Play As Yourself Challenge - With Realism

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    Jun 25, 2012
    Play As Yourself Challenge

    For Fallout New Vegas, but will work on other similarly-styled games.

    (Note: This challenge is a bit tedious, so may not suit certain play styles)

    The 'play as yourself' style is not new - in fact, many gamers who play games where you have a highly customisable character in a sandbox environment will base their character on themselves. Often this a glorified or alternative version of themselves - it's really quite natural and expected - and more often than not the character will do things that the player has to admit that they would not do in their shoes. Again, it's natural because the NPCs aren't going to judge you or laugh at you (and if they do, it's not even real). You can switch off the game at any time to exit an unpleasant or boring situation instead of having to endure it. You don't feel the pain or difficulty they're going through. You do not experience fatigue or illness and you don't need to battle with your own inner demons in a game (usually). You also don't have to think about your own mortality when you can just re-load from the last save point.

    The 'Play As Yourself Challenge' aims to take realism to the max. In summary, you will have to be completely honest in all of your actions. If you were that character, and you were stuck in that universe, what would you honestly do? Try to put yourself inside the character as if you were in their universe, unable to just 'switch off' when things get ugly. What would you be feeling and thinking in their situation? How would your true personality shape the course of events and decisions your character has to make?

    If you really want to up the realism, there are a lot of mods that can help with this.

    The compulsory rules for this challenge are:

    1) Every decision you make and action you perform in the game must be accurately based on what you would do if you were in the character's shoes, to the best of your imagination.

    2) Your starting skills should reflect your own real-life skills as closely as possible (may not be very easy if your real-life skills are not available in the game, in which case just try to get it as close as possible). In the case of Fallout games and building the character's stats, if you find you have lots of skill points left over because you're really honest and don't think you can justify adding them to any other stat, just add the remainder on to luck.

    3) If your character's personality changes away from your own over the course of the game due to life-changing events, PTSD, the development of friendships or rivalries, etc. you must be able to logically back up why these events changed your character's personality.

    4) Life-changing events will affect your character's personality in one way or another. If you were in their shoes and went through all they went through, you would probably not be the same person at the end of it.

    The optional rules for this challenge are:

    1) Keep a journal, whether it be a written journal, a screenshot journal or a video journal. A video journal with your own character's dialogue in your own voice would be best, if you're good at voice acting as yourself.

    2) Instead of choosing your own stat-ups each level, keep a written tally of all of the skills you used and how many times you used them per level. Only level up the ones you used the most often. You don't need to do this if you're already playing a game that automatically levels up the skills as you use them.

    3) If you're playing Fallout: New Vegas, add the mod Project Nevada. It provides lots of options to add realism to the game, such as food not restoring health (but instead satisfying hunger) or stimpaks not repairing crippling injuries. You can adjust the damage settings, or how slowly you move if your legs are crippled, how quickly you gain experience and how many times you can choose a new perk. The mod also adds more content into the game so is worth having anyway.
    3a) If you are using this mod and you have the related option enabled, you will need doctor bags to heal your crippled limbs. But are you really a doctor? Do you even know how to set a broken bone, or stitch back together a torn muscle? Would you even have the stomach to reach into your own oozing abdomen to pull out a bullet and then painstakingly repair the wound, even if you did have the required instruments, skills and sanitation? If the answer is no, or even an unsure, then you must gain a medical skill of at least 50 before you can use doctor bags. Until then you must crawl back to a doctor if you become crippled. If you have an overwhelming fear of needles and don't think you could fight past them, you will also need a doctor to administer stimpaks.

    4) If, in real life, you like to get drunk or you use drugs, or if you simply imagine that wasteland life would probably drive you to drink and drugs if you were really stuck there, the mods 'BLTC' and 'CHEMS' (necessary for BLTC to work properly) adds many types of alcohol to the game, as well as adding some real-world drugs. It also adds screen effects for drink and some chems. The buffs that chems can give you have also been overhauled in these mods. It is also possible to overdose.

