Proof that there is a God

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  1. Lukus

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    May 11, 2003
    It would be cool to die by parachuting and crashing into a propeller plane mid-air, causing it to crash into a caravan of petrol trucks that cause an explosion so big that the nuclear powerplant they were just passing has a meltdown and destroys a small country.
  2. Sina

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    Aug 3, 2005

    Thats better. A little. +5 on the berserker scene and lightning though. Reminds me of similar mental movie i had...with being burried the Viking way in a burning ship, and all the women would by crying their eyes out, riping clothes...and across the land all the whores would take any man that would come by and refused any coin... (G.R.R.Martin)

    SUICIDE BOTH!! SUICIDE!! How could you missed that? AND INSIDE not outside!
    I have high expetations of you now that you have dared to cary the image of my idol himself!
  3. Bradylama

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    Oct 22, 2003
    So let's take a look through the mind of Sina:

    Emaciated Jews and senseless murder = funny
    Kids you'll never know being crushed by a giant cross = not funny

    So you think about the people first, and then the imagery. Is that to imply then, that you think the Holocaust never happened? Just because it happened a long time ago doesn't mean that you know its victims any more than you know these beaner babies.
  4. Sina

    Sina It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 3, 2005
    You are so beyond understanding so much that there is no explaining to you.
    lacking...of ....mental....abilities.....
    Either that or you are just trolling. But i doubt that you would be smart enough for that.
    I think you actualy mean what you say.

    That was said just to clarify that im not some stiff pretend to be righteous guy, and to clarify that if i think such outlook on things is wrong its not because im better than the people i talk to.

    And i laughed at schindlers list because some scenes, particularly of killing were done wrongly and looked exagarated, and hilarious insted being shocking and appaling.
    That has to do only with the movie.
    Nothing about what youve said aout what i must be thinking.

    Dont expect me to answer such crap in the future, but i thought i might just this once, clear things up.
  5. Wooz

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    May 18, 2003
    I was only talking about Jebus, stop screaming.
  6. Sina

    Sina It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 3, 2005
  7. Bradylama

    Bradylama So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Oct 22, 2003
    Ooooh, fun. I remember this is how they talked to tribesmen in the old moving pictures.

    You.... are.... a.... hypocrite.... there-fore.... anything.... you.... say.... means.... diddily.... squat.

    Was there a point in trying to make us feel bad? Did you think that I lacked.... mental.... abilities.... to recognize the flexible morality in finding humor in this situation?

    Of course if this happened to somebody I cared about, I wouldn't think it's funny. Though, later on down the line I might, and I certainly wouldn't blame somebody else for finding the humor in the circumstance.

    Hell, a very good friend of mine had a terrible accident resulting in her death close to a year ago, and I'm already inclined to joke about the manner of it.

    Don't try and insist to us that you're an amoral dude, because your self-righteousness is shining through.

    Either stick to your guns, or don't insist that you're really an open-minded guy, and totally not an ignorant bible-thumper like those Jesus Freaks.
  8. Pajari

    Pajari Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 7, 2005
    Start laughing in front of the five sets of parents and then I'll believe you're not just a spineless tool who posts stupid shit on the internet to seem like a tough guy.
  9. ADV

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    Jan 14, 2006
    I think Sina overlooked the 'culturally acceptable' check box on his/her babel fish translator.

    As far as children getting killed via a large metal cross - the god of circumstance is to blame.

  10. Hokian

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    Mar 18, 2006
    sometimes i wonder if people in this forum take stuff too literally....then i just keep reading and see that they almost always do.

    and i would much rather die by a lighting bolt hitting a cross than a normal death!
  11. Jarno Mikkola

    Jarno Mikkola Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Jul 14, 2005
    well the only thing I can say to that is, that the figures are wrong, they should be somewhere like:
    Kids +6 000 000 000.
    God -3 000 000 000.
    Nature -2 000 000 000.
    Humankind -1 000 000 000.

    Why only a little country, why not a big like India or China, cause at least you would flip the scale a little to the gods side.

    And speaking about death jokes.
    A man came to a bar and started drinking, a lot, and the bartender noticed this and came to talk to him.
    -So what's wrong.
    -I killed a man today.
    -What the hell.
    -Well, you know that I am a good marksman.
    -Yes, but what is tha...
    -Well I was called for an execution. There were ten of us, and eight had blank cartridges, so that to lessen our guilt.
    -So how do you know that you killed the man.
    -Well, the other one missed, and I was the only one that aimed at his head. :)
  12. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    Been there, done that, I can appreciate irony.

