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  1. kintachi

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    Nov 12, 2017
    Me and my friend are making a mod that changes everything in the game(not really)the story will be changed to be matched to the after Fallout New Vegas(NCR ending).The NCR and the Brotherhood of Stell are now together(How it happened and plan to conquest the whole America to unite it and make a selfsustendable sociaty.Gimme ideas to the new faction name and folow me to stay tunned to this mod.
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    Apr 21, 2016
    Oh no... Problem being there's no feasible way the BOS and NCR could have sustainable peace time for more than a few decades. That could be a great conflict in your mod tho. Also not to mention the BOS isn't exactly interested in conquest. Is it still set in Boston in 2287? Because Itd be just as ridiculous as anything in 4 to have NCR conquer all of Ceasars territory (comprised of at least 3 states iirc) and everything in between california and Boston in just six years.... :/
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  3. kintachi

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    Nov 12, 2017
    R.Graves...Well the BOS and the NCR are only toghether because Crocker made the New Vegas BOS Elder see that if they wouldn`t change they would never get it (plot that how that happened is the link thanks)and the NCR is conquering while the Bos is helping them to, and teaching them how to use a power armor.And if any vault is dicovered there will be immediate expedictions from the both sides, the BOS is in an alliance only for the ressearch of everything that the NCR encounters and there will be no civil war because 1 years (It`s 2288) the BOS learnt thar they efectiveness goed up for like 200% and so anyone wants to breakup with the allience.After the Courier kill Caesar and Leganius the Legion falled and now they can be called a type of gang.
  4. R.Graves

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    Apr 21, 2016
    No offense man, but that is... ridiculous. Considering how much trouble NCR had conquering just the Mojave. And that the brother hood Is so tiny that they have to hide from NCR patrols... it's nothing short of ridiculous to think their team up would be anywhere near that powerful. Besides even if the brotherhood teaches them how to use tech there still wouldn't be enough to go around. You're making the same mistake bethesda did. Shoehorning in old factions and an over obsession with the rule of cool.
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  5. mithrap

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    May 17, 2016
    I appreciate the passion you show, Kintachi, and I wish you good luck for your mod, which will require tons of work from the sound of it.
    A few things, as R.Graves already said:

    About the legion problem:
    -How would the NCR be able to cross the Legion's territory? These are three States we are talking about. It's huge and filled with hostiles. Considering how difficult it is for the NCR to maintain a proper military structure within the Mojave, it would be impossible for them to do the same in enemy territory thrice as big, even if they deployed their entire military.
    -Caesar's death should provoke infighting... Unless it doesn't. I mean, Legate Lanius is surrounded by a myth of terror for a good reason. It would take a "very", very brave and charismatic legate to rally his own legions under his banner, charge Lanius for his failure at Hoover Dam and declare war to him. I mean, it's possible, but it's not a given.

    About the NCR:
    -How would they pay for such an invasion? Wars are costly, and the brotherhood made sure to cripple the West's economy when they bombed Redding. Fixing their economy was one of the reason why the NCR turned into an expansionist state. Thing is, at best, they "could" fix their economy thanks to Vegas and Hoover Dam after a few years, but taking over America? They simply don't have enough cash to pay the amount of soldiers it would take for such a massive operation.

    About the Brotherhood:
    -The actual brotherhood of steel, the one in Maxson State California, is in ashes. They are being exterminated by the NCR. Yet they are the only ones who "could" make a difference if they sided with the NCR, the Mojave Chapter is too small, too isolated, and mostly, it doesn't have much to put on the table. The NCR doesn't need them, unless for spec ops and for fixing power armors. When it comes to technology, the NCR has the Shis, who are superior to the freaking Institute in every single way when it comes to industrialized high technology. They actually produce power armors, railguns, they can maintain a functional AI, understand schematics for vertibirds and produce seaweeds that eat radiation. They mean business. Allying with the Mojave Brotherhood wouldn't give the NCR an army, it would "just" give them valuable spec ops.
    -In terms of philosophy, the brotherhood and the NCR are total opposites. In the event of an invasion, the NCR will find nuclear weapons on its path. There's no way in hell the brotherhood would let such devices fall into the hands of a faction who wants to emulate the old world ; the brotherhood HATES the old world and wants to prevent it from rising up again. Infighting within this alliance is simply inevitable in the long term.

    Like R Graves, I'd suggest you to come up with a brand new faction instead of using these old two ones. It would be way more interesting, more believable and easier to write too. If you want to include vault technologies, maybe a expansionist vault population, having access to a secret military tech unseen since then (bioweapon, mech, whatever) ? That would be something new. A vault conquering the world. Or a religious federation of tribes, made possible by some event with the daughters of Hecate and in reaction to the defeat of the legion. We haven't seen a proper religious faction since Fallout 1.
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  6. 0wing

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    Mar 23, 2015
    Let's no devolve Fallout into World of Warcraft (storywise).
  7. kintachi

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    Nov 12, 2017
    Guy 's, Guy' s, Guyssssssssss. Get down, so I'm posting topics on my mod here to see the feedback and know if you noticed some errors and gaps in the story so do not make a big mistake like BETHESDA, and I do not think I have mechs in history, because this is not MGS.I'm really enjoying the feedback and I want more to make it a perfect story, so the suggestions from my email is to help me.Ineed to know the history of every faction and controlled states on the map so can you guy`s help me please?
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    May 8, 2007
    To rewrite Fallout 4, you have to start by rewriting the source code. Otherwise you're just trying to mod Call of Duty into Fallout.
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  9. There's no realistic way for the NCR to be on the East Coast right after Fallout: NV. They'll be, at best, getting into the great plains via their scouts and be dealing with the pieces of the Legion. Not even merchants, really, there's no real trade route that can justify the cost and length. Maybe a few intrepid civilians who can make it across whatever Empires arose between Denver and Cincinnati.

    As for the BoS: Let. Them. Lie. They're not needed.
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