    5) Death is final. If you choose this rule for your game, you may not re-load from the last save point after you die. This rule is purely for those who want maximum realism and don't mind if their challenge is cut short early, and not really advisable since it's so easy to disregard the rule 'just once' in the case of supposed fluke deaths.

    6) Don't fast travel. You may, however, use the 'wait' command for the boring bits, for example if your character is just chilling out or hiding away somewhere for the night.


    Most challenges have a main goal, that's why it's called a challenge after all. However, the nature of this challenge makes it difficult to make a universal goal. The journey made by one person may be drastically different from another, and their goals may also be drastically different. Some may choose to not even pursue the main quest.

    So I merely suggest these goals for your challenge to be considered 'complete'. You can complete as many or as few as you like, as long as you complete at least one of them then your challenge will be finished.

    Option 1: Create your own goal and complete it. It must be a reasonably difficult goal that should take you past at least 30 levels.

    Option 2: Complete the main quest.

    Option 3: Complete at least 2 professions (get 2 skills to 100).

    Option 4: Reach level 30 (or 40 or 50) if you don't have any other goals, for example, if you're simply a wanderer with no aim in life except to survive, or you don't know what your goals are going to be until you come to completing them.

    If you feel you have anything else to add to this challenge that would make it even better, don't hesitate to demand it be added onto the list of optional rules or goals.

    I will also be taking part in this challenge, using all of the rules. I will be keeping a screenshot and written journal, since my computer doesn't record sound for some reason.

    Also, if this doesn't suit you personally, please say why, just in case there are some tweaks I could make that might make it more fun for a larger group of people.
  2. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    I like this idea. I may participate if I have the time. Great first post!
  3. Catscratcher

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    Jun 25, 2012
    Thanks, glad you like it. Hope to see you join in sometime.

    I've got my character started - will post a journal soon.

    Name: Kay
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female

    Picture:[spoiler:9c756ba8c3] I swear I don't look that creepy IRL. :oops: I guess I'm not so good at character design. Damn she looks creepy standing in the light like that.[/spoiler:9c756ba8c3]

    Strength: 5 - Pretty average for sex and size.
    Endurance: 4 - Gets puffed out a lot.
    Intelligence: 6 - Gets by more on brains than on brawns.
    Charisma: 5 - Not popular, but liked by those few who know me.
    Agility: 6 - Decent acceleration and flexibility.

    Best Stats:

    Melee = 31 (because I'm too weak for fists and don't know how to even handle a gun)
    Sneak = 33 (I am a bit sneaky)
    Speech = 31 (Really because anything else would have been unjustified.)


    Good natured
    Wild wasteland (because none others fit)

    Mod settings that I have modified (all other settings on default):

    1 perk per level.
    Player endurance multiplier for HP = 8
    NPC endurance multiplier for HP = 12
    Player level multiplier for HP = 1
    NPC level multiplier for HP = 1

    Minimum damage threshold: 30%
    Helmet required for head damage threshold: Yes

    Influence of weapon skill on damage: 20%
    Limb damage transfer: 85%

    Safe fall height: 300

    1 leg croppled: 35% movement speed.
    Both legs croppled: 15% movement speed.
  4. Moonrabbit

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    Apr 20, 2012
    Is there a mod that would let you fine tune your stats?
    I mean, I'm perceptive visually and able to connect seemingly unrelated dots to form a picture in a variety of situations. That doesn't mean I'm as good at everything an above average ranking in Perception grants me.
    Or a trained, experienced soldier would probably start with a firearms rating of 100% but is likely good at other things, too.
    I presume there's some way of overriding the starting stats to put as much or as little as you want into each ability.

    Also, has anyone compiled an objective list of how ratings in stats compare to real life experience?

    For example, I could say that I have above average ability to pick locks in that I know how a lock functions and I know what needs to be done to do so. Having said that, the very easiest of locks in Fallout:NV would pose a challenge for me.
    In that case I would pick the minimum or just below the minimum requirement to pick a 'very easy' lock.