    Six billion bipedal cockroaches on this planet, and you want to cry for those too fucking stupid to understand what happens when you put a GIANT ELECTRICAL CONDUCTOR ON THE TOP OF A HILL?

    You don't have to be an electronics engineer to figure out that it turns into...a LIGHTNING ROD! But that might just be my assumption, as I believe it should be common sense when it's common sense to even most children in the states that just about require lightning rods, but I may instead just be an exceptional genious.

    People dying = tragedy.
    Stupid people dying = fucking hilarious.
    People defending stupid people = tragedy.

    There you have the real tragedy of this situation.

    I was wondering the same, when you can make some snide remark about people and then excuse yourself because your "brain works a certain way". Well, excuse me, I've been around death before, I know how many people die in the world, and the concept of there being a God to which these people were praying to, and it being His decision to take each person, then that is pretty fucking hilarious and ironic when He takes them during prayer to Him.

    Again, God-damned pseudo-Christians and not knowing anything about the religion. :D Much like Carlos Mencia's remarks about Passion of the Christ, and how he didn't see the point of mourning or crying when, DUH, Christ comes back and he's the savior for the Christian faith. So how is that a sad thing, instead of a beautiful thing?

    See? Those of us who understand the Christian religion find this entirely too fucking hilarious, because EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO MOURNS WHO DID NOT PERSONALLY KNOW SAID CHILDREN IS NOT A CHRISTIAN IN SPIRIT, only in practice. There is an association factor in psychology that remarks about the emotional tie someone has to another by their degrees of separation.

    As you mentioned with that movie, you, yourself, fell prey to the same quantification, that Jews dying was distant enough for you to find it funny. Yet you try to chastize people for doing the same thing.

    THAT is hypocrisy, or as you wanted to claim, trolling.

    No, it's a general bullshit quantification to excuse your bitching out of people, by making it "okay" because you personally have been through or have done that. Straw man argument, cut down and burnt.

    Post a whine.

    Post a weak-ass "defense".

    Continue whine with even more excuses.

    Then here's a wonderful concept, GENIOUS.

    Why the hell did you bring it up in the other context, not in context of the movie's presentation? You said it was perfectly okay for you to disconnect and laugh about it, but then said everyone else should personally feel the pain and suffering of the dead's loved ones.

    Then don't ever post your crap in the future, and we'll not have to deal with it. The problem with so many quote "open-minded" people is that their brains have long since leaked from their skulls.

    Figure out a way to swallow a grenade and you're in business. Just have the string sticking from your mouth and you're the human bullfrog. Don't forget to say "ribbit" first. :twisted:

    And, in general, the cross did NOT fall on them...they were electrocuted.
  13. Shadowbird

    Shadowbird Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Jul 20, 2003
    Now that was funny. :D
  14. Jebus

    Jebus Background Radiant

    Jan 29, 2004
    Ey, fuck you: that was a public mailbox.
    Passing out behind a phone booth would've been embarassing.
  15. Sina

    Sina It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 3, 2005
    Montez seems like the only one that got what i was trying to say.
    Lifted me up a bit there, guy. Cheers...

    However badly i explained my point of view for the Roshambo and that other guy...i just wanted to, you know, throw a cog in that inflated pompous "im ironic - i know it" attitude and smirking about five dead kids.
    If nothing else if you smirk about someone other you can expect some pain in return, can you?
    Be fair. At least something that makes you angry, not self satisfied and smug and all that.

    And Roshambo...did you really had a kid that was killed?
    I am sorry...i don't appreciate the irony of that.

    Could you tell me how it happened so i can invent something funny about it, something hilariously ironic and smirk about it, if you really want to push it to the truth of it?
    Please don' tired of it, i have no taste for it no more.
    And even if i can think of the words i wont be laughing inside at all. Or smirking.

    And... you believe in God that saves you after death so its alright?
    Or do you believe that those people believe that, so its alright?
    Those pseudo-christians you talked about...

    What i said abut the movie..... i should have point out for you that if im telling you that its wrong to detach and laugh about something like that, than surely i think the same of myself when im doing the same thing.
    That was the reason i wrote it.
    Im....sorry...i didn't....explain .....that.....especially for you......

