VG247 interview with Brian Fargo

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    After several tidbits, the full interview with inXile's Brian Fargo is now up on VG247.<blockquote>I have to say that I really loved your combat screenshot – the one that shows four Rangers fighting a massive mutated scorpion. You really seem to be getting the most out of the Unity engine.

    We are loving Unity. For this style of game, I can’t imagine us using any other engine. There are so many positives that are allowing us to focus on gameplay and not technology. We’ve been very outspoken in our love of the Unity Asset Store.

    We’ve currently purchased over 100 assets that range from engineering scripts to environment models. I can safely say that had we picked a different game engine, there is no way we’d be at the point in development that we are now.

    As for the process, once we’ve set our core tenants and main systems in stone, we immediately kick off the level designs. Right now, we have over 10 writers and designers finishing up all of the maps.

    During this period, engineering will be working on pipeline tests and creating tools that we need to have each discipline work effectively. Our team is pretty experienced and we all have ways that we enjoy working in our specific disciplines.

    After that, it’s about getting a single level up and running so that we can start scripting it to get a feel the scale of the world and get some initial cameras set up. We believe strongly that nothing can make up for iteration on a game, no matter how good the initial design.

    Once we have a system implemented, we will evaluate it and shift priorities as needed to make sure it’s supporting the overall game mechanics we want to put forward.


    You’re aiming to launch the game in October 2013. Would you say you’re still on track to hit that window?

    I think we are. Design will be complete at the end of October then we focus on full production and iteration. We’ll also have an early closed beta and will get feedback before the actual launch of the game.</blockquote>
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    I know its lame and nitpicky to dis on this but;

    So mutation causes scorpions to grow missile launchers and mini guns?
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    I don't think it's lame to nitpick that but obviously the guy never played the first Wasteland. Though I think it's pretty obvious, even in the screenshot, that it's a mechanical beastie.
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    Rule of thumb: people are dumb as fuck. Common sense is genius in journalism these days.
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    How about this? :lol:
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    Aight, next time i need to fight a tank - i'll bring a dog.
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    Ain't there 5 rangers? And do they even fighting against these Scorpitron?