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I've also been informed about another Fallout project in the works (actually awhile ago...But I thought I'd give you guys some good news.), this one is called Fan Made Fallout: The Last Bastion of Hope, so remember to check that out as well.
Link: Fan Made Fallout: The Last Bastion of Hope
I've gotten word of a total conversion for Fallout called IanOut, there is a hungarian version and an english version (Beta) ready for download. Here's more info:<blockquote>[*]What is IanOut?
IanOut is a total conversion for Fallout.

[*]Why IanOut?
The main problem of Fallout was, that it was very hard to create mods for it. The main...
HomeLAN have talked to little chucky (or was that a movie?) and asked him about the latest addition to..erm...the Fallout world (according to IPLY), and here are some gems:<blockquote>HomeLAN - Fallout has a huge cult following for many gamers. How does the following for this series affect the development of the game?

Chuck Cuevas - When...
Thanks to Ryskah and Kaczor, I got word that the Wasteland 2042 team has released a movie teaser (14,2MB) and a new interview. Remember to check out those..