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Yup, there's another Fallout 2 mod in the progress and it's called Conquest of The Brotherhood, here's some of the story:<blockquote>Well, this is largely unconfirmed. However, I have a good deal already thought out. It goes as follows:
You start out in the small city named Haven 13, 10 years after Fallout 2. This is where the...
A new mod has been released. I`m talking about the B-team Mod, i`ll leave Jargo to present it:
<blockquote>With this mod all your team members will change their appearance when wearing armor.
Supported NPC:
Gamesfirst! have previewed Fbos at this years E3, where the reviewer talks about what he remembered of Fallout 2 and Tactics and compares it to Fbos. Here's a quote:<blockquote> It remains to be seen whether or not Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel contains the same humor, but if they can pick up in the strand that Fallout 2 left off, Brotherhood will be worth...
I`ll cut to the chase and show you what Killzig has posted on DAC:
<blockquote>I received this e-mail a short while ago and it finally seems to give us some actual proof of the existence of Fallout 3...

Howdy DAC guys,

In my lurking of the Something Awful forums I...
Ausir from Sierra Army Depot, a Polish Fallout fan site has news on his site being back:
<blockquote>Our site is back and kicking, after we were hacked (nothing serious, though), and decided to make the scripts safer, to prevent any further, more serious, hacks. There's not been any update for the English version for ages, but i'll...
ColJack has passed word that he has uploaded a new tutorial about adding maps using the Fallout editor to the Fallout: Mutants Rising site.
He already has a couple...
Following the recent trend of Black Isle Studios developers making posts about what they would like to see on Fallout3, making us drool a bit more, there is a new thread on the Interplay boards started by Josh Sawyer about perks on future Fallout titles.
Here`s a zip:...
If you know polish than you can head on to the Wasteland Rangers site where you`ll find an interview with lead designer of Fallout Tycoon John Bilek.
If you don`t Kaczor posted a translation of a brief section of it on Vault Dweller´s Home...
The guys over at Fallout 2: Mutants Rising (a Fallout 2 mod in progress) have updated their web site with some new screenshots and also posted two modding tutorials, so remember to pay them a visit and keep a tab on their progress.
Link: Fallout 2: Mutants Rising
Cheers Navyguy445!
I got word that the Wasteland 2042 site had been updated again with some new items/vehicles, this time they reveal the Trike and the Cannon, remember to check out those!