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    Nov 11, 2007
    I wonder just who specifically Interplay was thinking of when they created Vic. I sorta have a love-hate relationship with the guy. I also wonder if the RP has affected him negatively. OMG I'm talking about the guy as if he were a real person!!! Sigh! I know that you have to be careful when you tell him to wait for you. If having done that you then try to go into his inventory he'll shoot you. OK, I know that. I also know that if you plan to do any shooting after you tell any of these characters to wait for you, you better have left them in a place where they can't possibly hear you shooting - like in a different town entirely. Especially Vic. He'll do the craziest things, completely ignoring that you told him to wait.

    But the thing that sets me on edge about him the most is his apparent wimpiness at times. I know he can be very useful - when he's doing what he should be doing. But I decided to play the RP through its entirety which I never have done, & Vic, after doing some shooting, decided not to participate at all. There's nothing wrong with him physically - no crippled limbs, etc. He just stood like a spectator while even intense fighting was taking place around him. There was no way I could talk with him about it, while I tried every combat setup I could with him. All he would probably tell me would be, "I'll try to do better, Boss. Really, I will" so meekly - & then continue his non-participation. No way to find out if I did something that pissed him off. Finally there was an encounter with Kagan (?), the wanna-be Arroyo superhero & Vic was killed. So I said, "OK, Vic, good-bye." Kagan was also killed. Even though his repair skill is certainly handy & he is good when he decides to participate, Vic's not indispensible. So he's gone & I'm not even to Modoc yet & I don't really need him like I might Sulik (man, that guy's a terror with only a combat knife, dispatching adversaries right & left with ease! Almost as good as with the Super Sledge!) or Cassidy - both faithful fighters.

    But why is Vic the way he is? Or was. May he RIP.