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Well you gotta hear this. Chuck, the main dude behind the creation of Fallout Brotherhood of Steel, posted this on official Interplay forum (no link sorry, as I do not like what they're doing over there):<blockquote>Ok Boys and Girls, here is your chance.

Myself and the Lead Designer of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel will be fielding questions and posting the answers on the boards Tuesday,...
I noticed over at VoodooExtreme that the fellas over at DAC had gotten word that Feargus Urqhart have left/quit Black Isle, now this isn't confirmed from IPLY/BIS yet so it's only a rumour.
Baster informed me that he had translated his vertibird mod to English. For those of you who doesn't know what this is, it's a mod which let's you ride the vertibird and it also includes some new quests.
Download link: Vertibird Mod (3,3MB),...
I noticed a thread started by MCA, where Red evidently had emailed him some information about the official Fallout 2 editors, lookie here:<blockquote>I wanted to thank Red_Nmmo for passing along the following information about the editor that should prove helpful:...
Locutus have sent me the latest addition to the Fallout 2 unofficial patch he's done, this time it's the polish version, he's also working on a new patch (both UK and Polish). If anyone can try this mod out on a US version and let him know if the bugs seems to be fix, he'd be very glad.
Download link: Fallout 2...
Locutus have just finished creating the unofficial 1.03 UK patch for Fallout 2, here are some of the errors it fixes:
  • Small fix in the Enclave computer terminal
  • Grisham will no longer call Balthas Balthus (Or Balthos, I can't quite remember.)
  • A fix in Badger's dialogue
  • Tubby will now tell you about Redding
  • Marge will no longer say that Dan supports the NCR
  • Some...
I just wanted to say that I'm working on a new file script and that's why I haven't added any new maps/mods/files you guys might have sent me lately, so as soon as I fix that I'll upload the files.
Max-Violence informed me that he had almost finished his latest Fallout Tactics map, it's called Revenge 2.But he's looking for people to test it out and give some feedback, check this thread for some more info!
Kaczor informed me that the Awaken mod has been released. Well the Polish version of their mod has been released, the English version is still in the works.
Thanks Kaczor!
Holy Crap! The Original Fallout 2 Editor has been released, our months of nagging at the lubly Chris Avellone have paid off. I'd like to thank MCA for making this possible, now let's nag for that source code <img src=/images/smiley.gif>.

Updated: I forgot to thank the following people for making this editor possible: Josh Sawyer, Darren...