that involves sucking dick...


    olga.png What deed? *gets nervous*

    20221023222229_1.jpg olga.png I better not regret this...


    I spread some points around and head to the guards.



    olga.png [Olga waits patiently while Shitshack tries to annoy her by taking a long time with the keys]

    This must be the guy that was mentioned briefly in town. Apparently he was bragging about having money so he was kidnapped. They want you to interrogate him or beat the shit out him. You decide to look tough but hold back a little hoping he will not die.

    olga.png Take this scum!

    20221023223414_1.jpg 20221023223421_1.jpg
    One guard runs ahead to let Dan know how you did. You run to keep up. Next time we will leave the bandit camp and go on a mission for Dan that may or may not fucking kill me. Tune in next time or don't. BEEP.

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  7. eissa

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    Jan 7, 2016
    It might be janky to be applied, but I hope CRPG merge with tactical turn based mechanic like XCOM. But with actual realistic distance of firefight. It's just weird to see how you can bring melee weapons and expect yourself to just shrug off bullet. Not that it would not be effective in certain scenario, like close quarter fight for instance.

    The closest thing of that is probably XCOM/Phoenix point squadsight sniper.
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  8. william dempsey

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    Jan 23, 2022
    I can appreciate that upload took a lot of work. This seems the best method (pics and your text) as vidyows often get overlooked.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    Yeah videos are not good unless you are real entertaining. This is not super entertaining either due to it being Iron Man but whatever.
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    Read this thread while pooping. Great toilet entertainment. Keep it up.
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    Thanks man. I hope she lives long enough to entertain. This next session will be risky.
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    I have faith that Olga will be up to the task.
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    Is she dead yet?
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    I actually had a classmate named Olga when I was in school. She was a pretty nice person.
    So I'm rooting for Toront's Olga.
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    Late to reading all these but definitely will, thanks for this. This one is still on my wishlist but it's pretty cheap I'll have to pick it up sometime soon. Always made a point to try the other post-apocalyptic RPGs (mostly this, the Wastelands, and Underrail) and this is the last one for me I guess.
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    I beat the shit out of a guy for Dan and Dan said I did real good. He gives me another job that is very risky at this point in time since I am a lone Olga in a wild and wacky world filled with rapists and clown people that like to also do rape. I ask Dan if I can free the poor guy I beat the piss out of and he said sure if you beat this skill check I will even let him go for cheaper. I leave him there for now until I figure out where I am headed...


    Dan wants us to go to the farm to the south east. There are a couple of places there for some decent quests right now but I fear being alone for too long without either the dog (which might die in the encounter due to no save scumming) or Fidel...


    Fidel is in Krasnoznamenny which btw this is why I hate Russia shit not because I hate Russia/Ukraine/Slavic Viking people but because I cannot spell it without looking at it. Should I risk a random encounter and trek that far to get Fidel? Maybe. Problem is once I get there I am kinda in a tight spot quest wise they will want me to do a lot of back and forth and I don't wanna...

    I could just go back to Otradnoye and get the doctor then head north west to Peragon which allows me to use caravans but the mobs in that area can kill the shit out of you at this point in time. I do believe I will head to K Town to get Fidel then just leave and go back to the factory and get the dumbass that got beat up then return him to Otradnoye for a 2-4-1 quest return. Then from there I will try to make it to Peragon.

    This has been a post to show how I have to dwell over every choice. Beep.