Wandering the Wastes (OOC)

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    So, just a quick overview.

    The concept is Lyla is making her way from the Western coast to the Eastern coast, anything can happen inbetween though she definitely will pass through Colorado and Texas at some point before finally getting to DC. If you want to join, no super awesome characters, no one has fun when deathclaws are snuffed out with a wink. Try making a bio with mine as a loose template, levels and perks are meant to give a rough idea of what the character is like, as we go we might create a couple from special encounters or things that we do.
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    Basic Bio

    Name: Lyla Black
    Race: Human
    Age: 19

    Physical Description: 5'9", Lyla has a slight yet athletic build and a hint of Eurasian ancestry. Normally has her dark frizzy hair in a ponytail with a purple scrunchie, her dark brown eyes are set in a heart-shaped face that is marred by an inkvine scar that runs along the left of her jaw. On her right shoulder is a set of five stars set in a cross save for the centre star, smaller than the others a little to the bottom right of centre.

    History: Lyla's life is not exactly one beset by incredible sorrow or loss, far from it. She grew up in a relatively isolated community on the West Coast in Oregon called Eureka, a stable community since the time the bombs fell. The men and women who founded it were a mix; survivalists, farmers and people from a land whose name has long since been lost but their symbol has been given to the community that came to be known as Eureka. Initially a scattering of connected fallout shelters far from any population centres, they weathered the initial blast and fallout. While the eldest of the community ranged out after the first fourteen years to supplement their supplies, the majority remained shielded from the radiation due to their sacrifice. This allowed the community to emerge after twenty eight years with minor damage from radiation and to start building.

    Eureka's history has been one of quiet expansion interrupted by bloody wars with various nomadic raiding clans where it has come out on top. Due to it's isolated nature it adopted many of the mannerisms and ways of the foreign people whose culture have become dominant in Eureka, a highly distinct accent from the rest of the West Coast. They continue to grow by forming relations with the people around them, offering co-operation and trade in resources such as purified water and food in return for goods they do not produce for themselves as well as raw materials for manufacture.

    But what has this got to do with Lyla? Several people are chosen every five years to explore the Wasteland, to bring back information about different societies and settlements, look for new resources and any information about their own history, the details of which have long been lost. These people are trained for years before setting out, well versed in survival skills, weaponry and orientation and have a great smattering of various skills and talents. Well armed and armoured before they are sent out, they form the elite of Eureka's fighting men and women, the Eureka Trailblazers.

    Sounds impressive doesn't it? Well, this isn't their story. Lyla thought they were pretty amazing and while she didn't make the cut she figured she could skip all of that and just head out on her own. After all, she knew enough to get by and there was a whole world out there waiting to be seen. So a 9mm by her side, supplies and two changes of clothing (because people just walking about in the same epic clothes for months are just gross), she has set out to find out what she can, leaving a somewhat resigned father and two brothers behind (who are still very much alive and not been murdered by raiders).


    Clothing: A green t-shirt, a white blouse and a blue singlet. Denim jeans, red shorts with white stripes, and a couple of pairs of white socks. A pair of heavy boots and a pair of runners. Basic undergarments and a couple of hair ties, her purple scrunchie being her favourite. A pair of mirrored shades help keep the sun out of her eyes and she is usually seen wearing a cowboy hat that she occasionally refers to as an Akubra. Has also picked up some leather armour in her travels, a faded brown in colour.

    Supplies: Usually sufficient to get her through the next few days, has a set of plastic containers she uses for storage. Also has three water bottles stashed away.

    Weapons: Combat Knife, skinning knife, 9mm (which she sometimes has ammunition for) and sharpened spear (which doubles as a walking stick).

    Other: Large backpack that can be separated into multiple segments with a matching set of mug, bowl, knife and fork that are secured with velcro in the bag to stop them rattling. Also has a geiger counter to avoid radiation hotspots that she found on a dead scavenger. A compass and maps she has picked up along the way help keep her walking in the right direction, often with scribbled crib notes from various pencils she has managed to salvage.

    Also has a scope from a broken hunting rifle she uses for scouting and a lighter for fire and light.

    Money: Not much, caps tend to come and go.

    Character Statistics

    Level: 5
    Perks: Intense Training (4)
    S: 4
    P: 6
    E: 8
    C: 5
    I: 7
    A: 7
    L: 7

    Standout Aspects

    - While she wasn't picked to be a Trailblazer, Lyla's survival skills are more than enough to keep her going.
    - Ridiculously fit, what she can't fight she can usually outrun in speed or distance.
    - Has a healthy respect for danger.
    - Tends to heal quickly and hardly gets sick. Doesn't tend to notice the hot and cold very much either unless the weather is extreme.
    - Has a distinct accent from the rest of the American West Coast (mix of Australian, New Zealand and American) that also lends itself to curious expressions that have perpetuated in Eureka.
    - Isn't bad with an acoustic guitar when she gets her hands on one though they inevitably never last long on her journeys. Also knows her way around a piano. Other musical instruments she can normally work out some simple tunes given time.
    - Her voice sits at a high alto, but she can push up into the soprano range or down to tenor, fun for singing and imitating people's voices to their irritation at times.
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    This may be dead but I'm still going to do it none the less

    Name: Myke Brown
    Race: Human
    Age: 39

    Physical Description: 6'7 No visible scars, shaved hair, bags under eyes from little to no sleep, green eyes, oval shaped head.

