Why is Fallout 3 so loved ?

Discussion in 'Fallout 3 Discussion' started by naossano, Aug 13, 2014.

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    Forget it, I have read dozens of other posts pointing out what I did, and it never works.
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    I don't have the time to vat every post that should be vatted but I've vatted some of them. Come on guys, we're all like, adults in real life. Keep the thread on topic and quit bickering. Or at the very least, if you want to bicker do it in a more bicker-oriented thread.
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    Thread like this. Well, nowadyas pseudo-cRPG with gameplay like hack'n'slash (so just go and kill, go and kill) are on the top.
    Why? Because consoles. Most console players are casulas, they can't into more complicated games and they still need to be part of some community so they claim that Fallout 3 is the best or so.
    It's easy observation, just enter Nukapedia and you will see all that brainless fanboys, who can't even argue. Console market is slowly killing all game industry, one game per million is only worth playing and is not simplified like hell. (for example red dead redemption)
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    Damm right!
    and that's the reason why people obsessed with combat.
    because what they have played with console RPGs are mostly combat and story.

    funny that DS 1 and 2 are scored 80~90 in "PC" metascore.
    but PC version of both games are nearly unplayble.(well, actually, I played DS1 with K/M though)
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    What are DS K/M ?
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    DS= Dark soul
    K/M= Keyboard and mouse.

    actually, Darksoul is good game.
    but as a PC game... it's really sucks.
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    My friend bough Darksoul (for pc).
    After a few days he borrowed from me xbox pad.
    I though that Dark Souls are unplayable without any sort of pad?

    As for story/dialogues of Fo3 I can only show that.

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    Do you mean like the information section or the forum section? I only use Nukapedia for the information section and it seems pretty solid. The forum section probably sucks though.
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    Well, it's poorly ported.
    it's not impossible to play DS without pad since I already beat it twice, but mouse control is clumsy and there are some functions that can't be used with keyboard.
    and DS2, they didn't fix it but worsen it.
    DS2 is literally unplayable with K/M.
    but still 90s of meta score.
    what a pathetic journalism.
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    I was saying about blog/forum/user section. As for information one, well, in comparision to the Vault it seems outdated. :)
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    Jul 31, 2014
    I'm not surprised that the forum sucks, pretty much all wiki forum's are a mess most of the time. I don't really mind the "outdatedness" though, as long as the info is legit and it has the info I need, I'm happy.
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    After I had found out that Nukapedia sometimes gives you false or just less accurate informations (like on Operation Sunburst article) I began to use only Vault. Also, compare the sources sections on almost every article. Vault is just better. It's kinda sad that Nukapedia is more popular. Well, I see some similarities between F3 and NV :)
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    I don't want to turn that thread into another Nukapedia-Vault discussion... but you know, the problem with Nuka should affect you. After some rework (done mainly by Tagaziel and in second place, by Ant) Vault have a lot more info than Nuka and it's legit (referenced by official sources). By going through Nuka, you don't have confidence if something is fandom or not.

    Just compare 4 biggest factions and their articles on both sites:

    NCR - 51 refs.
    Legion - 69 refs.
    Enclave - 114 refs.
    BoS - 108 refs.

    NCR - 4 refs.
    Legion - 7 refs.
    Enclave - 31 refs.
    BoS - 4 ref (!) refs.

    So Nuka is not only less detailed, but probably more fandom too. :)
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    Jul 31, 2014
    Like I said, if the info is legit, then I'm happy. If it isn't, then I will consult the Vault. But I only really use Nukapedia for item details and quest walkthroughs anyway, so I shouldn't have to worry about "fandom information" if that's the case. In addition I mostly skim "background info" on the wiki because the games can tell me well enough (most of the time anyway).
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    You should look for Fallout Bibles. :)
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    Korin: I would agree with your sentiments with FO3, except I would like to go one step further, the game engine provides an interesting way to tell stories. Sure, there are all kinds of game engines available for telling stories, some better than others. But there is something about the Gamebryo/Elder Scrolls engine that grabs me. Then again, what would you expect from a crazy hamster?