    But what of other stats? A list that gives you a rough idea how a rating in a particular stat compares to real life experience would be useful.
    Things like knowing how to fire a gun would grant you a 5% skill rating, having handled a gun grants another 5%, regular handling another 5%, having fired a gun +10% Regular shooting grants another 10%-20% etc.

    I have a feeling I'm volunteering myself to compile this list if it doesn't already exist. I could use some help from people who feel they are particularly knowledgeable or skilled at a particular stat.
  5. Catscratcher

    Catscratcher First time out of the vault

    Jun 25, 2012
    I've seen a mod that lets you fine tune your stats, but I can't find it now, sorry. I never saved it. But it's probably worth looking for because I'm pretty sure it exists.

    As for an objective list on stats and skills relating to your real-life abilities, I don't think I could do it personally. It's a bit too complicated for me and I lack the knowledge to cover the different skill areas (actually all of the skills in Fallout NV I either have no experience in or am very poor at in real life). However it does sound like a good idea for those who want to take it a bit more seriously.
  6. Moonrabbit

    Moonrabbit First time out of the vault

    Apr 20, 2012
    I'll see what I can do if I have time. I'm running on a pS3 right now, so I can't play with the mods yet. But I really want to get a decent computer before long. Especially now that I've seen everything that's available for NV. If anybody finds that mod though, post it here, please.

    I imagine this list could be simplified to:
    Have you Read about it?=5%
    Have you done it?=10%
    Do you do it regularly?=25%
    Do you do it often?=35%
    Do you practice/exercise your skill in it?=50%
    Do you do it professionally?=75%
    Are you an expert at it?=100%

    I'll use something like that as a template and make sure it applies to each skill. Make the questions more relevant, etc.
    Say, for unarmed, the 50% level would be like your first 'black belt' in most martial arts. The 75% would be if you compete in world championships.
    100% would be that you are proficient at killing people with your hands.
  7. Albatross_Ross

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    Jul 18, 2012
    Right thats reason #3 to get my bloody Pc fixed. some of those mods sound aewsome and that list had some good pointers and I never realy thoght about when makeing "me" characters.
  8. Nave Senrag

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    Aug 2, 2011
    I'd like to give it a try, but I can't find a way to set my special stats to 10 at the start of the game. Can someone help me?

    Just kidding. I wouldn't last ten seconds in the wasteland.
  9. WillisPDunlevey

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    Feb 2, 2010
    it would be weird playing as me because it would make fallout too easy.

    I would start out with far too many guns and too much ammo for the game to be fair or balanced :mrgreen:
  10. FOvet

    FOvet Wandering the Wastelands

    Aug 26, 2012
    I'd do this if I was running NV on PC--but I am using the 360, so don't have access to the realism mod. Still, awesome idea and wish I could do it!

    I am going to try and find a way to adapt this to FO2--if only there was a realism mod to F02 ._.
  11. Khuzor

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    Sep 10, 2012
    Well 'ere goes!

    Name: Simon
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male

    Physical traits:
    Race - Caucassian
    Height - 177 cm


    Strength: 4 - "Yeah sure I can carry this... for about 5 inches."

    Endurance: 4 - "Oh sweet mother mercy we've been walking for a whole 10 minutes... break anyone?"

    Intelligence: 6 - "It's probably smart to go AROUND those NCR patrols..."

    Charisma: 4 - " Yo my dawgs whats up High five!.... anyone?"

    Agility: 8 - " Loose lips sink ships, Fast legs save lives... mine in particular."

    Best Skills:

    Sneak = 31 ( That's right Cazadors, nooobody here but us chickens....)
    Science = 33 (I like to learn, but stuff I like)
    Repair = 31 (They call me the Duck-tape Wizard.)


