My Mod [WIP] Enclave Advance Recon and Assault Platoon

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    I started this mod back in 2015, because the Enclave just isn't that powerful, but work and life got in the way. Now that I am on an extended medical leave, my interest has recovered. Plus my laptop plays FO3 at 4k (i-9 6 core, 2080 RTX 8GB, 32GB RAM, 4k screen = glorious).

    The Enclave exodus from F2 to F3 is not very well explained. How did they bring their gas guzzling Vertibirds? How did they move possibly thousands of troops across the continent?

    Well, I Google Maps the travel times for walking across the United States: Navarro, CA to Washington, D.C. is a fairly straight horizontal route. Walking would take approximately 941 hours for 2,843.6 miles mostly via Highway 20. Assuming only walking for 8 hours a day, the trip would merely take approximately 4 months, or, more specifically: 118 days. Even avoiding cities and population centers, of course such a large group was seen by many, but the group was unknown, large, obviously well-armed and highly advanced, and it was not starting fights with anyone, so no locals, even the violently-inclined, ever managed to marshal their forces to attack the large group before the Enclave had already moved on. Even wasteland critters fled the dense organized group of a few thousand people and vehicles moving in unison. That is how President Eden and Colonel Autumn managed the “unbelievable” feat of their exodus to Washington, D.C. Because ya know, walking was the primary means of transport for most of humanity's existence. But questions remain.

    How would they deal with members that were exposed to radiation and F.E.V. on the way?

    Did they bring the mobile base crawler with them or was that already parked at Adams AF Base?

    Was the President Eden ZAX always in Raven Rock, or did Autumn bring it with him? It seems far fetched that a a random computer contacting Control Station ENCLAVE or Navarro would just persuade them to relocate nearly the entirety of their forces 3000 miles away.

    How is it that Raven Rock (a real life continuity of government bunker that has been mothballed) was uninhabited, ready, stocked, and operational for them when then arrived? And why would the Enclave blindly put all their eggs in one basket by traveling to D.C. at the risk of finding nothing suitable and having depleted many resources on their journey?

    Well, this is where my mod idea comes into play. Vertibirds were still in pre-production and design phase Pre-War. Although subsequent Fallouts call this into question, perhaps the prototypes were prolific as they were close to mass production and every branch was testing and proving the vehicles. Moreover, the aviation fuel models were gas-guzzlers, we had fusion cars, why not a fusion vertibird with electric motors? Perhaps the Oil Rig produced several fusion birds, but not many because it was a low priority when sitting ontop of the world's last supply of hydrocarbons.

    These fusion birds pass testing and proving at Navarro (with the loss of 2 of 8 produced) and quickly could get my 101st Recon and Assault Platoon to the D.C. area, before the brotherhood and other factions set up camp. Their general orders would be to establish a Forward Operating Base (FOB); repair. stock, and get Raven Rock operational. then seal the unit until reinforcements arrive (the idea being Richardson planned to take the West Coast, then the East Coast and work towards the middle from both sides).

    Without breaking anything, I intend to expand Raven Rock greatly. More labs, more armories, civilian levels with NPCs wearing prewar clothes and chambers for Representatives and Senators. (As well external launch tubes for VTOL aircraft and blast doors similar to FO4's vault with a horizontal door and elevator).

    These soldiers have limited supplies and no reinforcements with Raven Rock sealed by the time the Player exists the vault.

    The Base was a NSA Listening Post and protoype Auto-Fac (thanks Philip K. Dick) id s throw back to Navarro. It's a disguised gas station. It builds the EyeBots and relays the transmissions to Raven Rock so other factions cannot track down Raven Rock as active. It has a ZAX, but not like Eden with hard-coded directives meant to keep it from going rogue and its primary mission has always been collecting intelligence (SIGINT and ELINT) listening to both domestic and foreign communications, hacking, and access to all the major corporate networks. With that context of knowledge, it is capable of analysis of acquired information and flagging important developments for officer review (i.e. the holodiscs and communications from other fallouts as well as fallout 3 world status).

