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    Dec 18, 2003
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    A work of art? I agree wholeheartedly, PS:T was one of the few games that made me realize just how video games were another source of story-telling, a more interactive way. In fact, this was the one game where I did not mind reading all the dialogue because it was quite interesting and it was not mindless blather. For example


    Such as when talking to Dak'kon about the Circle of Zerthimon and the religious aspects about each one, or when finding out that he has been your *slave* for so many years.

    How about when talking to Candrian Illborne in the Smoldering Corpse Bar and hear him tell his adventures of traveling the planes, and actually having the ability to ask him to explain each one. Which in turn opened up a multiverse of places which I had wanted to visit but was saddened when it seems I did not get to visit that many.

    Or just the whole story in general of how a man makes a deal to save his town and tries to loophole it by giving up his soul so he never has to fufill the deal and not realizing the serious circumstances something like that takes, wandering across the multiverse, memory less, looking so very hard for the one thing you desperately wanted to get rid of.

    The amount of philosophical and belief aspects packed into a game, and in such a way where it you could believe it. Not like well thats fantasy and well that could never happen. but more of a ability to relate to how this man goes about his life and what he tries to do and how you can understand what he does and actually sympathize with him.

    Yes this game is a magnificent work of art, a piece of art that I believe has made me think more than than any other, and has even made me cry *you gotta admit at the very end after TNO reunites with his essence and hes sending everyone back to Sigil, quite an emotional moment, especially when hes asking Morte to tell his story *least I think thats what he asked him to do**, a piece of art that has gotten the game to feel for the characters and feel like hes right there with The Nameless One when he talks to the pillar of skulls, or when hes at the Fortress of Regrets. And when a game has the ability to bring out a gamer's emotions then a work of art it is.

    (Darn you for making me installing it again right now as we speak)
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    Hell yeah.
    When i first completed PS:T, i was absolutely floored, and walked confusedly around for a while before restarting the game.


    The whole "meeting your personified mortality" was brilliantly done.
    The line TTO delivers when you enter his chamber gives me goosebumps every time.
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