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Posted by WorstUsernameEver - at Tue, 19 Aug 2014 20:48:45 GMT

It looks like Wasteland 2 might have slipped a bit further than the "first two weeks of September" window Brian Fargo gave us, but that's okay given we now have a firm release date, also thanks to Fargo: September 19th. In his words, the 20 year wait has ended:

Official Wasteland 2 release date... September 19th! The 20+ year wait is soon over.

Posted by Korin - at Thu, 14 Aug 2014 20:42:30 GMT

In a follow-up to an earlier news post about Fallout: Lonestar it would appear that @Sebastian of the Wastes and his crew are now looking for GECK world builders to assist in the development of their Texas-based Fallout mod. Perhaps one of them could be you! Full details below. Qualifying applicants should send an email message to with "Worldbuilder" in the subject line as well as details of their experience, field of study and a sample of work you've done (emails without samples will not be considered):

Posted by WorstUsernameEver - at Fri, 08 Aug 2014 15:54:56 GMT

The extremely promising indie post-apocalyptic RPG Underrail has seen the release of its v0.1.12.0 build on Early Access. What it means, is that owners of the game will finally get the chance to explore Core City, the central location of the game, comparable to Athkatla and Sigil (of Baldur's Gate II and Planescape: Torment respectively) in terms of importance to the game.

To mark the occasion Stygian Software released a teaser:

Posted by WorstUsernameEver - at Fri, 01 Aug 2014 20:00:59 GMT

The gist of the latest Kickstarter update for Wasteland 2 is that the 5gb update for the beta build of Wasteland 2 that some of you are probably downloading right now contains a plethora of improvements for the game, and is the last milestone before the release of the actual game. As for when it will actually release, we don't have a precise date yet, but inXile announced that it'd be by the end of August in a recent update, though they conceded that it might slip into the early weeks of September.

Here's a snippet on the actual improvements contained in the update:
What’s New in this Build?

When we pulled the changelist from our source control (since the last update), it was 551 uncurated PAGES of bug fixes, polish and iterated features. This list has been reduced down and can be read in its entirety (but why would you want to do that?!?) here. Some of the main things you’ll notice in this build:

Huge balance pass across all elements of the game
Enemy AI/Enemy Stats/Damage/Weapons/Dropsets/Skill Use
Added a mini-map
Lots of new optimizations to memory and load times
Tons of new UI improvements (visual and functional)
New audio added across the board (weapons/enemies/ambient/player events)
Large visual effects pass in all levels
Oh-so-much general clean-up/polish and iteration

Posted by Korin - at Wed, 30 Jul 2014 20:27:50 GMT

Games journalist Guy Cocker (of talks to Brian Fargo and @Brother None from inXile Entertainment, creators of Wasteland 2. They discuss free games being accidentally given away by GOG, the Uncharted film due in 2016, their favourite apocalypse-set movies and of course, Wasteland 2. Head over here for the sauce:

Posted by WorstUsernameEver - at Sun, 27 Jul 2014 18:30:39 GMT

After a long time in the making, Comic-Con has given us a first proper taste of Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller's fourth Mad Max film, and first to not have Mel Gibson in the iconic post-apocalyptic role. It looks suitably dusty and gritty, though I just can't reconcile Tom Hardy's face with Max's character. Without further ado, here's the trailer:

Tue, 19 Aug 2014 20:48:45 GMT
Wasteland 2 releases on September 19th
Thu, 14 Aug 2014 20:42:30 GMT
Fallout: Lonestar wants GECK world builders... maybe it could be you?
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Mad Max: Fury Road Comic-con trailer
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Texas-based fan-made Fallout game: "Fallout: Lonestar" currently in the works
Tue, 22 Jul 2014 13:58:40 GMT
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