    On the other hand i totaly agree with you. If i meant what you think i did then your answers would be really appropriate. But im surprised that you managed to take all those conclusions from what i wrote all the same.
  16. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    you have so much to learn Sina...

    about life, about nma, about discussions, about Rosh. allow me to hand you a few gems of wisdom here, kid. (not that i'm that smart myself, but Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built! ;) )

    fact 1: don't push Rosh just for the sake of argument. he wont push back, he'll simply devour you whole, like the nice lil' deathclaw he is. there is no powerarmor to save you from him. you are of course free to argue with him if you want to, but better make sure your logic is valid and that what you're saying cant be misinterpreted. he might not agree with the contents, but he'll respect you anyway if it is logical and founded.

    fact 2: calling people stupid or simpletons does not make you win an argument. quite au contraire... i know swinging around your e-peen is fun, but no one cares about childish tantrums.

    fact 3: at least try to structure your argument... you're giving me a headache with your random brabble. and please try to decide what you want to do instead of spewing a stream of bullshit.

    fact 4: discussions are reason we're here (this IS the General Discussion Forum), but please, don't come storming inhere like a messiah that holds all the answers & is always right. accept other opinions and recognise when it's time to cut your losses & back out before you reach a deadlock (or gain a custom avatar to go with your stubbornness).
  17. Sina

    Sina It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 3, 2005
    Well...i was trying not to look like a storming messiah....and what little i know i think ...sometimes if you canot know what is right its enough to if you atleast know what is wrong.... ahh...

    Nice little deathclaw...niceee....



    for the sake of general good will among freaks that simpleton is gone, even if it was refering to that bradylama something.
  18. Rill

    Rill First time out of the vault

    Apr 25, 2006
  19. Richoid

    Richoid It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Apr 22, 2006
    I think jokes on the foundation of dead children should be banned, why? Because children are the life force of the world and hence must be protected, making joke about dead children encourages people to treat children less, maybe if children are revereed more they will grow up knowing they are safe.
  20. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    Ah, argument by appeal. Sorry, what he posted had really little to do with your "Well i hope that anyone here that thinks its funny gets his kids killed one day by some similar accident, because only then you would know how funny it really is." only to post that if someone had to die, it might as well be spectacular than a poor death. In fact, your logic still doesn't make any sense, because you validated your laughter to the aforementioned movie, and then said that your brain works backwards and you have to think of the children before anything else in the picture. Given the state of Mexico, it probably could be consider a mercy killing.

    Hell, if there wasn't a God, I think the joke would still be quite funny, because they were praying to someone who wasn't there, and died for it through scientific stupidity and oversight (a lightning rod on top of a hill that people surround) in lieu of religion. The only real tragedy in that would be the stupidity of those who erected such a site, and then had children pray at a lightning rod.

    Moron. There's no "smugness" in it, just irony, which I have pointed out since the second post in this thread. You should really lay off the cracks about intelligence if you're going to be too dense to understand irony. This one had multiple levels of irony if you'll pardon that one is a simple pun. The other form of irony was far better.

    No, not a child of my own, but I have seen people die and had more than a few friends die, you begin to understand it's part of life, and you'll never get out alive.

    So I laugh at something natural, and according to the Christian faith, something I shouldn't be mourning in the first place. Know the religion first before you try to tell me how I should honor those within it. If I laugh along with God and His intents, then I am honoring the teachings of Him and His Son, and by that merit, His religion. In fact, through theological disection, it could almost be termed a snub on God if I treated His design as a tragedy, if I didn't personally know those He took. According to the scripture, if they lived faithfully and morally, then they are destined for Heaven. Which should be a happy occasion that God takes them, before they have to really face the fucked up life in Mexico, with the likely possibility they become gang filler or perform donkey shows and lose that innocence.

    So, religious irony, or scientific irony. It works well no matter how it is interpreted, and is only held as a tragedy if you don't believe in respecting their faith nor reality. Personal tragedy is a given, but that isn't the point of this topic and never has until you brought it in through the typical bleeding heart troll.

    Then do yourself a favor and don't bother returning to this topic again - as you claimed to have been before (yet as with most trolls you haven't been able to leave this topic), because if reality and the world have your ass in a chafe, nobody else here really has the patience to listen to this shit as you will soon be going through puberty.

    If you can't laugh at life, all parts of it, even when degrees of separation have little to no obvious psychological connection between you both, then you're just being a simpering idiot. A bleeding heart. Someone who is too bent on whining instead of looking at all aspects.

    Sure, we could go on about how it is sad that children got killed due to an Act of God, but then we'd be here mourning every tragedy, and your sniveling has been tried before to much amusement at the Darwin Awards. Speaking of which, this might be a good nomination, mainly due to the natural occurance of lightning going for the highest point, likes metal, and people were praying to God who then took them.

