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A new patch has been released for the Polish and English versions of the Awaken mod for Fallout Tactics.
Here`s a few highlights:
Awaken patch 1.32 has been released. You can grab it in two versions, polish and english.
New fixes:
- BRC - english txt, disappears from world map, re-enter bug
- Oasis - radscopions quest, highwaymen attack - good solution added
Gamespy have posted some new screenshots of FBOS, you might want to check out those for some fun.
Link: FBOS Screenies@Gamespy
Saint Proverbius told me about a new preview of Fallout Brotherhood of Steel at Gamespot, here's a goodie from that preview:<blockquote>Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel makes use of the impressive rendering engine used by Snowblind in Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, and it enhances it with original work done specifically for...
Well I first want to thank everyone that either posted in our forums or emailed me to get better, I'm fine now. I had my appendix removed, evidently the damn thing had bursted.

I've gotten two emails about a new site (Max-Violence's Map site) and a redesign of Kaczor's fine Vault Dweller's Home Page, so remember...
IGN have posted a little hands on FBOS(or preview if you will) of FBos and they seem to like the idea, here's a good quote:<blockquote>Hardcord RPG fans of the PC game might look at the transition as a sellout, but Interplay likes to see it as a transition, a slight departure, and least for now. One could...
Interply knows no bounds to try and sucker their fans, be it from the fansites or elsewhere, and have done the following for the Fallout Tactics site at

What is that, you ask? Well, thank goodness those at the fansites do know better. Those...
Ausir from Sierra Army Depot has passed me news on the release of the English version of the Awaken Mod For Fallout Tactics.
To those that aren`t familiar with the mod here`s some basic information on it:...
When Fallout Guru Tim Cain is involved in a game that is a good reason to make us at least curious.
Now GamersHell has posted news of a Greyhawk: The Temple of Elemental Evil Trailer, showing his last project.
So be sure to check it, and...
Baster has updated the Vertibird Mod to version 1.01.
It fixes this problems:

<blockquote> Fixed Bugs : 20.04.03
1. Was when I tried to get both the car and the vertibird.(if you get the car first then the game crashes when the vertibird first appears; if you get the vertibird first and you...
While we wait for the return of the Norse God Odin, life goes on in the wasteland.
I got a message from the Sweout Mod Squad crew that they need new scripters for their projects with the new editors.
So if you think you got what it takes to script just e-mail Tzorcelan at...