Wasteland 2 Guru: To GamesCom and Beyond

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    Hot on the trail of the GameInformer preview of Wasteland 2 comes Wasteland 2 Guru's extensive preview. Our own Tagaziel, who currently runs the website, had the opportunity to see the Wasteland 2 press demonstration by inXile.

    The demo showed how much progress has been made on the game since the first gameplay demos were released at the start of the year, including combat gameplay and other core features of the game. inXile also gave details on the background such as locations, factions, and how choices and consequences would work. Tagaziel compiled detailed information from the demonstration for us into a 4000 words long article.<blockquote>Wasteland 2 is currently at the Feature Complete stage, meaning that every function it offers, every attribute and skill test, is implemented and working, even if it's a singular instance at this point. As estimated by Chris Keenan, project lead, the game is around 70-80% complete at this point and is entering the final phase of production, where it's going to be polished and refined.

    The level showcased during the presentation was the former Desert Rangers headquarters, the old Arizona Maximum Security Prison, which won over the Rail Nomads' camp (pictured above). Since each slot was just 30 minutes long, inXile could not demonstrate every feature of the game, but the team made every effort to comprehensively show every aspect of the game and at least provide us with a brief description of it. Of note is the fact that the demo ran on an actual level from the game, with no scripts specially written for GamesCom.


    Wasteland 2 is set in 2102, 15 years after the events of the original game. The success of the Desert Rangers has brought many changes to the wastes. After the Desert Ranger team under Snake Vargas wiped out the Guardian Citadel, it was adopted as the new headquarters of the Rangers. The old prison was abandoned to the wasteland. New factions emerged in the wasteland, along with new challenges. The player takes command of a new Desert Ranger team that is assigned to investigate a murder that occurred in unclear circumstances. The team soon discovers strange radio signals mentioning the Rangers by name, originating in the Los Angeles area. The game is going to include throwbacks and references to the original game, such as Ranger General Snake Vargas and other members of the Ranger party from the original game. However, the game is designed in such a way that knowledge of Wasteland will provide bonuses to the player, such as the ability to type in keywords from the original or insight into the affairs of the wasteland, but is in no way mandatory to understand the sequel. It stands of it own.


    Yes, you can actually kill everyone you meet. Yes, the game will shut you off from certain content or alter it depending on your choices. No, you won't see everything on one playthrough. For example, in the first 30 minutes of the game you will have to make a decision and save either Highpool or the Agricultural Center, leading to tangible consequences both in the long and short term.</blockquote>
    Thanks go to the people of Wasteland 2 Guru.
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    Excellent write-up. Thanks, Tagaziel. :)
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    You're welcome. A site by gamers, for gamers.

    There's something else up my sleeve, but for now, shhh, we're hunting shitheads.
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    "Conflict resolution in Wasteland 2 is turn-based, using a square grid for movement and determining ranges."

    Wasn't it hex-based?
  5. Tagaziel

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    I don't think so. It was square-based in Wasteland, though.
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    I c wat u did thar.

    Nice preview anyway, very thorough.
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    Nice work Tagaziel!
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    The gameplay video they released a while ago where they showed Agricultural Center it was hex-based, did they change it to square based?
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    Sep 27, 2012
    Information of WL2 always makes me happy.
    but one thing I worry about is spoiler.
    Aren't they give us too much information?

    for sniper rifle, I imagine about pike VS knife.
    pike will lose at deadly close combat.
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    The stuff they spoil is at the very beginning of the game. I doubt it will have a big influence on your later experience.
  11. Tagaziel

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    Sniper rifle complaints and counter-complaints and complaints about counter-complaints about sniper rifle complaints moved to Wasteland discussion.
  12. woo1108

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    Sep 27, 2012
    Think about you already know that borrowing water from water caravan will cause something happens. it won't be serious spoiler but it would spoil big surprise.