Persona 5 Review

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    Mar 22, 2017

    Ok then, so this is my first review, so if it sucks that’s why, anyways to the main topic, Persona 5. Persona 5 is a JRPG developed by Atlus, the game is a hybrid of a dungeon crawler with life simulation aspects, anyways I will be splitting up this review into sections, the story, the gameplay, the gripes, and the conclusion, now lets get started.

    The Story
    This will be spoiler free, Persona 5 starts with our silent protagonist, moving to Tokyo to be under probation by a man named Sojiro Sakura, during this time he and others discover there is another world known as the metaverse, they plan to reform society by using this metaverse and also search for the cause behind the mental shutdowns that have been plaguing Tokyo.

    The Gameplay
    The gameplay is traditional turn based RPG combat, but there are some unique aspects of the combat, if you exploit an enemies weakness, your character will get an extra turn, the same applies to the enemy though, throughout the game you will collect Persona for combat and fusion, fusion will create a more powerful persona, in the day to day life parts of the game, you will work on social links, these are the bonds you form with others, they are also beneficial as they allow you to fuse powerful persona, the gameplay overall has improved greatly, dungeons are more unique, and there are more puzzles, making the dungeons much more enjoyable and fresh. Persona_5_Palace_Combat.jpg

    The Gripes
    Now although this is a great game, it is not without its issues, in combat if the main character's health reaches zero it is game over, even if other party members are still up, there are times where the story can get a little dull but it picks itself back up rather quickly, my final gripe with the game is that in the dungeons, you will be interrupted by dialogue a lot, a little too much sometimes, but overall the pros greatly outweigh the cons.


    The Conclusion
    To conclude, Persona 5 is an amazing game, the characters, the story, the gameplay, and the music. I loved it all, it was another great Persona game. Now a warning to all who are thinking of playing this game, it is around 90-110 hours long, it will take a long time to finish it but I consider it worth the time, overall I would give Persona 5 a 9/10. Another excellent game from Atlus, if this does well enough I’ll do the past entries in the series, have a good day.
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    Nov 4, 2013
    Without me saying that's good or bad, that's true of the series in general.
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    Mar 22, 2017
    Good point, I should have been more descriptive about that, my gripe with it was that it was something that has been an annoying mechanic that had not yet been removed, but whether this is good or bad is up to each person.
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    This game ends with literal Satan as the hero against my god YHWH the "Demiurge." Luciferian indoctrination up the wazoo! But because I'm a huge hypocrite I have Persona 3 Portable on my phone's PSP emulator.