    History: Born in the ruins of Sacramento, Myke never had a home, his family always moved from town to town, raiding town to town. His parents were raiders. Once Myke turned 4, they decided this was not the live they wanted their son to have, they moved to the Hub, it wasn't much better. They lived in poverty for years. Myke had to learn to kill rats for food and grill them, by lighting wood on fire from cigarettes strangers had dropped. His parents would always be away, doing merc work, only to get robbed as soon as they entered town. One time, while they were guarding a caravan, raiders attacked, killing his mother and father, their clan of Raiders had labeled them as "Traitors". Myke was orphaned. He had to rob tourists coming to the hub to afford even the basic food and water. When he was 14, he got addicted to Jet. So he would spend all of his money on Jet. He was about to become rich, when he was only 19 years old, he found a way to make a cheaper and better Jet. This Jet slowly became a massive success, he bought a house, and a lab to find more efficient ways to produce jet. He soon opened a caravan allowing this cheaper Jet to go to other settlements. By 23 he had made over 10,000 caps on sales. While walking through the hub to go purchase food, he was kidnapped, by slavers. Taken a sold in a Slave Settlement. Years and years passed, he was bought and sold, working endlessly. 7 years passed, and his break had finally come, he and 3 other slaves escaped! He found himself back in his home town of Sacramento. He made himself a defended house. He lived there for 3 years when he then joined the NCR military, he fought for 3 years, that was when he got the note...


    Clothing: Military Fatigues, Combat Boots, Military Vest, Beret (last gift from his mother) Sunglasses, basic socks, belt. Desert camo on vest and fatigues

    Supplies: Canteen, water bottles, granola bars, matches, cigars, rations.

    Weapons: Salvaged Assault Rifle (gets jammed a lot, made from other guns and duck tape, clipped to vest) Combat knife hidden in vest, 32. caliber pistol (never has ammo), Machete (duct taped to stop from falling apart, nicknamed 'Chet')

    Other: Military Grade backpack, maps of North California, compass, some cigars, 1 Stimpack, canteen,

    Money: Nothing but the clothes on his back

    Character Statistics

    Level: 6
    Perks: Commando, Intense Training (4)
    S: 6
    P: 4
    E: 3
    C: 6
    I: 6
    A: 1
    L: 1

    Standout Aspects

    - Good survival skills
    - Experienced in combat
    - Former Staff Sergeant in the NCR, so he has good discipline.
    - Good marksman
    - Does not prefer melee only if necessary
    - Can talk his way out of a lot of things.
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    Name: Dean



    Race:Human, White

    Occupation: Paid Assassin


    Faction:Brotherhood of steel

    —Physical Appearance

    Eyes: darkish green






    Very quiet and only talks when he needs to, he is a very personal person and normally sticks with himself unless traveling with a very trusted friend. He is extremely sneaky and is amazing at pickpocketing, lock picking, and stealthy takedowns. He is an excellent marksmen with rifles and handguns and is a weapons expert that usually sticks with his deliverer.


    He carries a silenced deliverer with an extended clip as his main and a gauss rifle for long shots and as a secondary. He also uses various knifes usually small daggers around 6 inches long that he carries everywhere, mostly small knifes in exception of his 12 in bowie that he keeps on the small of his bad and refuses to take it off ever.


    he carries various grenades and mines that he uses to make traps, along with stempacks and rad-away. he always has a box of cigars on him along with a unique zippo lighter that he got off his first kill.


    He wears all black leather clothes along with a light but strong black metal armor, usually wears a face mask made from a dark skinned ferrel ghoul when on missions and when in pubic is always seen in a modified version of NCR ranger armor and his BOS holotags
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    Name: James Willits
    Birth Name: Lacobus
    Age: 22
    Race: Human
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Hazel

    Appearance: Tall in his family and has a strong build from years of working on his fathers farm. James has a strong jawline and broad shoulders although strong and somewhat muscular it's hard to tell under his baggy clothes. He has a scar on his left should and the left side of his neck from being attacked by a gecko when he was 16. Although he has light skin he developed a tan from traveling in the sun for so long, and has a tattoo of brown bear on his right bicep and another tattoo on his left forearm that says "Never Forget".