    Since you appear wholly clueless like either a non-Christian or the typical Christian that doesn't have a fucking clue about their own religion, let me put it simpler this time in deference to the bleeding hearts.

    These people were praying to God.
    In Christianity, God decides whom dies for whatever reason in His plan.
    God, through lightning, kills those praying to Him.
    I bet they weren't praying for God to kill them, or were asking for help and didn't expect the "Genie's Wish" to be interpreted in such a way.
    Hence worship of the one who kills you through worship = pretty fucking hilarious.

    And, you really have to wonder about God's sense of humor if He's going to kill children praying to Him. That, to me, doesn't seem quite right, but I'm not necessarily shoving it down a Christian fundie's throat.

    No, I had already explained why, which you seem to have decided to ignore in lieu of more trolling with the sniveling. And, anyone who doesn't understand the irony of God killing someone as they were praying to him either doesn't understand the Judeo-Christian religion or IS a pseudo-Christian, or has some emotional connection to said person. Without any of that, it's just foolish crying.

    You really didn't explain shit, yet you're trying to chastize me on my own forums, and instead it looks like your brief babble about the movie was to validate your position of being able to whine at others. Should I find that amusing, or make it amusing?

    Kid, I'm a master debater. If you're not even going to try, don't bother, yet you are the one in my face, and you have yet to really explain yourself except to whine that people shouldn't find humor in death. Yet people can find it amusing that a woman could go through birth in an odd place, without any care to the danger to both her life and her child's, no matter how painful or difficult it could have been for them both. Yes, we could make a reason why it is bad to laugh at anything in life, because someone is ultimately the subject of the joke, but if you're going to cry at every reported death, then you must be one weepy little bitch when thousands die every day.

    So, what religion are you, to allow you to be so wholly clueless of the Christian faith to dwell in your ignorance? What right gives your little shut-in experience with the world the right to devoid anyone else from recognizing that someone died in a pretty ironic way, one that is highly amusing when you take the teachings of the Christian faith, which these people were in middle of active practice? What makes you think you have the right to come along and tell people that "um....someone died, think of their family, I hope it happens to you, don't laugh!"?

    Yes, I do have the people in mind when I make a joke about their death. As devout Christians, I doubt they would be that upset if they really know their own faith, as if they could be upset when they are already spiced and cooked worm food but are now spiritually with God.

    Now THAT's tasteless. :D.


    Yeah, the jokes about dead babies in garbage cans encouraged others to do the same in D.C. ... actually not, when finding a frozen dead baby cut apart by a compression scoop of the garbage truck prompted the joke, which became widespread enough that it brought awareness to those who could implement better safe haven laws. Insinuiating that a joke trivializes that which it portrays is not entirely correct when your audience understands the material. You also seem to think that people can't decide for themselves, in giving the insinuation that a joke will suddenly make them blithely careless about the topic. Yeah, and D&D will make kids Satanic. In other words, it makes the topic approachable without having to stand there and reason why you're talking about dead, dismembered babies with the other person, without any clear reason. If you did that, people would look at you as if you're insane. So the topic of babies being found in garbage cans is then solely regulated to the newspapers whenever it happens, and it used to happen so often that even the newspapers themselves considered it too tasteless and routine to print about.

    By the way:
    >50k children die per day, 30k a day alone from poverty.

    Start weeping, bitch.

    Safe, in Mexico? Do you have any clue what you're trying to talk about? Also, do you have any clue about Dia De Los Muertos and Dia De Los Angelitos? Well, kind of ironic to mention them aside from a celebration of new and parted life in a cycle (the dead are traditionally celebrated there versus the pseudo-Christian mourning), as they could kill two birds with one stone (or five children with one cross) and celebrate dead children. :twisted:

    See, there are multiple levels of irony that could be applied to this situation, but only because I bother to think instead of go "oh, how horrible, children died, wah, wah, wah." which happens every single day as you sit there as a cattle consumer while thousands of children starve to death daily with a household income <$1 a day, and hundreds of millions of children never see their fifth birthday. So, with that in mind, don't presume to talk to me about the suffering of children in this world, I'm fully well aware of it, apparently moreso than you and the other chucklehead. I don't see the world through the fucked up yuppie rose-tinted TVLand reality that you seem to subscribe to, so I can find some humor in everyday happenings. Yes, children need to be protected from the dangers of this world, and their naivitee is a bit endearing in a fashion and has a place, but they don't need to grow up into sheltered idiots like you.

    Only sheep grow up thinking that they are safe.

    People grow up and learn how to live in the world.