Fallout Tactics mod Turnbased Mod 2.1 released

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    Aug 20, 2009
    I'm not really into Fallout Tactics, but these are some impressive and cool maps you did there, good job!
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    Mar 2, 2008
    thanks. aprechiated.
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    Sep 6, 2006
    new version 1.5.1 up on moddb

    This version should fix the nasty Out-of Sync bug that sometimes occured when pickung up loose entities.
    And the famous Open Office Campaign Sheet, that already was included is described in more detail in the readme. Try it out!
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    Jan 31, 2017
    Hadack and Guzer: Turnbased Mod (Fallout Tactics)
    Name: Turnbased Mod (mod for Fallout Tactics)
    Version: 2.0.1
    Author: Hadack and Guzer
    ~24.04.2012 \ 22.04.2023
    Website: NMA || moddb || NC
    Copyright: Bethesda Softworks LLC.
    This Mod tries to balance the game better for Multiplayer matches in Turn-Based Mode. Although it looks like this mode didn't get the same attention from the Devs like real-time, there are some things like the way cars are used and the interrupt system, that are in fact quite well designed and make Multiplayer matches fun to play.
    • Install Fallout Tactics 1.27.
    • Install Unofficial Patch Plus (optional).
    • Install this mod.
    • - Launch game from the mod shortcut.
    Helpful links:

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    Mar 2, 2008

    This Mod balances the game for better Multiplayer Deathmatches (Human Vs Human) in Turn-Based Mode. Although it looks like this mode didn't get the same attention from the Devs like real-time, there are some things like the interrupt system and the way cars are used that are in fact quite well designed and make Multiplayer matches fun to play.

    Major Changes:
    - 24 new maps, each with a more or less unique goal to reach, making matches more eventful. (22 new 2Player maps & 2 new 2-4Player maps) A match played takes around 20-35 minutes.
    check your Pipboy when starting a map youve never played before for more ingame information about your objective!
    - Deeply athmospheric sceneries where every pixel and audiotone has been given a big hug and each map got its own nice little background story amd setting.
    - Over 10 years of passionate development.
    - A Unique new Armor system. Armors now have different resistances for each damage type so you are likely to know what kind of resistance your enemy has by just seeing what he wears. Thus you can always choose the right weapon against your target if you diversified your team nicely. (Leather protects best against Fire Damage but grants only little protection against the rest. Metal is good against explosions but weak against energy damage, Power Armor is great against energy damage but vunerable against fire, Combat Armor(aka Enviro) is made best against normal damage but is vunerable to explosions...)
    - Drugs and Stimpacks have higher chance of Overdose, checked against the Chars Endurance and thus making First-Aid and Doktor more viable.
    - All weapons in this mod have been touched in some way to make them more fitting for the maps we have created.
    - Plasma weapons now do area damage while Laserweapons benefit from their Range and are more likely to do a crit.
    - New Traps, Explosives and Mines. It turned out that especially remote traps are a great fun in turnbased aswell, so many maps got a small stockpile near your spawning point and the locked cabinets everywhere contain mostly trapskill related stuffs and drugs. There should be no more than 100 lockpick skill needed to open the difficult-most snap-latched cabinets if you got a lockpickset in your hand.
    - Some new weapons, armors and other gadgets.
    - Critical chance for all of the weapons lowered to make high luck, critcal chance and better criticals more attractive for snipers and for hth knife-users aswell. Bluntweapons will cause knockover and got their criticality reduced like everything else.
    - Out-of-Sync has been excluded. This annoying Bug got terminated. Just dont pick up entities from the ground which is the main cause that bug may occur.
    Therefore everything has been stored in containers and except for some rocks and other little and useless decorations like broken bottles etc. there should be nothing laying around anymore. And if so, then it is of no use. Just leave it be. Exceptions are The Ball in The Arena Map and the Motivator in the Skyscraper Map. Both should not be picked up by just clicking them from afar. Go close to them before you click them. Otherwise there is a risk for Out of Sync.
    - Fallout-Humor here and there!! :)

    Installation and Starting the Mod:

    Unzip the Turnbasedbmod2.1.zip into your Fallout Tactics folder. Start the mod with the tbmod.bat ,the tbmod.sh or start FT with the command: bos.exe -path tbmod

    select Turnbasedmod - host a game - select the mission you want to play from the tbmod folder - wait for your Buddy to join - play!
    (ofc you want to create a team of at least 6 soldiers first. Or use the already existing 500Point Builds in the custom area to go directly into the action. 1000 Points Build should make an even more nice start. The existing ones are thought as little teaser and for beeing able to start a game instantly if needed.)

    It is Strongly recommended to create your own Builds first though! The mod is made suitable for all pointlimits from 250 to 5000+.

    Tips and Tricks:
    - If some roof blocks your view try selecting other characters of your squad, even the dead ones
    - When shooting area weapons its often better to aim at the ground in front of the target so you get better percentages
    - Holding Alt while moving will make the char preserve the AP for shooting the currently selected weapon
    - Pressing w to immediately stop a characters movement is very useful
    - Right-clicking on the Overwatch button lets you choose the percentage the char shoots, likewise right-clicking on the precise shooting icon of your weapon lets you make called shots in overwatch
    - The character will always try to go to a spot on the same level, so if you want to go up one level you should always click directly on the ladder or stairs or else he might take another route

    - After falling down a ladder the character is sometimes unconscious to long, pressing crouch helps.
    - A character using Doctor or First Aid should have enough AP (around 5 or so) left to finish the action in the next turn.

    Open Office Campaign Sheet:
    Included with this Mod are Character sheets to play a continued 2-player campaign. Start out with creating 8 characters with 250 points each. Print out page 3 and 4 of the Campaign.ods file in the tbmod directory and note the actions of your characters during play. After a session open Campaign.ods (with Macros enabled) and fill in the actions for both teams on page 1.
    When ready press "Process Data" and note the updated points on your personal sheets. Now prepare your characters with their respactive points. Note that you should set Allow XP to off and points limit to 150000 in the options of the host.

    House Rules:
    We play this mod in Indiviual Turn-based mode with 100% friendly fire and custom characters. No Dogs, No Deathclaws and No Robots. The Mod isnt made to fit them though they are playable if youre desperate. The Teams we are playing consist of 4 Humans 2 Mutants and 2 Ghouls usually and then we choose 6 of that pool for each round we play.
    Additionally we ban the 2nd Bonus Move and the 2nd Action Boy Perk and allow every weapon only one time among the squad. Especially doubled bonusmove is kind of overpowered when playing the maps we have made, so thats why we are banning it. Oh and muling isn't very well received either.

    You need wine v1.1.41 or later, the earlier versions had a bug that prevented playing fullscreen. For Multiplayer you need to follow these instructions: Wiki.winehq.org

    The 2.1 Version came to life in 2023 after 10 years of slow but therefore deep development by hadack and guz from Germany/Berlin with some art and inspiration from No Mutants Allowed and the Fallout Community in general.

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