Sfall win98 backport

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  1. FatMerc

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    Feb 18, 2020
    I could have swore Dx9 did work, maybe I’m tripping. It’s also emulating a voodoo 1/2, if that matters.
  2. kokeeby

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    Jul 4, 2019
    BTW, if you don't mind, what kind of an error is it giving you on the built-in HRP? Is it just a crash or is there some error message? If you set in ddraw.ini in the [Debug] section

    ;These options control what output is saved in the debug log (sfall-log.txt)
    ;Prints messages during sfall initialization
    ;Prints messages relating to hook scripts
    ;Prints messages relating to scripting
    ;Prints messages relating to the critical table
    ;Prints messages relating to engine fixes
    it should create a sfall-log.txt file in the Fallout directory on startup. Could you post it on pastebin or someplace else? Also the error message... :) I wouldn't normally ask, just curious where it crashes. I noticed, that if you have desktop color depth set to 8-bit, built-in HRP exits with a message of 8-bit mode being not supported - have to switch the Win98 desktop color depth to 16-bit. I always set color-depth in my Win98 VMs to 16-bit, so I didn't even notice... have to update repo instructions.
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    Feb 18, 2020
    @kokeeby Ok, I’ve got a couple crash logs that I saved, one of these I’m unable to extract because dosbox saves any file you export to a .sav file. I tried to extract with iRAR but maybe you can get it out (I also tried renaming to .zip, no dice). And I have win98 screenshots of crash on kernel32. The dosbox zip is not zip its .sav; had to change name for upload. Also if you can tell me how to fix maps for non-HR I can help do the work. Noticed your message about desktop 8-bit and yeah that is my setting, so I’ll try that. Thought that might be an issue, but with so many possibilities I got frazzled. Another thought I had was integrating Ddraw 7 as option in stall?

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    kokeeby It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jul 4, 2019
    That particular error is not related to hrp; the access violation happens in the c runtime after the game has ended and the runtime is deallocated. The game starts, checks for the current desktop color depth, exits because it's 8-bit. Anyway, I uploaded a newer version, so use that one (it also has the fix for a recent bug in the talking head mod - https://github.com/BGforgeNet/Fallout2_Restoration_Project/issues/246).

    I think the built-in HRP should work fine once you switch desktop color depth to 16-bit.

    If you still want to play without the HRP, I updated the maps -> https://mega.nz/folder/ypVwwCQb#2AjZq6kGnoJs2z0FGw-zSQ

    Extract into your FO2 folder. (you can rename the original mods\elevators.ini to something else so it doesn't get overwritten). You need to start a new game to have those maps working.
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    Feb 18, 2020
    @kokeeby Hey it works now! It was indeed the desktop res needed to be set to 16bit. It plays and runs good, the only difference is non-res is a bit more snappy, but I ain’t complaining. Nice to see this working in all its glory. All the mods work too; no crashes yet (I’m about to do Rat God quest).

    I imagine those maps will be popular (maybe) with mobile players.
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    Sep 3, 2013
    Hi! Could you please remind me which app you are using under iOS?
    I have iDOS 2 but standard Fallout 2 (without sfall) is always crashing while loading, so no use to try it with sfall, I guess.
  7. FatMerc

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    Feb 18, 2020
    @fanboy I’m using RetroArch Dosbox-Pure. You have to install win98 or win98 SE.