Need advice on modding Fallout Et tu or Fallout 1 in 2

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  1. Billy Boy

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    Sep 27, 2019
    Hey guys, I am interested in making a mod with two main features.

    1) You can talk to Merc Recruiters and you can hire out Mercenary expendable party members. You can hire up to 8 or 9, each can have their armor customize and they function like party members. They go where you go and defend you. They can use all the weapons available with armor upgrade possible. Party members can be human and etc..

    2) This part is you can talk to a Caravan merchant and you are the caravan leader. The goal is, the caravan merchant will pay you, pending on the number of surviving party member from the Caravan you start out with. For example, I have a Caravan Merchant in the hub wanting a caravan run to shady sand. After receiving the mission, you have 5 Caravan guard and a courier spawn next to you. You led the mission to Shady sand. When you get to Shady sand, the Caravan merchant count the survivors, pay you and then the caravan disappears. After you can start again, another caravan back to the hub and etc.

    I have successfully implement this on both Skyrim and Fallout 4, looking to do it in Fallout 1 in 2. Any advice or help please on how to start?

    Please note this is not modding help like I have a problem with a mod. Just general discussion like a direction as to what software to use, tools and somewhere to start. Website that have helps.. just a discussion.
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