S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Shadow of Chernobyl

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  1. Deadman87

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    Nov 7, 2008
    I would compare Stalker Complete to Killaps fallout mod, and O.L. to MIB88's megamod. Both good in their own respect, but where one focus on more purist things that "fit" into the game whereas the other adds content for the sake of fun.

    What you like most is a matter of preference, though i'd like to add that playing O.L. would make a wholly new experience whereas playing Complete would just fulfill and perfect the old feeling of the game.

    O.L. features blowouts though which is absolutetly fantastic as I recollect. The effect is MUCH better than CoP in fact.
  2. Daimyo

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    Oct 26, 2007
    The possibly bugged stalker NPC that kept attacking me despawned when I zoned and then back back later. Pheeew.


    I loved the antenna bunker! Only a few enemies but a large bunker to crawl through ... My nerves were so tense as I kept waiting for something scary to happen - and it never did, which made the whole things that much scarier especially with all the murky sounds ... :)
  3. UnidentifiedFlyingTard

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    Mar 12, 2009
    I started playing STALKER SoC with the LURK mod, its really great, fixes a lot of issues and replaces almost all of the weapons, it also overhauled all of the weather effects, you can also sleep.

  4. Multidirectional

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    Sep 12, 2008
    So I tried playing it with Complete recently, and I've come to conclusion that I don't like old feeling of the game anymore, as it is nowhere near as fun as playing Oblivion Lost for me. Even graphics, when combined with weather overhaul mod are better in OL in my opinion. But mostly, I just don't like shooting in vanilla game, OL makes it much more satisfying.
  5. Tycn

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    Sep 27, 2008
    Same. The vanilla hit deviation is totally random at longer ranges and makes it a lot less fun.

    STALKER is like Oblivion in that there's no reason to play without mods. I haven't tried LURK but it doesn't seem like a real contender for OL.
  6. UnidentifiedFlyingTard

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    Mar 12, 2009
    I have tried LURK and OL, LURK is way better.
  7. requiem_for_a_starfury

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    Apr 3, 2003
    If you are talking about Clear Sky I would agree with you but while most of the big mods for ShoC have been fun I always find myself returning to play the vanilla game. If only to cleanse my palette so to speak, and remind myself why I love this great game. Modders they just don't know when to call it quits and stop meddling.
  8. rcorporon

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    Jan 31, 2008
    Just installed this game, and was wondering if it would be better to play once vanilla, or should I delve into some of the mods right away?
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    Feb 5, 2010
  10. rcorporon

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    Jan 31, 2008
    Looks good.... giving it an install.
  11. Barrett

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    Jun 8, 2007
  12. GreyViper

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    Jul 2, 2004
    I did try out LURK, but found out that it wasn't as good as super mod pack. Anyway since there is some time until SMP 2.5 will be released, if found another great mod and it did not disappoint me. Enter Sigerous Mod for SOC, first I heard from this was for COP. Then if found out its for SOC to. And I have to tell you our eastern neighbors have done awsome job. Ill list the changes that it adds.

    So far it has been great fun, altough im enjoying the COP SGM/BRAZ 1.6 most. There are lot of changes and lots of new stuff to figure out, its almost like new game.

    Download Link http://stalker-gsc.ru/load/sigerous_mod_soc/25-1-0-2920

    small fix


    Sigerous SHOC working AND translated!


    Link to COP RUS SGM

    Sigerous Mod (SGM) English Translation