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  1. Drumpy

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    Feb 21, 2016
    I had another complications:
    I also had some things in trunk, so I get them back to inventory. But to have an option to buy the car, I needed to have 10000 (not 5000), although the price is 5000. After choosing buying the car, a still had blackscreen, and 5000 gone.
    Finally a managed to get out of it: I saved the game in other slot and exited to windows. After load, I had to buy car once again, but now it was OK (needed only another 5000), and no black screen, car is finally mine :-)

    (Win 7 64bit, played GOG version, MM 2.45.4, Mega vanilla weapons, HiRes patch)
  2. alatari

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Actually, I left Gecko then returned after traveling a millimeter and back and the encounter fired about 3 out of 5 attempts as long as I didn't restore from a save game. I had to load from a game before I used the computer, piss them off, then run to the Gecko exit, travel a millimeter and then back each try (about 5 attempts). I tried the same technique after loading from a save and never could get it to fire.


    Not sure if this is intentional or not. The first time Smith offered to do some work for me I had some metal armor in inventory and I said to upgrade it. I had 5 pieces of iron and he didn't take any of it. If I didn't have the iron on me he wouldn't offer the job.
    After the Gecko-Vault City power plant quests I returned to Smith and he handed me the polished metal armor and I had found some more in lower trunk of the Vault. I grabbed the iron pieces that I left over in a bin and this time he took 4 pieces and the metal armor to work on.
    Was the first metal armor job free or was it bugged?


    Is the bug with Skeeter's dialog preventing him from teaching me how to upgrade weapons?
    He doesn't offer to teach but wants like $3,000 or $6,000 per job. Maybe it's because my small arms skill isn't 60 yet but Wooz taught me Molotov's without the prereqs.
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  3. alatari

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    Sep 4, 2007

    This game has always been plagued with problems remaining in a corrupted save game slot even if you over write the save game. Solution is to delete the save game manually.
  4. alatari

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Oh cool, I forgot you could qualify for perks with temp stat increases.

    ^This took some courage, kudos. I didn't say a word about this argument but it seemed to be more about emotional self-awareness and one-upmanship than intelligence. I spent many years saying things that hurt me politically, lost me work, friends and relationships because of a failure in emotional control and it took Mindfullness training to bring me to some wisdom about when to bite my tongue, adjust my tone and pick what is even an argument worth fighting.
  5. alatari

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    Sep 4, 2007
    I can confirm these issues in my game.

    Got a black screen when doing the dialog with Smitty "Sure sounds like a deal"
    I did a Ctl-S to try and save the game and did see some pink and green pixels show up and heard clicking sounds but couldn't get a save game to happen even though I rehearsed it and did the right keystrokes.

    Finally after several reloads I got him to say "Now let her warm up" but he deducted 10,000 caps instead of 5,000.

    EDIT: Wish I'd kept a save game after he sold it to me because I can't get past the black screen again. Not sure how I did it the first time.

    If I finally break out of the black screen with key commands then load the game from before I tried to buy the car I get a dialog screen with the regular command interface over it and can't seem to interact with anything on the local map.

    Finally got the car bought at $10,000. I can't tell you how to get through the dialog without a black screen as it seems to be random. I wonder if that beggar's script could be involved?

    Not sure if this matters but when the black screen error was happening Smitty had a bucket of $1500 paint on him (which I didn't buy and I'm not sure was on him in every attempt to buy the car) and now that I bought the car the paint is missing and he just has $750 cash on him.
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  6. MIB88

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    Feb 22, 2005
    Were you using different savegame slots when you tested that Gecko/Enclave encounter? I have not had a chance to take apart that sript yet. I wonder if the encounter is being set by a global or a local variable and if that might be leading to some sort of loss of information...?

    Edit: No, global variables are tracking this. This doesn't make any sense to me why simply saving/reloading a game would cause that information to be lost...

    No, this is definitely a bug.

    Wooz teaches you the recipe in exchange for the cards. You may have noticed, there are no other prerequisite to learn about his molotov recipe. However, Skeeter won't teach you advanced weapon recipes, no matter what your skill levels are.

    @Drumpy and @alatari
    I changed it. The car is now supposed to cost 10,000. Wait...
    Did Smitty say that the car was supposed to cost only 5000?

    I will check out the beggar. I am a little confused, though, as to how it might be interfering.
    As for Smitty not having any money, that is intentional. I didn't want the player to be able to give him 10,000 and then take all that money back by trading all sorts of random weapons or whatever found in the Wastes. Smitty is a gold sink, in this regard. But, he should have still had the paint can (that is part of one of Nirran's mods). Again, it's on my list now. Thanks.
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  7. VonZorch

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    Jan 1, 2012
    I fixed your flash light script. The source, compiled script and modified flashlight PRO are in the attached file. It's kind of clumsy and it puts a "That does nothing" in the display window that I don't have the slightest clue how to stop.
    I should be easily extended to include the Dynamo flashlight if you want to, or let me know and I could do it for you.
    I also have a slightly modified ACKlint.int that lets a female with unarmed combat tagged fatmouth back to Klint at the start of the game if you want to look at it.

