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    Apr 1, 2004
    Rock, Paper, Shotgun interviews someone about Nuclear Union, which we first heard about a couple of weeks ago.<blockquote>RPS: How linear is the story?

    Romanova: The story is linear as much as the global task of our hero demands it. Player has a freedom of choice otherwise.

    RPS: How open is that world? Can the player explore anywhere as in, say, Fallout 3?

    Romanova: We plan to create a considerably vast world. Sometimes it scares us when we realize how much work we still need to do. There will be story missions with interactive scripted scenes. However after the completion of such a mission, the player will be able to freely roam the game world, take part in various events, complete additional quests and uncover secrets of the new world.</blockquote>
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    The emphasis of what's revealed still seems to be on combat and tactics rather than character interaction or choice and consequence, but we'll keep watching. Head over to the website if you want to see cool screenshots of magicians on pedestals and whatnot.

    Thanks to Bengt.
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    Haven't been keeping score on this one, is it an RPG or not? Or just an action game with some choices in it?
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    No hard info yet. They do claim "the freedom of the player’s actions will only be limited by their imagination". But:

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    I haven't really been "keepin score" with this either... but I do know that I enjoyed the Men of War games, despite the done-to-death WWII setting. Granted, there wasn't really a lot of gameplay (Go there, kill some mans, do it again), but what was there was pretty fucking awesomely executed.