Whats the backstory of your New Vegas Courier?

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    Jun 27, 2015
    I like to think of the Courier and the Lone Wanderer as the same person, however unrealistic that is, considering the distance between DC and Nevada. Anyway, the Lone Wanderer fled DC after the activation of Project Purity, and the final destruction of the Enclave, to serve a more routine life as a caravan guard. During his travels, he gained a reputation as a tough-as-nails lone ranger of the wastes, a mysterious veil around his past. He eventually finds his way into the Midwest, working for a large trading outfit similar to the Crimson Caravan. The LW works with them for about a year, before something forces him to leave (I have an idea of what I want that to be, but I'm just too lazy to formulate a solid backstory to that mess.) He makes his way into Nevada, and despite his previous occupation, he refuses to work for the Crimson Caravan, most likely due to the traumatic events that caused him to leave in the first place. And so he becomes a courier, similar to his old line of work, but not closely related enough to trigger his old memories. And that's basically it really, besides the beginning of New Vegas.
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    Jul 7, 2014
    Selena Thompson - WILD CARD
    Selena was a doctor serving in the NCR military. After the Battle for Hoover Dam, she retired and took to the roads as a courier. She feels disdain for the NCR after they executed a close friend for supposed charges of being a former member of the Enclave, despite the fact that this friend was integrated into society. As a doctor, she's bound by the Hippocratic Oath, which sadly means that (in-fanon, not possible in game) she forced herself to perform life-saving surgery on Caesar at the behest of the Legate. She's fine with shooting things, though. She's good with medicine, a good sharpshooter and fancies herself a smooth talker. She also dabbles in lockpicking.
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    Dec 11, 2013
    Here's my current Courier:

    Monique Jackson
    Starting SPECIAL: S: 4 P: 5 E: 4 C: 8 I: 6 A: 6 L: 7
    Tag! Skills: Speech, Barter, Guns
    Traits: Skilled, Good Natured
    Notable Perks: Black Widow, Grunt
    Good Karma

    Backstory: Monique's past is quite vague, but she's always been a wanderer. Over the last seven years she has traveled throughout NCR territory, and even into frontier regions like Utah and the Divide.

    Monqiue's innate charm and silver tongue have helped her out of many sticky situations, and her stunning good looks certainly help her persuade people to see things her way. She has often served as a mediator between different groups and factions she has encountered in her travels. Her skill at negotiation has also ensured that she is well compensated for her work.

    Her sweet demeanor and petite frame have led many people to underestimate her, but this has almost always proven to be a (sometimes fatal) mistake. Monique is a crack shot with her 9mm and can more then hold her own in a gunfight. Benny is just another in a line of men who have done Monqiue wrong, and he'll soon be regretting he ever crossed paths with her.

    Some time ago, Monique had a lover named Ulysses, but she doesn't like to talk about that - suffice it to say that if she ever meets that grandiose, deluded bastard again, she'll put a bullet between his eyes.

    Currently, Monique is a level 12 about to enter The Strip for the first time. She has yet to decide what faction she will support in the Second Battle for Hoover Dam.
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    Jan 1, 2016
    I havent thought too much about the background of my courier as this is my first time playing NV. Ill be more creative in future run throughs. But she is basically a mercenary type who does things for the caps. And she's an alcoholic gambling kleptomaniac who loves blowing peoples heads off with pistols and shotguns. She does have some standards though eg. she finds slavery abhorrent.
  5. Millim

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    Oct 13, 2010
    My character is basically a Western James Bond.
    He likes to remain calm and likes the ladies. He will get to a place like Vegas and Gamble and drink to his heart's content. He will slide his way out of trouble, explain why what you are doing is wrong in the most calmest of manners, then shoot you're head off if you don't comply.
    But because the Wastes are dangerous, he has to travel with a shotgun at hand, hunting anything he can find and clearing out trouble when he sees it.
    In all honesty, the whole of New Vegas was just another paycheck for him,
  6. Atlas

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    Jan 13, 2016
    My Courier is the same character from Project Brazil, so if you haven't played part 1 and don't want spoilers, don't read this.

    Eleanor Star
    Starting SPECIAL: S:7 P:1 :E:7 C:6 :I:9 A:3 L:7
    Traits: Early Bird and Hotheaded

    Eleanor was born 2242, shortly after the destruction of Poseidon Energy Oil Rig. Raised in Vault 18 until the age of 19, Eleanor's philosophies and world views were directly influenced by the vault Coach--an Enclave Colonel. Eleanor, and the rest of the Vault youth, were taught that America wasn't just some county that blew itself up, but a great nation still struggling to raise up from ruin. She was so enthralled with the idea of America that she assisted in the destruction of her own vault--something that would haunt her until the end of her days.