    Four Eyes ( I am a Man of SCIENCE I'll have you know)
  12. Joelzania

    Joelzania Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Oct 12, 2011
    This is way too hard, in game, you can keep jogging forever without stopping. I try jogging in real life an I collapse after two minutes. Damn.
  13. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    Fire up the mighty power of CAPSLOCK, then, and prepare for the most boring journey of your life.
  14. Ohaimerk

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    Mar 30, 2009
    If this were realism mode it'd be Play With Yourself Challenge - With Lotion

    I'm not known for my adventures, after all
  15. Hail dark lord Väder

    Hail dark lord Väder First time out of the vault

    Jun 12, 2012
    I tired to play as myself, made a white trashy semi skinny - semi athletic / agile lazy ass wasteland stoner on a never ending quest to get high.
    Only whent for the easy stealth theft and only killing if nessesary, only defenseless / unaware targets in order to loot as much value off them as possible to afford more drugs, during long walks I have to stop semi often to sit, inject things and old loot motels for drugs & alcohol. Playing om very hard & hardcore mode.

    During my travels I am only able to use simple small weapons (guns) and or smaller blades or lead pipes etc.

    After having the hardest fight in my life against the feral ghoul Reaver & his romers and glowing one buddies inside the sealed sewers underneath north / west new Vegas.
    Short tale:
    I was in the northwest outskirts of new vegas serching motel rooms for supplies or a fix. I was Lv7 i think when i walked out with a crippled leg from the "very funny motel scorpions" and fell straight into a sewer pipe..
    When finaly found them...
    All i had to use against them was my trusty light weight metal armor, (could never stand wearing anything heavier due to lazyness / lacking the strength) + a motorcycle helmet, + one 9 pistol with some ammo, a half broken multi plas rifle with a few microfusion cells. The same mulit plas rifle that i had just accidentaly found just a haf hour earlier in those same stinky sewers.
    It was the dead body of a prospector along with + 1 convenient advanced radiation suit.
    By using all those things i eventually made ny way into the sealed off sewer area and manager to take Down the reaver +
    adds. Had no energy weapons skill at this Point,
    but i had no other choice than to use the multi plas rifle And it ended up saving My ass and destroying my enemies at the very end.

    I managed to loot this characters current signature weapons: The Humble Cudgel, for all my deth collection / knee cap pummeling needs :)

    Currently am quite tired of playing on this character, I find myself
    Missing the energy weapons a lot so I oftenly take breaks from him and use my energy weapons instead :)
  16. person

    person It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 29, 2011
    This is pretty much a PC only challenge. Playing vanilla as a character I had based on myself, two hours in I was killing Caesar's mongrels with a shovel.

    I'll give it a try soon.

  17. SnapSlav

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    Jul 1, 2012
    As others mentioned, the limitations of the engine make this challenge somewhat difficult to pull off. But I thought of it as a fun exercise purely from the "theorycraft" perspective... In other words, DESIGNING a character as much like yourself as possible. This unfortunately ignores accomplishing any goals of course, but it "suits its purpose" of providing something for players to aim for with their characters that they normally ignore; realism.
  18. person

    person It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 29, 2011
    The more I think about this challenge the more it bothers me actually. It's the damn dialogue options. I don't think I've ever had the option to say something that I would actually say except ". . ." and "Go on." And unfortunately, it's the one thing you can't mod (voice actors, they never answer my calls).

    I would still like to try, but until I become a writer there, it's just never gonna be quite right.
  19. ramessesjones

    ramessesjones It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Oct 27, 2010
    For something like this, do you base your stats on what they currently might be or on their potential? For example someone has capacity to strong or fit and perhaps they were when they were younger, but years of lame office jobs have caused them get weaker/slower, but at the same time it's not something that couldn't be mostly fixed with several months of training and likely would have never happened if their profession was wasteland courier, instead of software developer/accountant/whatever.
  20. Khuzor

    Khuzor First time out of the vault

    Sep 10, 2012
    Well so far so good, the only time my character shoots is with VATS, since any other time he realise he's at the mercy of his own aim and legs it till AP regenerates, also he wears only Light armor, since any other armour with his Str ( realistically) reduces him to a slow walk instead of walking with the occasional burst of speed.
    Armor of Choice is Mercenary Troublemaker, and weapon of choice is running away.

    Its getting kinda boring now, but at the start WALKING everywhere ( fuck you fast travel) was really immersive