Throwing, the most hated weapon skill?

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  1. Aaron Wieland

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    Aug 4, 2021
    THIS is what you were looking for

    One Hander/Bloody Mess ST 3, PE 6, EN 10, CH 1, IN 10, AG 4, L 6
    Barter, Gambling, Outdoorsman


    L3 Quick Pockets, L6 More Criticals, L9 More Criticals, L12 Mutate, L15 Living Anatomy, L18 Tag!


    Main Category: Throwing Only
    Sub Category: Must Kill Frank One-On-One
    Sub Category: Cannot deal damage with Super Stimpacks
    Sub Category: Only deal damage with chosen skill (Throwing)
    Sub Category: Only attack with chosen skill (Throwing)
    Sub category: Survival Playthrough aka Ironman (Death is GAME OVER)
    Sub Category: Better Criticals is illegal
    Sub Category: Gifted is illegal
    Sub Category: LIVE stream playthrough
    Sub Category: Record mouse & Keyboard clicks
    Sub Category: Perk rollovers are illegal
    Sub Category: Sharing is illegal
    Sub Category: Hardest settings (Hard/Rough, ALL Highlights off, Set to "Walk", Fog of war set to Darkest)
    SPECIAL RULES Reload after crash OK

    -Fallout Entertainment Industries
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  2. Fallout Spartan

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    Aug 26, 2020
    Is this the Legendary Aaron Wieland!?!?!? Your streams are awesome!
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  3. Aaron Wieland

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    Aug 4, 2021
    If I wasn't then How did I put this code (3584) in the comment section of the "Throwing only" video That I posted above?

    -Fallout Entertainment Industries
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  4. John Cassidy Joestar

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    Aug 22, 2017
    This build isnt that great tbh, why not take Fast Shot ? Bloddy Mess is useless, and why take both Barter and Gambling when Charisma is better than the Barter skill for price and Gambling is a waste of points for money that can come easily after NCR ($30000 if you give the location of Vault 13 and bring the Vault 15 components).

    I would've personally make it like this :

    S: 3 + 4 Adv Power Armor+ 2 Buffout = 9
    P: 8 + 2 Mentats = 10
    E: 10
    C: 6 + 1 Shades + 1 Mentats + 1 Mentats + 1 Memory Module = 10
    I: 6 + 2 Mentats + 2 Mentasts = 10
    A: 6 + 2 Buffout + 3 Psycho = 10
    L: 1

    Traits : Jinxed + Fast Shot

    Tag : Doctor, Speech, Outdoormans

    Lvl 3 : Quick Pocket
    Lvl 6 : Bonus Move
    Lvl 9 : Bonus Move
    Lvl 12 : HtH Evade
    Lvl 15 : Bonus Rate of Fire
    Lvl 18 : Tag (Unarmed at 150%)
    Lvl 21 : Action Boy
    Lvl 24 : Action Boy

    Early game : Level up Outdoorman to 95% first to avoid a lot of encounters, also avoid fighting until you are ready to fight the slavers, kill Flick (he always flee dont worry) in the Den for massive loots and grenades, sell what you dont need to the drug dealer and get everything you need. Either ally with the Slavers or kill them for quick massive XP. Go to Vault City and Modoc for a lot of XP and money. Grab the free Metal Armor in Starks' office (you need a crowbar for that and you can found in Lara's house in the Den).

    From here you recolt as much nades for combat and finish the game as usual. The best way to get infinite Plasma Grenades, is to farm the Hubologist Encounters and pickpocket (with no consequences their grenades).

    Optionally, you can get the Hubologist scanner, and get that +2 Luck, get Sniper and have a 30% Critical Chance when you throw grenades but I think its a waste since you will do mainly body shots.
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  5. Sn1p3r187

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    Apr 7, 2014
    Yeah Throwing is underloved and maybe rightly so. Im glad New Vegas sorted that out by incorporating throwing into explosives. But if I had an idea for a unique thrown weapon in Fallout 2. A high powered baseball that always criticals hard and shit and knock enemies down.
  6. John Cassidy Joestar

    John Cassidy Joestar First time out of the vault

    Aug 22, 2017
    Well throwing problem was that it was underdevelopped and only an after though/secondary weapons that deal AoE damage. They should've added better throwing weapons or better perks because the only "viable" way to play a full throwing build is to use stealth and speech, and fight with plasma grenades. Or abuse the Flare mechanics and throw as much flare for 1 AP to score a critical hit that kills instantly with the Sniper perk. There is no thought or intelligence in it and you are very dependent to RNG.

    However, an unarmed Jinxed build definetly as better use out of throwing with the HtH Evade perk. Since it has the same "model" as the unarmed weapons and you can boot your AC substentially and dodge a lot of attacks and then using the advantage of the Jinxed to make people around you crittically miss.
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    Apr 13, 2021
    I think you need to stop the rant you are doing on YT. I still like your content, but you are taking this too far. Try something different...