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  8. MIB88

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    Feb 22, 2005
    Thank you! This is great. I will test it out and apply it to the various light sources. As for the update to Klint, I think that would make a good addition.

    I need to test some things, but version 2.46 should be out soon. I have made a few small fixes so far and have added a number of additions from @Endocore, @Josan12, @Drobovik, and @Continuum including the new armored talking heads and NPC heads for various other characters. I need to get a few other things working before I can release it, though. (Most notably, all new RP content added to Broken Hills to ensure that the updated Marcus will once again join your party.)
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  9. Nightingale

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    Jun 28, 2014
    YAY! *waits patiently for the update* will it be 2 or 3 weeks?
  10. VonZorch

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    Jan 1, 2012
    It just occured to me that I didn't test the flashlight across map changes, you may need to make IsOn a global variable.
    The files for ACKlint are attached.

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  11. alatari

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Yeah, I learned the hard way to use minimum 3 save slots while trying out an area or before a quest from the Fallout 2 tendency to get corrupted save slots.

    I've been going by the Megamod guide at the Wikia Vault and the bottom section covers Mr Fixit recipes. The chart shows Skeeter as the teacher of many weapon mods and the prerequisites of the recipe (not necessarily to being taught. Skeeter no longer teaches recipes?

    Yeah, his dialog still says 5,000 so it's just a simple dialog change then.

    That's very reasonable to stop him as a gold sink. In the wasteland there's no retirement plans except what you bury for a later time. He'd put some away although with my character's barter skill of 10 he'd do better by taking all the weapons and selling them off for triple caps.

    Only found one bug this week.

    -My character is a push over for giving women gifts so gave Fannie Mae what she asked for 3x straight until he figured out she was playing him. Lou, warns me not to and then 2 days later Lou is angry that I gave Fannie enough to overdose but Fannie is still alive standing right their ready to sleep with my character for $60.

    BTW, I don't remember Frog Morton trapping the area near the Wanamingo Mine before the sheriff sends you at him. Those traps caught me off guard and I had to delay the encounter a day while resting up. Guess I did need to raise traps above 9%. Great addition, as traps don't get used enough.

    Questions about Redding:
    Is there a path to maintaining ownership of the Wanamingo Mine as your own mine to the end?

    The Skum Pitt generator, when trying to access it to repair it, gives the message "can't get there".
    Can you do anything with it? Maybe this is something from later quests of the game that I've forgotten is coming; just say it's a spoiler and I'll move on.
    Skum Pitt is from Fallout 1 Junktown meaning Redding is Junktown but none of the residents seem to remember or mention it unless someone up and built a complete replica of the Skum Pitt in another town.
  12. MIB88

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    Feb 22, 2005
  13. MIB88

    MIB88 So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Feb 22, 2005
    Ugh. I remembered it wrong. I thought you learned all weapon upgrades from the same source. But, you don't. They are broken up into regular and advanced weapons. I was just thinking of the teacher for the advanced weapons.

    I will check out Fannie. Strange. I've never encountered that one. Thanks.

    I wish I could take credit for the traps around the Morton gang. However, I made no changes. Wasn't that part of the vanilla game?

    There is nothing in the game currently to offer any advantage to holding onto the mine instead of selling it back.

    There are no quests involving a generator in Redding. It has been over a decade since I have played Fallout 1, so I have to ask: Does Redding really look like Junktown? I would think that maybe someone just wanted to reuse a map. Or, they at least wanted to reuse some graffiti artwork. Redding can't be Junktown, though. Junktown would be a lot further south. (There is room on the map to include Junktown... but it needs to be aged 80 years.)

    As for the next update, I hope it does not take 2 or 3 weeks... I am really hoping to have it ready by next weekend.
  14. alatari

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    Sep 4, 2007
    In New Reno I went to the Corsican's to collect the $250 they owed Mordino's and I got the dialog to "Hold on slick tell me about your operation (paraphrased)" and then the option to request an addition.

    Even though my character has Sexpert and breaks 9 in the formula
    he fails the audition.
    His numbers are (7*50 + 8*25 + 10*13 +9*12)/100 = 7.88 + 2 (Sexpert) = 9.88

    Using 2x buffout and 2x mentats I can get the base stats to break 9 so the game is ignoring Sexpert.

    I'm not a Made Man or Boxing Champion yet so maybe I shouldn't even be getting the option for an audition yet and that's why its breaking?