    Personality: James is generally quiet and is uncomfortable in large crowds or around people he doesn't know well although he does enjoy the company of family and friends when they are around. He tends to avoid conversations by answering with one word responses or just plain ignoring them. He is very resourceful, and likes to think he can see the good in everyone, but is painfully aware of the reality of the world he lives in. Taking a book out of his fathers page he tries to help people he comes across, his time wandering the wastes have given him a sharp eye and a good shot, although his loner nature can be off putting and make him seem like a jerk.

    Clothes: James was born in Broken Jaw, Arizona....Legion Territory. His birth name was Lacobus and his mother was part of a tribe in southern Arizona. Her tribe were cave dwellers due to the fact that they lived in caves to evade the legion and only left to gather food. However after years of hiding, the tribals came across a vault door. Thinking it a new home, possibly a gift from the gods they opened it, and released hordes of feral ghouls and radiation. The Cave Dwellers were slaughtered and those who escaped into the outside world found themselves in legion slave collars. His mother was taken to be a slave for a low ranking legion commander at the slum known Broken Jaw. When he was born he was named Lacobus, a Latin name in proper legion fashion, and it looked like his destiny was to be a slave soldier for the hordes of the legion. By luck or maybe fate, a traveling mormon missionary caravan went to Broken Jaw with the intent of converting the legion stationed there. Lacobus' mother begged the missionaries to take her son to a better life. One of the missionaries Willits listen to her pleas approached the commander in his tent and told him he would take the child off his hands and that he could tell Lacobus was his son, and that as he got older it would only grow more apparent. It would not look good for the commander to have layed with a lowly tribal slave, much less have fathered a child. She was not a citizen of Caesar, her son would never be full legion blood and would surely taint the honorable ranks of the legion. The commander was a weak willed man, easily swayed and his superiors were already displeased, as he has been caught allowing his men to smoke and use chems, his punishment left him barley alive with a crippled leg and he was demoted and transferred the a slums of Broken Jaw where he often mocked by his inferiors. The commander gave in and sold him the baby for 3 bottles of whiskey and carton of cigarettes. Lacobus was renamed James Willits and he was taken to a farming town in northern California called White Rock. He was adopted by the sheriff a former desert ranger and his wife and they raised as their own. James loved his parents and his town, and even though he was a loner he made a few friends wrestling at the towns school. Things weren't always to great in White Rock however. When James was 13 a group of raiders, strange men wearing blue suits with a yellow 5 on the back armed with laser rifles and grenades attacked the town. James' adopted father and a few ranch hands managed to kill a few, luckily the strange raiders didn't know much about fighting and they got scared and ran off. A few days later 2 or 3 NCR rangers in black armor came into town and tracked the raiders. They never had trouble from them again. At 16 James was now almost considered a man, and he travelled more often. During one of his outing and he saw a strange creature emerge out of a cave. It looked like a bear on the ncr flag but this one had only one head and it looked starved and weak. It wasn't a Yao Guai like the ones that he heard about in Utah or the capital wasteland, this creature was like a human that was half way ghoul. James tried to approach it but suddenly a pack of geckos jumped the bear like animal. It killed 4 of the geckos but it was overrun by them. James tried to run but he tripped over a rock on the ground and fell. A gecko lunged at him and bit his shoulder, as James fumbled for his Bowie knife. He stabbed the ferocious creature several times in face until it stopped breathing and he turned his attention to the others. There were 5 of them and as they closed in on him he called for help. The largest of them rushed him and struck the side of his neck with its claw and knocked him the ground. James tried to stem the flow of blood, as the rest ran at him. Then several gunshots rang out. His father heard the cries for help and ran out with his rifle. After that James knew he had to become more vigilant when traveling, but he never found out what that bear like creature he found was. It spiked his curiosity and he wanted to find out what else was in the wasteland. When James turned 19 he told his parents he was leaving to travel the wastes. Although they weren't happy with it they supported him, giving him some extra caps and his fathers old rifle.

    Clothes: A high collared brown coat, over a a dark blue shirt. He wears a shemagh around his neck, a wide brimmed cowboy hat and aviator shades along with jeans and cowboy boots.

    Weapons: browning .45 pistol, a scoped hunting rifle, and a Bowie knife

    Miscellaneous: An Alice pack, a sleeping roll, a few water purifying tablets (cost him almost a fortune), some assorted roots and leaves, a Geiger counter, a compass, a few caps and ncr dollars, a small cooking pot, a box of matches, a bottle of water, an old mobile music player with headphones, that he uses play old pre war music, and a somewhat accurate map (hey 60 miles in the opposite direction is close enough) with key locations marked such as NCR Territory, legion Territory, capital wasteland, the Pitt etc

    Skill: A good enough shot, made some decent caps killing small groups of raiders, and hunting vermin, knows how to live off the land (making healing powder etc.)

    Home: His adopted parents have a ranch in California but he sleeps in whatever room he rented or some ditch on the side of the road.

    Level 6

    Perks: Commando, Sniper, Intense Training (3)

    S: 6
    P: 5
    E: 5
    C: 2
    I : 5
    A : 4
    L : 5
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