What do you imagine is the average lifespan in Fallout’s universe?

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    Just wondering
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    That would depend on where you live. You could live to your 60's if you lived in Vault City, but The Den would probably kill you before you reached 35.
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    That’s a very difficult question to answer as there are so many variables in the Fallout universe. There are areas like Vault City with advanced medical technology that could probably treat most diseases and mostly eliminate the complications that result in infant mortality. But even most of the towns we visit in the games have doctors that stock stimpaks and other pre-war drugs, so medical treatment might not be much of an issue for a lot of people.

    Let’s say 40 years old as the wasteland average, similar to the 1800s lifespan.
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    I'd say 30s by violence, 60s by natural cause, possibly 80s in rich areas or if you are an effective local boss.
    The violent death and untreated disease would probably pull down the average.
    I would say that families would try to have 10 to 15 children to counter child mortality.

    And ghoul\super-mutants population would keep shrinking over time and would be insignificant after a couple of centuries.
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    I think it's worth remembering that the low average life expectation of pre-industrial societies was mostly caused by all the infant mortality going on. People weren't all dying at 40, it's just that a lot of their children died before adulthood.

    I think it's also worth noting that a lot of pre-war knowledge would be remembered, putting even tribals (possibly) ahead of say, the medievals, in many aspects. Things like "clean your hands with water and soap" weren't universal among the medievals, but it would likely remain in the wasteland.

    I think average lifespan is like 40-50. Probably pushed up by the odd technotopia but also pushed down by all the tribals and shit towns.

    It would depend on a lot where you live. Somewhere in the NCR is probably not that far from that of your average western country, somewhere like 50-70 - through it would depend on wherever you are in the "Core Five" states in well-off places or in the frontier boonies. If you are rich, you can probably pay health treatment from a group like the Followers, or go to Vault City.

    I think the longest life expectation is probably somewhere like the Brotherhood of Steel. Between their technology and their quality >>> quantity approach to things, I suspect the Brotherhood might have comparable lifespans to a modern first-world country, perhaps even more - modern first-world countries don't have access to auto-docs, stimpks and cybernetic implants. Enclave too, for similar reasons.

    The Institute is another worthy contestant, and would have likely broken all records if they weren't idiots who shut down their own cybernetics program even through its obvious it could have led to extended lifespans, perhaps even practical immortality. With their tech, they could probably print and close organs easily - if you can make a synth you can print an organ.
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    depends on the area you live in, as said by others. I guess there would be high child mortality rate, like in the middle ages, but with even more dangers later on pulling down the average even lower (at least in some parts of the country, e.g. on the East Coast).

    I'd say 50-60 in the NCR, whereas middle-aged people wouldn't be that common in the East.