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If you're not aware, No Truce With The Furies is an isometric roleplaying game currently in development and the first game made by the Estonian studio ZA/UM, described as follows:
This might be interesting to those of you looking forward to TToN or if you are wanting to know more about certain aspects of game writing in the industry.
Leonard Boyarsky recently held a talk at a tech conference in Portugal called SINFO.
The talk itself is simply Leonard going through his career step-by-step, placing extra emphasis on Fallout as it was his favourite project.
There's not a lot of new information to be found here, except he says the project he's currently working with Tim Cain on over at Obsidian (called Project Indiana for now)...
Wasteland 3 was just updated on Fig to include the Vision Doc. It is definitely worth a look for Fallout fans. InXile has received a lot of complaints recently due to poor communication with backers, and Blacklisting RPG Codex, so let's hope they can turn things around this year.

The developers behind the recently announced Apocalypse Now Kickstarter campaign took to Reddit to answer questions about the game. You can read some of the more interesting segments from that Q&A session HERE. At the moment it looks...
The IGN interview with Feargus Urquhart mentioned yesterday is up now:

He goes over some of his career from back at Interplay, but it's mostly about running Obsidian, interspersed with some talk about the many games he's worked on that were cancelled,...
A bit of of various news about various topics.
First some Fallout:
Fallout 4 is about to get PS4 Pro support, and there's a high res texture pack for PC incoming.
[SPOILER="Huge 4K...
Guess that Obsidian rumor was right. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire just went up on Fig. Still no sign of Van Buren, but I wager it's just a matter of time.

Thanks to @eissa for posting the link.
Eurogamer posted a new article about Fallout 2 and a formula the developers used for the sexual encounters. Chris Avellone is in it so there is that. Hey at least it's not about Fallout 4!

We've previously highlighted The Brotherhood, known to NMA for making STASIS, helping with development on Wasteland 3 and making beautiful Fallout concept art.
Now they have gone back to Kickstarter to create another isometric adventure game, this time set in one of those post-apocalyptic wastelands we love so much...