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    The 15th Kickstarter update can be found on the Wasteland 2 blog rather than Kickstarter. It doesn't say much, just an update on what's happening.<blockquote>Now that we’re funded, you’re probably wondering what happens for the next 18 months. We’ve been hard at work preparing our core design principles vision document. This document contains a solid overview of the important elements from which we will be crafting the detailed game design document. Before we started on the vision document, we spent a lot of time on our forums reading what elements you feel are important and what systems and features you’re not too fond of. The vision document will be available on our Wasteland portal in the next few weeks.

    We already have an amazing community on our forums, and we know that it’s going to get better and better as we get further along in the game. If you haven’t done so already, head there and let us know what’s important to you. We’ve seen some wonderful suggestions that have already improved the vision of the game!

    We are still working with some backers on account reconciliation through Amazon, and we will have a final list of all backers and reward tiers tomorrow. Very soon we will prepare the questionnaires that correspond to your reward tier. Here you will be able to give us all relevant information on your shirt size, NPC characters name, what package you want or any other applicable bits relating to the reward you selected. Any information relating to in-game rewards (i.e. Statues, weapon names, shrines) we will use when setting our production specifications, so please try to send it back relatively soon. We’ll set a deadline on it, but you’ll have a few weeks to reply.

    Once we have that information back, we will also set up a backer database on our site. You will be able to login with the user information you presented to Kickstarter or PayPal and can manage your reward tier here. If you move in the future, just stop by and update your address. If you’d prefer to be contacted at a different email, modify that in our database. If you accidentally selected the wrong reward, you will have the opportunity to change it. If you wanted a higher tier, but didn’t have the funds to secure it during the campaign, you will be able to upgrade your tier in a backer-only store. We are not changing any of the tier limits, so sold out tiers are unavailable as upgrades.</blockquote>
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    Another update about money? I hope this was the last one.
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    Yawn. More boring news. Who wants a vision document? I do!
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    Brian's relentless professionalism sure does grate, doesn't it? I wish he'd use the phrase "aims to" more often, and talk more about the many cool things he has planned just as soon as he has some free time to learn to program. ;)
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    I hope it has pretty pictures.
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    I see what you did there.