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    Jul 2, 2012
    Does anyone want to resize the power armors? Because I did it manually. Only some of the images, for example the punching animation isn't resized because it takes very much time.
    In the following image there's the omega power armor resembling the frank horrigan physique. Like 12 ft tall.

    My question is, is there a program or a .bat file to do it auto? Grab the pics from the .spr file (from the jarekfall's program) then modify the .bmp by adobe photoshop.

    But I thought about another way to do this. Implementation of some algorithm like in FO3 to resize the character's sprite. Like the player.setscale 1.04. It would be a good idea if someone would want to mod the game. It's hard to do sprites manually, the character ones, so this would save a lot of time too.

    Here's another one, a height comparison between the character sprites. the second one tallest is the Kagan, the first one modified by me, when I was wondering if I could resize them. Then you have the enclave armor(by darin ofc), which is the vanilla one, unmodified, you clearly see the major height difference. Too bad that the image gets pixelated when resized in photoshop.

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    do you have those sprites ?
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    Jul 2, 2012
    Yes, there you go


    There are 3 sprites, I don't know which one was the most working one, but you can check. You also can continue the work if you want, resizing all the animation images through a .bat program or something.

    I included in the file the images I resized too.

    Resizing the sprites seems to give an advantage in game combat, for example you can melee attack an enemy who is on level 12 or second floor while you are on the ground, because the sprite is very tall, like 12 ft tall just like Horrigan was in F2. I tried this it works, I think you also run faster, or no, I remember this depended on agility trait, it's not like in F3 depending on physics. You have to raise the agility in order to make the giant sprite to run at its normal speed, otherwise it will look like it's running "slow" comparable to a normal sprite. This is from what I remember, because I abandoned this in '18 august, right after I started because it was too much of a manual work. But the result will be awesome, if you resize all other remaining animation which I didn't resize. You can attack enemies from the ground with melee imagine that, or have better shooting range. Even if a wall is between your resized character and the enemy, you can still skip that because you would have sight and ignoring the wall.
    For example you should try this on brahmin woods mission. In that mission there are short walls, but the giant resized sprite can skip that and kill everyone on the top of that base from the center or in the yard. There's a resized melee animation in the sprites included, and a shooting one(but with machine gun or something), the rest are not. So have fun.