Mod to theme X-01 with Prism Shielding to either Minutemen or non-faction-related?

Discussion in 'Fallout 4' started by DynV, Apr 20, 2021.

  1. DynV

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    Apr 30, 2019
    My PC sometimes use a X-01 (PA) with Prism Shielding, thus using the slot in which a paint job go by default. While I appreciate the prism effect, I find it visually unpleasing; I'd like it to be themed to the Minutemen or something non-faction-related while remaining about the same in term of concealment (for RP purpose as I'm convinced it wouldn't affect the stealth mechanic), something like

    The way I see it, to get what I'd like, I foresee one of the 2 following case:
    1. by adding a 2nd slot where paint jobs go (that one would have priority), or
    2. by adding a system to overlay the appearance (ie adding decals).
    However any way to get prism a bit more lively would do.

    Thank you kindly
  2. Mekt

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    Jun 25, 2018
    A month late, but there used to be a mod that did exactly that... it separated the paint schemes from the modifiers, so you could have whatever look you wanted as well as the effects suited to your playstyle. So basically, you had an extra slot to work with in the customization screen. Sadly, I have no idea what it was called. "Separate Power Armor Paint and..." something like that. Well look, the point is that I tried to find it again recently but couldn't, however it did once exist and probably still does. This was on X-box One, so it's likely on PC too... and if not... well, if you are on PC then you could always just make a similar mod to do it I suppose.

    Personally, I always just went with Explosive Shielding arms and legs and then whatever chest paint suited the playthrough. That seemed good enough to get over my paranoia over being one shot by a rocket, since X-01 is already OP and the extra bonuses from paint didn't seem that necessary. Actually though, I never found out if
    the bonuses even stacked, but in the end it never mattered.
  3. DynV

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    Apr 30, 2019
    I partly ended up having what I desired:
    I only managed to have the styles in black or white (no blue), the only other PA piece I managed to apply a decal to was the left arm (in addition to torso), which I only found BoS themes for (reason I'm not applying one).

    Even getting to that incomplete solution was a headache. I'm not sure if it was to do that I was already using More Power Armour Mods (MPAM), but it turns out that even though Worsin's Immersive Power Armor Decals (WIPAD) had no mention of it in its requirements or its description page, WIPAD required AWKCR for the decal entry/row to be added, from which I could select a decal. Before that only the entry to unlock either scratched or unscratched decal was there, without which, AWKCR or not, there would be on entry to select a decal as can be seen on
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