    I've been collecting all communications and holotapes from F1, F2, (Pre-time player line FNV, FO4, and (shudder) possibly Fallout 76 notes from the wikis and much of the content is based on and consistent with the Fallout Bible (including the fact the Enclave retreated to multiple bunkers across the United States in preparation for the Great War).

    Upon meeting them, you are not immediately attacked because your advanced PipBoy 3000 and vault dweller history ("Well I'll be damned, a red blooded American doesn't just show up on our doorstep every day"). You can join as an enlisted soldier, or you will be conscripted. You don't have to do their missions, but after about a game month (depending on testing) they may come after you as AWOL (similar to Talon or Regulator scripts). To stop this, you will have to kill every single soldier in the base.

    In addition, I want to add many more Enclave camps to the Wasteland. And fix the many landing and takeoff vertibird scripts scripts to repeat rather than do once and disable. If you haven't unlocked the Enclave wasteland presence, killing an Eyebot may result in an artillary bombardment of the location in hopes of taking out the aggressor. If the Enclave is present, the artillary still rains down, but a vertibird team also arrives to investigate.

    Anyway, like Protector Casdin, there will be a script to earn their trust by bringing them resources. There will be multiple quests to install transmitters in Brotherhood, Outcase, Requlator, Talon Company, and any other faction mainframes I can think of (Suggestions welcome). They will not want you to wipe out these factions, but instead let the Brotherhood and Outcasts continue your mission of collecting tech. Their assets can be seized later once the Enclave Provisional Government is in place.

    With their trust you will receive a battlefield commission. The general Enclave will not recognize this for plot reasons, but they will not immediately be hostile unless you linger in their presence too long.

    In addition to securing their FOB and Raven Rock, the platoon secures and cleans up Adams Air Force base. Expect it to look more organized and be tremendously more difficult.

    Before your arrival, President Richardson ordered the team to secure F.E.V. samples from Vault 87. The only samples left were in locked storage the mutuants could not reach, the team opened the storage room, got their sample, and got the hell out. The downside: the super mutants now had additional supplies of F.E.V. for their "reproduction." Given the only humans around were chem-ed out irradiated raiders.... the results have obviously been less ideal and unlike the Master, there were no rejects.

    The Recon team also visited the Pentagon, they seized the functional Liberty Prime 2 meter tall proof of concept and, because it was unfeasible to move, they removed what they thought were sufficient components to render it inert. I'm undecided on making the mini-liberty prime a possible companion. They downloaded copies of the mainframes and terminals for their ZAX unit and imploded several floors of sensitive information and equipment.

    There will possibly be Brotherhood blimps circling the wasteland if that mod author allows it, or I may make my own, but I really like his with the search lights. As discussed above, however, the Enclave will have air superiority and much more wasteland flights.

    Eventually, you will find out why the FOB never intergrated with Raven Rock. Officially, they are the eyes, ears, and boots on the ground for the Enclave while holed up in Raven Rock. UnofficIally, the Vault 87 mission turned them all into ghouls. Like Frank Horrigan, the Enclave doesn't necessary throw away useful assets that mutate, but President Eden will not allow the Platoon into Raven Rock unless specifically invited and wearing full Advanced Power Armor to prevent contamination.

    I'm considering making this a post-game add-on, that is, play normally (while helping the FOB and spying on the factions), then middle to post game help rebuild Raven Rock, seize Project Purity from Rivet City (or even seize Rivet City); set up small outposts infront of various pre-war installations (even if your've already cleared them), they will ask if you will help them assault and seize the facility, if you decline they just hang out in front, if you accept a vertibird drops off more troops and they will follow you into the building with the goal of clearing it of enemies (presumably to loot it, but no one is going to care if you're taking all the goodies.

    Oh and you will be paid in pre-war money, which will also be added to their inventories. A dollar is worth 10 caps. so it adds up fast.

    Thoughts and suggestions?
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    The best explanation would have been that Enclave had outpost on both coasts all along (since before the war), rather than having everyone move from one side of the continent, to the other, for no reason,
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    Thank you, I really appreciate the input as I try to flesh out the story (worst deign method is to design the levels and then cram in a story -- although I already have awesome DeeJones FNV and Remants armors immplemeted, I am still waiting to hear back on permission from several authors to sue parts of their mods).