    Even with the knowledge of what she's done, Eleanor was devoted to both the County and the Enclave--and firmly believed that what the Enclave was doing was for the greater good. However, the acts she after leaving the Vault would unceasingly test that devotion; it only after an incident with the FEV that she realized how far she'd gone. While she still respected the Enclave and their goals, their methods had taken their tole on her.

    In the years that followed, Eleanor began to make a name for herself as a courier. It was the perfect job; she never stayed in one place, never got involved with their politics, and it was a way for her to run away from her past. She changed a lot from the hotblooded youth she was in the Vault; she grew colder, more apathetic, and after a particular job involving a caravan, a landslide, and a dangerous lack of necessities, she also developed a liking for human flesh.

    It was only after reaching New Vegas that her life on the road was brought to a stop. She was given a simple job; deliver a Platinum Chip to the New Vegas Strip. In a moment of weakness Eleanor was caught off guard, and because of that mistake the Chip was stolen, and she was left in a shallow grave.

    As for what happens after that? Well, to quote a certain Storyteller;
    "That is a story for another day."
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    Nov 7, 2014
    My courier is a former Desert Ranger from Arizona, who quit the job after Caesar's Legion wiped out his entire unit. He is a skilled marksman and knows how to survive in the wastes, but he has also refined his social skills while dealing with wastelanders. He is also a smoker and has a thing for whiskey.
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    Aug 17, 2015
    David Shaw was born in the Boneyard and grew up with the Followers of the Apocalypse for most of his life. He learnt various scientific and medical skills there, to ready himself for the obvious transfer to New Vegas and to help the flagging charity movement there in the Mormon fort. The Followers found the lack of effect there disturbing and actively worried that the continued conflict would create more problems. The lack of NCR funding and support didn't help in the slightest. The followers organized a diplomatic detail to Shady Sands, in an effort to persuade some of the NCR big-wigs to fund the Follower's attempt in Freeside. David was selected for his natural charm and wit, travelling with a band of mercenaries and other followers.

    The group only got to the Hub before a group of fierce patriots attacked them, for helping the enemy and not the NCR. Any attempt to explain the situation only worsened the tension, and soon most of the group was injured or killed. David escaped, helped by the small criminal underground group who he promised top cap as payment. Of course, the loss of his travel company left his funds extremely low. Having to work of his debt he went to the Mojave, aiming to make a fortune. He drifted from job to job until he was hired by the Mojave Courier company.
  9. ZigzagPX4

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    Nov 22, 2015
    My Courier was born outside the Mojave, who then became a courier for the Mojave Express, who joined the Mojave Express to deliver things for money.

    I'm not a very creative roleplayer. Besides, I'm sure I've played through too many characters to recall. This is the one I remember best.
  10. Kilgore Trout

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    Dec 11, 2013
    Here's the back story of my courier who sided with Mr. House:

    Raised by the Shi, "Lucky" Tseng grew up scavenging, repairing and maintaining old world technology. Although well respected for his technical acumen, gambling debts and itchy feet eventually lead him to leave San Francisco's Chinatown to seek his fortune in the NCR.

    Tseng lead the life of a tech scavenger, "prospecting" ancient ruins and supplementing his income from scavenged tech with games of chance played in trading settlements, casinos, and backwater dive bars all across New California. Eventually, more gambling debts and the dwindling number of unexplored old world places led him to seek his fortune in the Mojave frontier.

    Once there, he took a job with the Mojave Express, grateful for a steady income from packages and figuring that he could use the time on the road to scout out likely locations for prospecting. After receiving a job that required delivering a Platinum Chip to Vegas itself, he hoped to spend his earnings at the most glamorous of the old world tables on the Strip. Fate, however, intervened in Goodsprings....
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    Jan 17, 2016
    My courier is based off a friend I know irl. We had a blast creating her and deciding what traits and stuff to use
  12. Chud