    Yes, I am a lowly newcomer to this site, but a long time player of the Fallout/Wasteland genre since the original Wasteland came out for the Commodore 64, you know, the stone age of PC gaming.

    There is one series of mods (AQFH) that aims to create a splinter Lore for the Fallout world, it offers a possible alternative to the how and why of the 2077 Apocalypse, while providing a way for the original canon to possibly leave the confines of a radioactive world.

    I guess what I like most about the current incarnation of the Wasteland/Fallout games from Bethesda is that almost any type of story can be told through modification of the game assets. Sure, the game is weighted toward the "kill 'em all, loot later" style of play, but depending on the abilities and talent of the mod author and whatever help he or she can get, it does not have to be primarily a First-Person Shooter, a good Role Playing Game can be made with it as well.

    I have played both FO3 and New Vegas. I use graphic, sound, and game-play modifications to change the look and feel of the games. Now I am trying out the various Quest based game mods, ... in A World of Pain, I found a brief section devoted to the "Death Lands" book series by James Axler, ...

    And that is what I think, ... hopefully I haven't annoyed one of the site admins into getting me banned on the very first post.

    Buff, the crazy Hamster
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    Getting this back to the topic; I guess people realize by now that I'm a big fan of Fallout 3. THAT SAID, my username also reflects my familiarity with the first two fallout games. In particular, I like Fallout 2, though this may have to do more with having a much less rushed timeframe to play the game in than the first; there just wasn't time to fully explore and do as much as I wanted to in Fallout 1--but I digress. To Fallout 3:

    I loved this game for it's atmosphere for one. AND I liked how you could just ignore the main quest completely, wander, explore, find things, read journals and diary's from the old world. I loved how you could wander into a nasty deathclaw or pair of Guai's at level 3, just as easily as you might at level 20. It gave aimless wandering consequences, but there was enough out there to make the risk well worth the reward (if you are like me and like exploring).

    The atmosphere felt very much like I imagined a post apocalypse to be. Few settlements, the ones there were are small and people are afraid to leave them because of the dangers in the wastelands. While I agree it doesn't feel 200 years after an apocalypse (more like 20), that doesn't make the atmosphere any less fun or appealing. Maybe it doesn't make as much sense for a setting some 200 years after a global disaster, but it's sure as hell fun to wander in and explore.

    I hinted at it above, and I'll say it outright here. I like the nature of the random encounter system. Unlike a lot of games where you are unlikely to wander into trouble you can't fight your way out of (they either make monsters scale in level with you or make it to where you can't reach areas with anything too powerful for your character to handle at a given level), you could get yourself in an impossible situation and have no choice but to run. And in the case of wandering into deathclaw territory by mistake (or randomly encountering one far away from where you normally find them), it really gives you a sense of panic because you know you have to get lucky to get away from the beast. I've found myself in similiar situations in Fallout 3, whereas in games like Fallout New Vegas, once I learned where such monsters made their homes, I could avoid them entirely if I wished.

    What I'm saying is there is a genuine sense of danger in Fallout 3, when you are wandering the wastelands. You actually have to think about your gear and whether or not you're willing to risk your life to go exploring for loot at any given time.

    I liked a few of the characters. Moira, Dukov, and Amata (in that order), where three of my favorite characters in the game. In the case of Moira and Dukov, both had very unique personalities (and somewhat over the top), which made them very fun to deal with. While I can agree a lot of characters felt flat, (especially the main characters), there were a few with sufficient character development--although I will safely say the game left a lot to be desired in this area.

    I enjoyed the variety of weapons at first, but I am not so sure anymore. I think the expansion packs add some fun new weapons, but these days (especially in light of New Vegas), I find myself wishing for more weapon types (or subtypes) in Fallout 3. That said, there's enough to keep things interesting for me.

    I like how you can pretty much play how you want, with any skillset. Granted, the game gives you STRONG incentives to be skilled in some form of combat, you don't have to worry about not being able to survive if you choose to be a melee or hand to hand specialist (in fact, if you are a hand to hand specialist, with a little luck you can even go toe to toe with a deathclaw!) I like that, not being forced into a set of skills I don't want, but being able to play the sort of character I want to play.

