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Fallout: Nevada translation is out! Look in info., Male

Translating the nevada. Not an easy task. Jan 23, 2018

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    1. Proletären
      Thanks for pointing out that thing about the timeline. I removed it and your post so that people can avoid spoilers.
      1. Keyboard Gecko
        Keyboard Gecko
        Yeah, thanks!
        Mar 24, 2020
    2. Keyboard Gecko
      Keyboard Gecko
      Translating the nevada. Not an easy task.
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    Fallout: Nevada
    A Fallout 2 total conversion mod

    Developed by: Nevada Band & BlackDesigner
    Website: NMA, NBS, VK
    Copyright: Bethesda Softworks LLC.


    Fallout: Nevada is a fan-made prequel to the original Fallout. It's a total conversion, made using content and engine of the original game with the inclusion of scripts, story, dialogues, characters, locations and mechanics created from scratch specifically for it. Gameplay is heavily focused on quests, setting and lore of the Fallout universe, as opposed to "dumb fights". The in-game locations are made with high degree of authenticity.
    The game features:
    • Brand new story
    • More than 100 quests
    • New world map - 12 major cities and tons of random encounters, including 12 special ones
    • 2,7 Mb of game text (compared to 1,7 Mb in Fallout and 3,5 in Fallout 2)
    • Original soundtrack from Nobody's Nail Machine

    The latest complete english translation is included only into Fallout: Nevada - Fixed mod.
    Download the latest version here.

    --Installation guide--
    • You'll need original Fallout 2 to play. Install it beforehand.
    • Run Fallout: Nevada (Fixed mod) installer. Follow the instructions.
    Default installation goes into a subfolder and doesn't overwrite the original.

    Ask all questions in the related topic.
    All other versions listed below are outdated/not supported.

    ---List of known released versions:---

    Community releases:
    • (LATEST) Fallout: Nevada - Fixed mod. It's a "Fallout: Nevada - Fixed edition" with english translation and narration, sfall, configurator, IFP, HRP and many bug-fixes.
    • Fallout: Nevada - Fixed edition. Basically, version 1.02 with restored content and loads of bug-fixes.
    • Fallout: Nevada - Crazy edition. Heavily modded 1.02 version. Has additional content, including small locations, the companion-dog and some easter eggs. The combat is rebalanced.
    Developer releases:
    • v. 1.02 - the officially final version by developer. Released in march, 2015.
    • v. 0.99b - second major released version. The plot slightly differs (it's about search for the "SoS" system). Content also differs by ~ 30-35% (plot, some dialogs, some quests, differences in locations and endgame bosses.)
    • v. 0.99c - test-version for limited number of users. Released in august, 2014.
    • v. 0.99a - first major version, released in april, 2011.
    • Demo-version - released in 2009.