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    Jun 8, 2015
    My personal favorite was Dapper Dan. He's a gambler, handsome, silver-tongued, and a total coward. He'll talk or bribe his way out of most situations, and if things become violent, duck behind a boulder and let the companions do most of the dirty work. A gambling suit and Lucky are his attire and weapon of choice. A very lucky devil that broke every casino. In the end, he did what was best for him: Worked for House and got rich[er].
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    Nov 14, 2015
    My most recenty created character is Mabelle. Mabelle was an average kid living in New Reno until her Mother died of jet overdose and decided to skip town so she wouldn´t became a drug addicted like her poor mother, ironically it didn´t stop her from getting addicted to alchool during her ´´stay`` in Sierra Madre and mentats so she wouldn´t get horrible headaches while dealing with the think brains.
    Her carrer took a jump in the mojave do to her work with the NCR and becoming the direct subordinate of Robert House.
    Currently she´s in the divide wondering why the nice little town of hopeville got replaced with irradiated hellhole.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    The backstory of my characters in FNV are now always the same... Born in Vault 101, did all the junk in Fallout 3 and DLCs, then restore power to a pre-war train station, get a ticket, ride the train to Freeside... Then things happen for nine years (like the divide and travelling a lot through the west coast doing courier jobs and helping whenever he can) and then he gets captured and shot by Benny...

    Yeah I don't play FNV much anymore since I have only been testing TTW for the last 5 years :twitch:.
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    Dec 4, 2015
    The courier I would consider "my Courier" was inspired by the main character in one of my favorite books "Riders of the Dawn" by Louis L'amour. He was a hired gun that got caught up in a range dispute, ended up losing everything and having to head east to New Vegas. In this couriers story he isn't the original courier 6. while playing cards in Primm he ended up losing bad, seeing this the original 6 offered him the contract and they would split the pay. After my courier was shot the original scrammed and was never seen again.
  16. DVL

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    Nov 19, 2015
    Hyper-autistic, distractable and just downright klepto but evidently good at everything and lucky to boot regardless.
    To be fair, this is mostly just the silly min-maxing at play. Charisma is a dump stat and I trend towards crit-based Luck builds.
    Also, I swear Luck severely tilts the odds at casino Blackjack.
  17. TheGreatCornholio

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    Jun 16, 2015
    I always start my couriers as average dudes just trying to make an honest living before being shot in the head
  18. Ballfondler

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    Dec 19, 2015
    She was a complete whore trying to strike it rich in New Vegas. Picked up the wrong job on the way there :D
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    Mar 16, 2013

    Joe was born in 2253 somewhere out on a highway road whilst his parents were out travelling. His earliest memories are of being in Scrapheap - a dusty junktown in western Nevada, well out of NCR borders. The town ran on a Brahma shit generator and was a pretty podunk place to live. Nobody really came in or out. His pa died before he was old enough to remember - something about fighting raiders. His ma died of fever when he was about 8 years old. He never really knew where either of his parents came from, his ma said they were both from "Out west" and that she lived deep in the mountains when she was his age and that was that.

    After she was dead and buried, when he was 13, Scrapheap's generator gave up the ghost finally and the town effectively scattered. He ended up being picked up by a Brahmin herding crew heading down to Tonopah, where he worked as a ranch hand. They already had a Joe in the crew so they called the kid "Blondie" on account of his hair and bright blue eyes. It was shitty and occasionally crooked work when they rustled Brahmin that didn't belong to them - but hey, it meant more food on the table at the end of the day.

    Tonopah was a podunk shithole same as Scrapheap- when he was 16 and an opportunity came for a courier job to the Hub paying double his monthly wage, he jumped at the chance and never looked back, not even for the crew that had took him in. It was time to move on. He was warned it was a dangerous journey - but he didn't care. He wanted on the road. Heading down on 95 through Parahump and the remains of Hopeville and Ashton. When he reached the Hub, he'd never seen anything like it. The hustle and bustle. A whole world out there of people making their own way, going wherever they wanted. He hired on with the Mojave Express and reported his route to the postmasters. Listing his name as "Blondie".

    Off he went, Junktown, Shady Sands, Boneyard, countless others. Eventually heading up to northern New California. He took on all sorts of work for extra pay - a man on his own, no place, no people, just himself to look out for. He never stayed anywhere for long - no point or he'd wind up in some trouble or another (Never again, New Reno) . He was the type to make friends real easy, but never kept em - moved on too fast and put them behind him. He stuck around in San Francisco for a long while but things...things didn't work out there. Proved to him he was never meant to be a homebody.

    Brahmin Drives on the Big Circle, caravaneering across the 80 into Utah, prospecting and even some bounty hunter work here and there. All sorts of adventures and trouble. Ultimately, he always came back to Courier work. Despite his gruff, money-minded exterior the experience of exploring new places, connecting communities with news, supplies, messages - for some places he was their only link to the outside world or the man that would bring the right medicine, messages, supplies that would save the day. It gave him a feeling he was doing something good. The road was his home and being a Courier gave his wandering a purpose. Through sandstorms, pits of the worst wildlife or territory of vicious tribals - he'd always make delivery. No matter what.