    I have the plated gloves and maybe can win this fight against the Masticator now and will come back in a save game and test that hypothesis.
  15. Darek

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    Jan 7, 2008
    Sexpert is not and never has been a part of that formula. The Fallout Wiki and whoever else claims that is wrong.
    What you get extra points from are +2 for karma sutra master, +1 for sex appeal and +2 if you are a sex God (a player sex level >=100).
    My guess is it's the last one that is getting misunderstood. The players sex level is a kind of sexual experience tracker that uses the same formula you mentioned and adds to your experience every time you have sex with someone. With your sex rating of 7.88, you would have to have sex 13 times in total to become a sex God.

    Also, Made Man or Boxing Champion only helps you get the audition, not to pass it.
  16. MIB88

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    Feb 22, 2005
    Ok, I could REALLY use some help from some of the other modders out there.

    I have been adding the RP to the MM. While making additions, I broke the game. I need some help help regarding the interactions of the game files. I think I had something like this before in the early days of the MM, but I can't for the life of me get things working now. When I launch the game, the splash screen appears, and then the game crashes and returns to the desktop. There is some sort of problem with the city.txt file. Or, more specifically, there is some something interacting with the modified city.txt file that prevents the game from working. I can't even get the game to work using previous modded versions of city.txt. The only way the game will work is if I remove city.txt from the data file altogether, reverting to the original version in the game.

    So, any ideas out there of the file that is interacting with city.txt and causing the crash?
  17. alatari

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    Sep 4, 2007
    I'll correct the Wiki after I get a complete understanding of this.

    Yeah, the Boxing Champion had no effect but give a 100% chance of the line "Got any ...openings... I can fill?" while collecting Mordino's money gives a single audition shot.

    Is the Sex God the same as getting the Gigolo perk?

    My character is close to getting Gigolo as it had it in a save game but went back to an early save and lost it. Once I get it I'll see if it has any effect on the audition.

    EDIT: Getting the Gigolo perk did it. Only took 1 buffout to get my characters EN up to 8 and he passed the audition so I'll change the Wiki from 'Sexpert' to 'Gigolo'.
    I don't think Gigolo came up after 13 times though. It seemed to show up after a different number of sex acts this time. I'll test it out a couple times and see if it's consistent.

    EDIT: The character took buffout so the actual number for him is 6.76 so 100/6.76 = 14.79.
    Counting encounters:
    Arroyo - widow
    Klameth - Emily 2 to 5 times
    Colly - Liela
    The Den - Shiela
    Redding - Fannie Mae 2 or 3 times
    New Reno - Angela, Mrs Bishop, oral, upper/lower, special request

    Should only need at most 3 times.
    Save game 1: took 21 more upper/lower.
    Save game 2: reached 40 and quit trying.

    Seems like Gigolo title is random number of times with some unknown minimum.
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  18. Darek

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    Jan 7, 2008
    No don't do that. Becoming a gigolo has the same requirements as passing the porn audition, so if you are one you will most likely pass. But you can become a gigolo while on drugs and then still fail the audition when you are off them. Plus, Gigolo is not the same thing as Sex God and you get no extra points for it. You become a sex God when you reach a 100 in player_sex_level (a hidden "experience" tracker stored in global_variable 194), and you can only get a maximum of 15 (10 from stats, + 2 from karma sutra, + 1 from sex appeal, +2 from being either a sex God or a porn star ) points per time you have sax, so it's going to take you at least 7-8 times to accomplish that. That player_sex_level also affects the comments you get from the people you have sex with.

    So, on the wiki page, the sexpert benefits are wrong, and so are the Gigolo requirements.

    One more thing, if you are playing the restoration project, the sexpert and gigolo reputations have been switched around, which can be confusing if you are not aware of it.
  19. Darek

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    Jan 7, 2008
    One thing that could cause your crash problems with cities.txt is if one of the areas in there have an entrance name that has no matching lookup_name in maps.txt. Basically, if cities.txt calls for a map, and if it can't find it, it crashes.
    Since your older versions of cities.txt crashes too, the problem is probably in maps.txt. Maybe a spelling error or something gone missing during a cut and paste job?

    If that's not it you'll probably have to start removing every area in cities.txt one by one until the game starts working, so you get a clue where to start looking for the problem. Tedious... but what can you do? :shrug:
  20. alatari

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    Sep 4, 2007
    OK, first the Gigolo perk DID give +2 and allowed my character to pass the audition.

    My character got the Gigolo perk WITHOUT an 8 endurance and without using any drugs.

    There is no Sex God perk or experience tracker mentioned anywhere in the Wiki. It needs to be added to the Wiki documentation.

    My character had sex 55 times in one save game and nothing about Sex god is mentioned on his character sheet and I've not noticed a change in dialog anywhere although after 55 x 6.76 = 371.8 > 100 so his player_sex_level should be past the requirement. Unless it's possible to only get 1 or less points per sexual encounter. If you know the formula, then print it, please.

    I'm only playing Mega Mod 2.45 and no other Mods.

    The Wiki needed to be updated as Gigolo was the correct perk and Sexpert did nothing to change the formula.
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