    Essentially, the west coast did move east for better or worse for the lore, it's feasible at least. My thinking of coming from Narvarro is especially relevant because, according to Fallout 76, the Oil Rig was sent the plans for the Vertibird and the X-01 (Don't get me started, X-01 is APA MK1, and F2 APA Mark 2, I wish they'd erase the F3s APAs from history -- which is kind onr goal of my what mod does.). But that meant the Oil Rig was the main producer of the things (although, again, later fallots call this into question).

    The Oil Rig reactor took about two hours to go super critical, so it's plausible many actually made it off. I had a thought of implementing either a President Richardson (too injured from the explosion) to be put in robobrain or a brain dome connected to the facilitiy's ZAX, not really in control of anything or aware of his surroundings, but eacger to chat up the player with most of his F2 dialog just the same. He had a lot of exposition new players never got.

    Likessie, despire FO4, previous FOs had mentioned there were negative consuqences to cryo-stasis, which dove-tails nicely whith his lack of understanding what is going on or that he is not longer the president, but the ZAX keeps him around for social interaction and certain processing operations unique to the human brain, as well.

    Cetain other chararacters I wasnted to save like Sgt. Arch Dornan, Sgt. Granite, etc.c But then, they could have reinforced the FOB on Autumn's arribal, biut pre-vault 87 mission turning everyone into gouls. Maybe the original crew were pre-war ghouse (which would allow a ton of exposition, make them undisputedly memebers of the U.S. Government, full of exposition, and moderate as to their goalss for restoring America without, ya know, their own genocide.

    if the base was manned the whole the time, however, that undercut the first mission I was thinking zbout on heloing them bring it fully on online.

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    Actually, after thinking about it, I like it. A Pre-War Enclave bunker with too few residents to sustain its population, so the team is in cryo-stasis, Control Station ENCLAVE wakes them up when it decides to become active and establish Navarro.

    Transfer of tech via communications gets them up to speed; they already have their own RobCo Automated Production lines (a la FNV). And they start their missions -- like the one to Vault 87.

    They get Raven Rock operational, but, for obvious reasons there is a schism between them and Eden.
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    an old thread, if you would like to get to work on the mod we could discuss it, and i can get a rough prototype worked in with the fo3/nv geck.
    ive had similar idea's in the past, and always though the enclave facilities and bases needed more.
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    I actually have; was looking to mod TTW (give superior engine, relatively); there's some great abandoned PAs on nexus (or were, not entire sure on rules, albeit I got permission from most of the creators), main goal was to create a more plausible group and then occupation of Enclave with as many NPCs as the NV engine could handle. But, it's gone on in fits and starts.

    Also kinda wanted to have a bunker supporting Raven Rock filled with Enclave members that wear PA Armor, scientist gear, or my personally modified Riot Gear / Ranger armor (for officers, why the heck are they walking around with no protection?); anyway, big reveal is they are/were true believers but you can persuade them to revolt because they had been doing initial investigations, got ghoulified, and were banned from Raven Rock / other facilities because of it. Wouldn't find out until earning their trust, then potentially, given battlefield commission and with sufficient achievements decide to help Enclave or help destroy it and pursue main line quest while keeping the "outcasts" members (or murder them all and keep their bunker and robots). Interesting stories and things to explore when the zealots became the the things they hated,

    Would have more support than a single bunker contributing to the war effort, more random attacks, more expeditionary teams at valuable facilities, etc, and as you build notoriety the regular Enclave sends kill teams / or with prestige: a chance they intervene with bombing runs etc when in combat... (Thank you Enclave Commander).

    I got far, Jerry rigged a lot of code from mods granting use privileges, had working animated lighted and some stealth PAs for more variety, (original Tesla and Hellfire tossed, only basic original kept as a cheap mass produced Mark III), but nav mesh issues, voice acting, and mission scripting were my hang ups.

    (And had to take a looong break for chemo, but that's mostly behind me).
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