    In his courier bag he collected tokens - souvenirs from his travels. They were about the only things left when Doc Mitchell gave him his belongings back. After the attack outside Goodsprings his memories were foggy, soup like. He could remember parts with clarity, but his personal history was a vague even to himself, but his souvenirs acted as reminders - brought back solid chunks.

    A gold nugget from Redding
    Fake gold, weighted dice from New Reno
    A cog-shaped beer mat for Vault City's synthetic beer
    A jade dragon ornament from San Francisco
    A handkerchief with a faded lipstick kiss from...he can't recall.

    His time in the Mojave's a little different but it'll ultimately end up the same. He'll put a bullet in the head of the rat bastard who tried to kill him, get his package back, finish the delivery and move on up the road again. Maybe back to Utah, to this New Canaan place he keeps hearing about. Maybe one day along the road he'll find a place to rest his boots, or maybe he'll keep walking till he drops.

    -Built to Destroy

    Tag Skills:

    Primary Weapon(s)
    -That Gun
    -Anti-Material Rifle
    -ARCHIMEDES II (I Could Make You Care)

    I basically have an "arc" planned where after killing Benny and delivering the Chip to House, he decides to skip town and joins the Happy Trails expedition to head to New Canaan. The events of Honest Hearts and his interactions with Graham convince him it's worth sticking his boots in the ground with a tribe (tribes) and doing some good, convincing him to return to the Mojave (with the added caveat that without New Canaan there's nowhere to go). He buys an Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit from The Strip to represent the second chance Doc Mitchell gave him in the Mojave and his support of Vegas.

    At first supporting House, Dead Money convinces him among his other doubts that House has that same lethal inability to let go, so he works with NCR, his friendship with Veronica meaning he organizes a truce with the Brotherhood, but lingering doubts over NCR are solidified in Old World Blues and Lonesome Road - one man can make a nation, and with the Think Tank he can breathe life into Vegas just like he did the Divide - ultimately following NCR until Hoover Dam, where he pulls the ultimate Wild Card and establishes New Vegas's independence.

    No idea why I necroed this thread for this but just got excited about my next NV playthrough for some reason and decided to post more fanfic autism.
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    May 12, 2020
    I’ve made a couple of characters recently that had a more in depth backstory than I usually come up with for my characters, using fallout 2 as inspiration. Here’s one

    Tommy “Neckties” was born on the mean streets of New Reno, the result of a one night stand between a naive Cat’s Paw hooker and a low ranking Salvatore enforcer. He suffered years of neglect and abuse (pretty standard for children of Reno) until he finally ran away from the dilapidated building he called home. He spent his teens making a name for himself in New Reno, running with gangs and doing odd jobs for the families, and developing a penchant for cheap women and expensive suits (not that he ever had to pay for either). As a young adult he began raiding caravans in the wastes surrounding Reno, earning a reputation for brutality.

    Eventually he caught the attention of the remnant Salvatore family. Having been pushed out of New Reno years beforehand, the Salvatores were little more than glorified raiders at this point, similar to the Yakuza. Regardless, Tommy had worshipped these guys as a kid, and jumped at the chance to join their organization. His initiation involved capturing and executing a made man from one of the major families that still controlled New Reno. Tommy passed this test with flying colors, receiving a laser pistol and the nickname “Neckties” (both for his choice of attire and for his brutal execution methods). Over the years, Tommy began to realize that he didn’t see eye to eye with most of the other Salvatores. Tommy wished to reclaim the Salvatores former glory, even if it meant setting up shop in another city, but the other members seemed content with pretending that they were still a force to be reckoned with. Tommy eventually cut ties with the Salvatores and fled east, guarding caravans and even delivering packages from time to time. His time with the Salvatores taught him the importance of letting go, and never letting yourself get tied down, (a lesson he would eventually pass on to Veronica).

    Hearing stories of a new city of sin on the frontier, Tommy set his sights on New Vegas, hoping to start up a gang and take the city for himself. As far as role playing goes, I had Tommy wear a pre war suit most of the time, eventually wearing Benny’s suit. Tried to get the laser rcw as soon as possible. Worked with Mr. House at first, then betrayed him. Helped out Omertas sabotage the Strip, turned the Kings against the NCR, worked with Van Graffs, wiped out Khans for revenge, wiped out brotherhood for their tech, and had sex with as many women as he could.