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Posted by Sander - at Thu, 26 Feb 2015 02:39:15 GMT

If you're reading this, you've presumably played some Fallout games. Perhaps quite a lot of them. Perhaps repeatedly. Perhaps you've tried some things to make play-throughs more interesting, like playing through Fallout 1 without killing anyone, or an Iron Man run in any of the games. I don't think you've quite done what YouTuber Many A True Nerd has done, though: played through Fallout: New Vegas without ever healing.

Playing through the entire game that way turns it into a tense, stealth-based affair where avoiding enemies suddenly becomes the most important thing to do. More important than completing quests, or playing like a good person -- or a bad person, for that matter. Many A True Nerd ends up killing folks just to get some good armor. It's pretty crazy -- and a completely different experience from any New Vegas run I've done. Kotaku has a ton of details and quotes from the guy, if you prefer reading instead of watching someone play a game. Regardless, this is a pretty impressive accomplishment.

Posted by WorstUsernameEver - at Sun, 15 Feb 2015 19:19:14 GMT

While there isn't much Fallout-related news to report, we've still rounded up a few minor news items for you to read.

- IGN Middle East has published a list of features and improvements they'd like to see in a hypothetical (but very likely) Fallout 4. While IGN is popularly perceived as a lowbrow website, they seem to actually be very concerned about the game's writing, and dedicate it two items on the list ("A personal story" and "Better writing"):

Better writing

As much as I love Bethesda, I will be the first to admit that they don’t know how to create memorable characters. Fallout 3 absolutely nailed the world building, the freedom, the atmosphere, but the characters were as charismatic as a wet tissue. New Vegas on the other hand had far more memorable characters (Mr. House, anyone?), with interesting dialogue, fleshed out companions, and most of all, the dark humor. This made Fallout 3’s shortcomings all the more obvious in contrast.

Fallout has always been about balancing the the doom and gloom of the wasteland with the black humor of its characters. Fallout 3 did have memorable characters like Fawkes and Three Dog, but these were few and far between. We don’t want a The Last of Us-type plot, but we would appreciate a few livelier cast of characters to accompany you while you Mad Max it up.

- YouTube channel TheGebs24 has a video on the canceled Fallout Extreme. It's mostly a round-up of info that was already available, though apparently some of the devs that worked on the title were contacted and the video might be updated with their feedback in the near future:

- Finally, Kotaku has highlighted the work of a Reddit user who played Fallout: New Vegas on an old black & white TV. Surprisingly, the game is still largely playable on the positively ancient TV, and one might argue that this setup even enhances the atmosphere.

Posted by Sander - at Tue, 10 Feb 2015 17:16:13 GMT

Bethesda Softworks has announced a dedicated conference at this year's E3 on June 14, according to EuroGamer. That's a first for Bethesda, who are generally pretty reluctant to share any details with the press.

The announcement of a conference at one of the biggest yearly game press events in the world isn't exactly world-breaking news, except for one thing: we've seen rumor upon rumor that Bethesda has been working on Fallout 4 for quite some time now. And that dedicated Bethesda conference would be a very logical place to announce the next installment in the franchise.

Posted by Sander - at Wed, 28 Jan 2015 03:30:34 GMT

Game developers are closer to gamers than ever, with social media accounts media accounts. One of the more active social media guys associated with Fallout is Josh Sawyer, the lead designer of Fallout: New Vegas and one-time lead of Interplay's Fallout 3 project that never got finished. And he's been answering some questions on Tumblr, like whether or not he thinks a Fallout game could be set in the South. Or, why was the voice actor for General Oliver just some random dude? Well, because they screwed it up.
Fallout: New Vegas had ~65,000 lines of spoken dialogue. To record all of the lines, we/Bethesda had four studios recording VO concurrently for a few months. It was a huge undertaking and unfortunately a few actors/parts got mixed up in the process.

Understandable but also hilarious. Too bad I don't even remember this General Oliver. Apparently the general for the NCR troops at the Hoover dam?

Posted by Sander - at Mon, 26 Jan 2015 02:52:47 GMT

People produce the craziest things on the internet. Like a fight between Fallout 3's Lone Wanderer and Skyrim's Dovahkiin? I don't know if that's the word for their player character. Never played that game.

Made by andrewmfilms, who apparently make this kind of stuff all the time.
In my dreams, the Vault Dweller comes in and kills both of them with a Turbo Plasma Rifle. Sadly, my dreams died in 2008.

Posted by Sander - at Mon, 26 Jan 2015 02:42:35 GMT

While we're all waiting on news on Fallout, any kind of news really, inXile keeps on chugging. The latest news: they're going to make a real Bard's Tale sequel. Not the comedy version inXile released over a decade ago, but a proper Bard's Tale 4. That's what Brian Fargo told IGN. The Bard's Tale franchise was one of early Interplay's biggest successes, and one of the precursors of many later fantasy RPGs, just as the original Wasteland was the precursor of Fallout and other post-apocalyptic RPGs.

Fargo noted that he'll be turning to crowdfunding to help fund this game, as he did with Torment: Tides of Numenera and Wasteland 2. This sequel won't be the same as the last game, which is now over 20 yeras old, and the most notable change will be a move toward what the hardcore RPG community used to call phase-based combat.

"Traditional turn-based combat," as Fargo calls it, bases turns on varying factors, creating battles in which different characters attacked at different times, often alternating between opposing sides. But in The Bard's Tale IV, teams attack all at once. This increases the pace of the combat, and allows for a different set of tactics than the traditional system might allow.

Wasteland 2 was a solid outing, and Torment: Tides of Numenera looks pretty exciting to me, though neither is exactly Fallout-y. Still, they keep making things that are vaguely related to Fallout, and now the front page looks slightly less depressing.

Thu, 26 Feb 2015 02:39:15 GMT
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