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Eurogamer put out a video on Van Buren as part of their Here's A Thing video-series, which had previously looked at the Fallout sex formula.
The video is composed of general information about the game, along with snippets of interviews with Chris Avellone and Josh Sawyer done for this video, and intercut with footage from the...
Today in articles that will result in Feargus Urqhart getting another angry phone-call from Paradox of someone going "why are these articles all shilling your old games, you were supposed to shill the new Tyranny expansion, you idiot!", there's a piece on Eurogamer talking about how New Vegas came to be.
You can read it all here:...

This is worth a watch if you like Fallout. I'm sure there are a few of you here. Apparently the "War. War never changes." line was written during a Simpsons commercial break. The Muse truly does inspire at the oddest times. This can't all be due to a Tyranny DLC can it? Next we will hear they are making their own Fallout with Blackjack and hookers.
USGamer has an interesting article in which Feargus Urquhart remembers the last days of Black Isle Studios back in 2003. It also has some bits from J.E. Sawyer as well.
RPS alerted us to something slightly interesting yesterday, so I will now share that here for you.

Bethesda's plan to outsource minor pieces of cosmetic DLC for their full price single player games has now gone live for Fallout 4. Marvel at 11 pieces of DLC armour and weapons that all have direct and probably better analogues on Nexus for free.

Read more here, or don't:

Oh and they made a horse...
Kotaku brought this new board game to my attention. The unique art style really makes it stand out. Of course the price I saw put it at around $80 which is quite the investment.

ICY: Frostbite Edition is out on Steam. If you are looking for a fresh experience of a post-apocalyptic RPG with turn-based combat, check it out!
I spied this pretty tasty interview not too long back, but forgot to post it. With a recent Fallout board game being announced by Fantasy Flight Games I figured it would make a good two for one.

I didn't listen to the whole interview but Chris Avellone did mention a few things on his...