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  1. TheFelipoGuy
    Version: 0.81a
    Amazing mod! It fixed most of my problems with the game and added a few more usefull features! Thank you, man. I was even struggling when bartending and had to click for all eternity to adjust the amount of caps to trade. And the AI tweaks for the companions will certainly come in handy. The interface is also more friendly and much easier to navigate and I can finally name my savefiles determining which letters will be capitals and which not. Also liked the metal clicking sound. Must have for anyone playing FO1 or 2.

    But I just have one major problem, though: Can you please tell me how can I erase my savefiles? I do have the habit of sometimes saving the game WAY too frequently, and of course, there will be times when I'll start over a new campaing. It's better for me to erase the savegames I don't need anymore or are way too redundant. It's a form of organization. But I simply can't find where are the savegames in my folders. I tried to look up into DATA/SAVEGAME folder but there's nothing inside. And the savegames are still in the loading screen when I open the game itself. Where do I find the files/slot folders so I can delete them individually?
  2. NotTheChosenOne
    Version: Currently at version 2.46
    Worst Mod ever played... Version 2.47 still full of bugs and crashing a lot. Some stupid bad content that adds nothing to the game and a lot of good original stuff removed. Only good thing is Modoc Mod and RP content (thanks Dude 101 and Killap!!!!). Not worth wasting time.
    Restoration Project: 10/10
    Oblivion Lost (and i don´t like STALKER...) 7/10
    Mega mod: 3/10
    Sad, so many time making this Mod and still bugged as hell. Time to dump it...
  3. seanvv