    I like how so much backstory is available. Yes, maybe it doesn't matter in the scheme of things, but wandering into a farm and discovering what happened to the previous inhabitants 200 years ago is an awesome thing that really makes you feel like you are a part of this world, and in an odd sort of way, makes you care. I enjoyed exploring old vaults, learning of the experiments that went on there. I liked pouring over old computer terminals to find out what happened to long destroyed or vacant buildings. For me, that was so much fun, and made going out and looking for loot and scavenging all the more fun.

    I like the over the top gore, which comes right from the old school fallout games. Violent, gritty, and sometimes rutheless, it lends a very "wasteland" atmosphere to the game and I think the recent games did an even better job in that regard than did Fallout 1 or 2 in most cases. That said, you have the Beth-Censor that won't let you kill quest essential characters which sucks. And children, so no child-killer reputation either. But still, even without that,Fallout 3 does a good job of making the wasteland feel like a dangerous and gritty place, sort of like Mad Max.

    THe replay value. THere is a ton of it, and a lot of incentives to try different character types. Because of this, it makes it a lot more fun to go back and play later. The same can be said of New Vegas, though the fact I have played FO3 more is quite telling, I think. Especially important to me though, is the random encounters that you don't get in new vegas--I like to be able to accidentally wander into danger by sheer chance on occasion, instead of being able to avoid it completely at a whim.

    Those are my reasons for liking Fallout 3. You might notice I didn't mention anything related to lore for the most part. That is because, while I love Fallout 3, and I do think some lore-breaking arguments are slightly exaggerated (I particularly take issue with complaints about the BoS in FO3 as well as the Enclave), I do agree that it pretty much slaughtered a lot of established lore. As a sequal to Fallout 3, regarding established lore, it's hard to defend, if not impossible. But as a **game** it is very fun to play, and keeps me coming back. And, it's easy to get lost in the universe that is fallout, and wander this post apocalyptic wasteland, forgetting centuries old lore and just enjoying the game.

    It's a fun game to play, and there's a lot of great qualities. And it's kept the Fallout series alive. You have my reasons for loving this game--but I'm just one fallout 3 fan, a drop in the proverbial bucket of critics.
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    I don't believe you will be banned for being one of the rare members being fully on-topic on a mostly off-topic thread.
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    So I gonna be this bad "old Fallout fan" guy...

    How you want? You can only kill and explore. More and more of it. You can't complete the game by non-killing anyone, and you can't kill all of them too. Just that is showing how game is limited... you need to kill "bad guys" and you shouldn't kill "good guys". And what worst, you need to join to BoS and do a lot of quests for them. Not cool.

    Someone did some funny comparision of quests on previous page. Just look at this:
    Fo3 can barely beat Fo2 in quantities of arms. At least, after playing FNV you realized that fo3 sucks (or is average) in that term aspect.

    Classic behavior of f3 fans. "I know it doesn't have sense but I still like this". My brain is imploding every time I'm seeing this.

    Do you realize that you can kill deathclawon 2-3 lvl with 10mm pistol even if you play at hard? There is no "defense" system like in Fo2/FnV, so you can just shoot him to death, and enemies aren't notihng more than big wall of HP points. Basically, you're doing same dmg to everyone... so no, there isn't anything like "need" to run.

    I don't see any "replay" values at all. In compare to FNV there are no choices at all, and even if there are... you can only complete quests in normal way, or just be moron and complete in "vicious" way. Yey... so much reason to replay. There are no different factions to join, only 1 ending, most locations are blank and you can only explore them. I don't see it at all.
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    To remind the original topic, it was rather an attempt to understand why those who love Fo3 actually do love it. We don't necessary have to agree/disagree. At best, it would be a comment, not a way disregard those "qualities". Are those qualities agreed by everyone ? Probably not. Are those those qualities the reasons they love Fo3 ? Probably yes. That second question is the one they are answering.

    About qualities that we all agree with, we have this thread.
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